Blonde-Haired Warrior, Pink-Haired Princess

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"Demon Speech"


Prologue: A Past Revealed

Sitting in a tub filled with hot water, a young teenager with spiky blonde hair sat letting the water soak away his troubles. But, no matter how far he let himself relax, the blonde still could not get the words that were plaguing him out of his mind.


"That's right Naruto, the Kyuubi never died. Instead, the Yondaime sealed the beast inside an infant. YOU ARE THAT INFANT, NARUTO! YOU ARE THE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE!" Shouted a silver haired male wearing a green flak jacket and a bandana overtop of his head.

(End Flashback)

'I know that Iruka-sensei, and Oji-san said I'm not the Kyuubi, but why can't I shake Mizuki-teme's words from my mind?' Naruto wondered, before flinching at a sudden jolt of pain from his back. "Damn, not more pains." Naruto commented, while rubbing the point in his back where the twinge had come from. 'Ever since last night, I keep getting these constant muscle pains. What in the hell is going on?'

Sighing out loud once again, Naruto sat back further in the bath, the hot water easing the pains that were still wracking through his body, some of them more intense than others. Leaning his head back, Naruto closed his eyes to further calm himself, only for his eyes to open at a new sound assaulting his ears.

'What the…?' Naruto thought, as he glanced down, only to see the water was beginning to bubble up where his knees were, as small sparks of electricity crackled along the water. Before he could voice more of his confusion, or even attempt to move out of the bathtub, the water suddenly flew upwards, with the force of a small explosion.

Coughing to try and clear out the water that had managed to enter his mouth, Naruto tried looking through the steam that had come about from the sudden explosion. "Talk about a water show." He commented, while waving his hand in front of his face to clear some of the steam out. His actions were suddenly stopped, by a sound he had not been expecting: a voice, namely a female's voice.

"I guess that Pyon-Pyon Warp-kun works after all." The voice said, and as the steam continued to clear, Naruto managed to see a vague outline of a human body, though from the curves he could make out, it was definitely female. As the figure turned their gaze to Naruto, the blonde was suddenly surprised when the girl lunged at him, hugging him with an incredible strength. "Naruto-kun, it's you!" She cried out.

"I-I-I can't br-breath!" Naruto managed to choke out, the crushing grip the girl had on his torso making it seem like his ribs were breaking.

"Oh, sorry, Naruto-kun, but I'm just so happy to see you." The girl said, as the hug lessened in terms of intensity, but she still held on to him. It was also at that particular point that Naruto noticed something of significant importance.

"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU NAKED?" Naruto shouted out, trying to back away from the strange girl, but she held firm, not letting him go no matter how much Naruto pulled away. While he was struggling to get loose, the girl was shifting as well, and it was thanks to this that Naruto caught a glimpse of her hair, and also what color it was. "S-s-sakura-chan?"

This caused a reaction. "Sakura…who's that?" The girl said, while pulling back slightly, allowing Naruto to see her face. As he finally did, a sense of awareness came to him.

"Lala-chan?" Was the only thing Naruto could say, before a sharp pain ran through his skull, and his vision went black.

(Naruto's mind)

Shaking his head to clear away the daze, Naruto noticed he was inside a strange sewer-like area, before remembering what had just happened. "Lala-chan? Why did that name come to mind when I saw that girl?"

"This way." A voice suddenly called out in a growling manner, snapping Naruto's head to the direction it had come from. Also, as if to properly guide the blonde, a pipe on the ceiling began glowing a deep crimson color.

"Okay, that is weird." Naruto commented, but seeing as he didn't even know where he was, he didn't find any harm in going in the indicated direction. Standing up, Naruto then noticed that his body was garbed in his usual orange jumpsuit, but it was strangely enough stretched out across his body, like his frame was much too big for it. Shrugging off the confusion, Naruto began heading in the direction the glowing pipe was leading him, following the continuously winding pathway.

Reaching the end of the hallway, the area opened up into a massive chamber, while on the opposite wall, there was a massive golden gateway, a small slip of paper with the kanji for seal on it. Curiosity getting the better of him, Naruto walked toward the gates, only to freeze up at the sudden flood of power blasting out of the cage, and hitting him full force. The next instant, a pair of eyes opened up from the darkness of the cage, each eye easily as big as Naruto was tall, the most distinguishing features being the eyes being deep crimson red, and the pupils were slits

"So, you've finally returned." A deep voice rumbled, its source of it from inside the cage.

"Kyuubi no Kitsune." Naruto responded.

"Good, the memory seal has begun deteriorating already." Kyuubi said, while moving forward, allowing its full form to be illuminated by the light from the outside of the cage.

