My tortured soul
Is broken wanting more

Dean, I'm sorry. I know you hate me right now but I did this to save the world. Gabriel told me what Michael and Lucifer would do to me and Adora if I stayed. They would use us to get to you and Sam. They would use our little girl to get us all to say yes. I couldn't risk any harm coming to Addie. Or you. So, I made the decision and I left. I know you don't-

Dean dropped the letter and let it fall to the floor. He got up and walked over to the bassinet. He picked Adora up in his arms and walked out of the room. He had woken up and found the letter and knew that Kat had lied to him. Again. Her words from last night came floating back to him. You'll never lose me. Ever. He felt like he had been kicked in the gut. He had really thought that she had been serious about wanting them to work out. About wanting to be a family. Instead he had woken up to find her gone with just a piece of paper in her place with words that he could care less about. What he wanted was her there with him not a bunch or words explaining why she couldn't be.

"Come on, baby girl, let's get you something to eat," he said carrying Adora in the kitchen. Bobby was in his wheel chair sitting at the desk waiting for them. Dean didn't look at the older man but he knew that Bobby would know that something was wrong.

"What happen?" Bobby asked seeing Dean's stiff shoulders and knowing that dejected look the elder Winchester had on his face.

"Kat left," Dean said.


"She left. She got up in the middle of the night wrote down some words on a paper and then left. She didn't even have the decency to wait until I was awake to tell me she was abandoning us!"

Sam stopped his descend from the stairs. He turned back and walked up them. He could feel his hands shaking. He walked into the room Dean and Kat had shared the night before. He saw the piece of paper on the floor. He walked over to it and picked it up. He started reading it. He felt his legs give out and he sat on the bed.

"Katerina, what were you thinking?" he whispered his eyes filling with tears.

Jared walked into his trailer still laughing from the stupid joke that Jensen had told him. He turned and jumped when he saw the shadow coming towards him. He flicked on the light and stood there shocked as the shadow became someone he had known and loved.

"Kitty Kat?" he asked his voice barely above a whisper.

Kat nodded, "It's me, Jared. I'm back."

Kat felt tears fall as she was yanked into a bone breaking hug. She rested her head on his chest and let more tears fall. She was in her old world but she had left her heart back in the place she would always think of as home.

A/N: And another part of the Kat/Dean story ends. Will they ever be together again? Can Dean and Sam stop Lucifer? Will Jared ever get a haircut?... Okay, so that last one was to make you all laugh. And seriously, the hair is out of control. It deserves it's own credit on the show. Anyway, back to the story. Yes, there will be a sequel. I started it yesterday. It's current status is... One paragraph!... Yeah, so it may be a while before I post it. So keep an eye out for that. Thank you to everyone who reviewed, read, added this story to their faves etc. You all are awesome and I am sending a hug out to every single one of you. Happy New Year and all the best in 2012! See you in the next one. Peace.

P.S. The bolded lyrics at the beginning of some chapters is the song Burden of Sacrifice by Full Blown Rose. Just in case any of you were interested.