"Placed there by myself and the Sandaime Hokage to keep my physical and mental abilities hidden." Naruto suddenly said, but the words were foreign, like they were not even coming from him, even though they came from his mouth, with his voice. "How…how do I know that? And why does what I said even make sense to me?"

"Because I helped program your mind like that." Kyuubi responded, earning Naruto's confused gaze. "Since you will soon know as it is, I may as well inform you. Around eight years ago, you originally met the lovely young pink-haired lady now sitting in your bathtub with you, when she and her father came to this village. While her father was having his meeting with the Hokage, you, who had been brought there by ANBU because of an incident with a regular mob, began to interact with the young lady. The old Hokage and the girl's father saw the way you two were bonding and decided to place a marriage contract between the two of you for when you were older."

"But, that's where things began to go wrong." Naruto felt the urge to say.

"Correct." Kyuubi said, before taking another breath to continue speaking. "It wasn't that long after this little meeting between the man, who was named King Gid Lucion Deviluke, and the Hokage, that the councils caught wind of it. They felt that you, the "Demon Brat", were unworthy of such an honor as marrying a princess, and tried to nullify the marriage contract. However, thanks to a special loop-hole in the wording, made by the Hokage himself, the contract could only be annulled by one of the four people from the contract, The Hokage, King Gid, Princess Lala, or yourself. Since Gid and Lala were gone from the village, and there was no way those weaklings could push the Hokage around about this, they decided you were the supposed 'weak link' to target."

"I remember that now." Naruto suddenly said, while snapping his fingers in remembrance. "It was during the late night, when I was trying to sleep, that they had one of those strangely marked ANBU pull me from bed and forcibly take me to the council chamber."

"Yes, and they quickly began trying to bully you into agreeing to drop the marriage contract, but you stood firm for an eight year old." Kyuubi responded, a small smirk on its large muzzle. "They tried to threaten you multiple times, from suspending you from the ninja academy to imprisoning you in a Konoha prison for life, if you didn't agree. However, no matter what they said to you, you wouldn't bow to their whims. But, they made one fatal mistake when they tried to threaten Lala, which in turn, awoke a power I had given to you much earlier than it should have been. In your blinded, enraged state, you lashed out, destroying the meeting room, and killing quite a few council members, surprisingly all civilian, before the Hokage arrived and managed to calm you down."

"Afterwards, the old man and I had a talk about what happened, and you spoke to the both of us about the strange powers I used. After you had explained what was happening to me, an ANBU member informed the old man that the councils were meeting to discuss a punishment for me for my slaying of "Innocent members of the council". Worrying about what could happen to the Hokage and myself, it was your suggestion to place this 'punishment' into play."

"I suggested the Hokage 'seal' your abilities, a sealing procedure which would have a special hidden unlocker system, which would act as a double limiter. The first one, on your physical abilities, would be unlocked when you heard someone linking your name to my own. Then there was the second lock, on your mental abilities, which would only unlock if you saw Lala's face again." Kyuubi continued where Naruto left. "After the sealing was finished, the Hokage informed the council of this course of action, and while he never said it outright, many of the councilors believed that this sealing would last for the rest of your life."

"So, after hearing Mizuki say I was the Kyuubi last night, the lock on my physical abilities has been removed?" Naruto questioned.

"Right, and now, thanks to the arrival of your girlfriend, you have access to your full mental capacity, including your ability to speak to me again." Kyuubi responded. "Also, as you more than likely remember, thanks to the little monologue by your former teacher last night, you can use all of the abilities I passed onto you."

"Yeah, but I'm still having trouble believing the truth behind the history of the Bijuu, even to this day." Naruto responded, while smirking at the Kyuubi, which the massive Kitsune returned in full.

"Well, you've been in here to hear what I needed to say, and seeing as your girlfriend is getting worried, I think we can wrap up this conversation for the day." Kyuubi responded, to which Naruto nodded. A second later, Naruto's form faded from view, leaving the large fox-shaped spirit to its own thoughts. 'Now that he's a ninja of Konoha, he falls under the jurisdiction of the Hokage. Meaning, I can add a few more little tweaks to Naruto's body structure.'

(Real World)

Lala Satalin Deviluke, renowned genius gadget maker of the Deviluke Royal family, the girl known to be able to make an invention to do anything, was currently rapidly thinking of ideas of how to reawaken her long-lost friend, who was still out cold. After realizing he wasn't playing around when he collapsed suddenly, she easily pulled him out of the water, and managed to reorient his prone figure, laying him against herself. Once she had been sure he wouldn't fall back into the water, her mind then went into overdrive.

'Hm, maybe a Zoom-Zoom Energy-kun, to recharge Naruto-kun's inner energy level?' Lala contemplated, before noticing Naruto was stirring back to the land of the wake. "Oh, Naruto-kun, are you alright?" Lala asked, trying to sound a little restrained, since the name of the other person was still ringing in her mind. As the young blonde boy completely regained his bearings, his vision turned to Lala, and when their eyes locked again, Naruto did something to momentarily surprise the pink-haired beauty. He almost instantly snaked his arms around her and drew the young lady into a hug.

"It's so good to see you again, Lala-chan." Lala heard, causing her to smile happily and return the hug to her long unseen blonde-haired friend. After several moments of their silent hugging, Naruto and Lala pulled back from each other, and stared intently into each other's eyes. However, after another few moments of staring, it became painfully obvious to Naruto about the current lack of clothes they both had. "Lala-chan, I hate to break up the reunion, but I think we should get dressed."

"Oh, okay, Naruto-kun." Lala said, sounding a little reluctant to let go of Naruto, but she heeded his suggestion, and they both stood up, Naruto covering himself and turning his head to honor Lala's privacy. Quickly grabbing several towels, Naruto gave two to Lala, and then used the third to quickly dry himself, before grabbing his fresh clothes. As he tried to slide the clothes onto his body, he noticed that like in his mind, Naruto's body frame had become much larger than it had been before he entered the bath. But, since he didn't have anything else to wear, Naruto managed to struggle into the jumpsuit, noting that while the clothes had been extremely baggy before, they were in danger of ripping apart.

"Naruto-kun." Lala's voice suddenly chimed, drawing his attention back to her, albeit slowly, since he momentarily worried about her modesty.

'Not that I haven't already seen it thanks to her entrance.' Naruto thought to himself, and seeing that she had a towel wrapped around her frame, hiding her skin, but leaving little to the imagination, he gave her his full attention. Any other thoughts were abruptly stopped, when the pinkette latched onto Naruto once again, giving him another super-strong hug. This time, remembering the few lessons the Kyuubi had given him about controlling his abilities, he was able to weather the powerful hug and gently return it.

"I've missed you so much, Naruto-kun." Lala said happily, while Naruto noticed a small wet patch developing on his shoulder, and it only took him a few seconds to realize that it was coming from her tears.

"And I've missed you, Lala-chan." Naruto said, pulling her back gently from the hug, and looking at her face, a few tears being the only thing to mar her otherwise perfect beauty. "You still look as lovely as the last time we met." He said, while brushing the tears from her eyes, before cupping her cheek, while she smiled happily at him.

"And you've become quite handsome, Naruto-kun." Lala returned, while placing her hand on top of Naruto's.

Seeing she had stopped crying, Naruto gently took his hand from her cheek, and sat down, not noticing the slightly disappointed look on Lala's face when he removed his hand. "So, mind explaining why you suddenly showed in my bathroom, with the water show?" Naruto asked her, getting a slightly bashful look from Lala, who took the chance to sit down on the bed in Naruto's room, while quickly noting the bed was in a rather bad condition.

"I used one of my inventions, Pyon-Pyon Warp-kun." Lala responded, lifting her left arm and showing a strangely shaped bracelet on her wrist, which was a soft cream color. "It's a special device I created, which allows a living unit to warp over a short distance. I used it on the ship I was coming on, since we were going so slowly, and I really wanted to see you."

"But that doesn't explain why you showed up without any clothes on." Naruto pointed out to her.

"Pyon-Pyon Warp-kun can't take clothes with it, since the warping feature only affects biological material." Lala explained, while Naruto gave a slow nod at her explanation.

"Well, I guess I'd better see if I have something for you to wear for the time being." Naruto commented, while rummaging through his closet, trying to find something for the young woman to wear. Sighing out loud, he managed to pull out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, both of them black, with the shirt showing the Konoha symbol, which he only used when he was washing his normal jumpsuits. 'Not that I can wear those orange eyesores anymore.' Naruto thought, while turning to Lala, and handing her the clothes. "Sorry, but this is all I have that might fit you, Lala-chan."

"That's okay, Naruto-kun." Lala chirped happily, while dropping the towel from her body and taking the clothes from Naruto. Naruto, for his part, turned his head away from her, trying to at least give her a little privacy, despite her own disregard for it. "Okay, I'm done."

Turning his gaze back to her, he noticed that he had been right on his assumption that the clothes would fit her, though from the way he saw them stretching, it was still a little too small. 'Mostly in the hips and chest area.' Naruto idly thought, before his mind turned to her previously naked body in all its glory, before shaking his head to rid his mind of that train of thought.

"Alright, so, what do you say we go and have a little talk with the Hokage?" Naruto asked, to which he received a nod from Lala.