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Lisa smiled as she sat down on her bed. The events of the last few days had left her head spinning. She had started out with a clear path of what she wanted to do with her life, and then Zack had been his usual self and thrown everything into helping her. She knew that her other friends had also played an important role, but Zack had always been the one most willing to help her out. It was like the time that she had charged up too much on her dad's credit card and Zack was more than willing to help her try and raise the money. The difference, however, was that this one ended with her having feelings for one of her best friends that she had never known were there before.

Lisa had watched Zack go through many girls in his short lifetime. When he had started dating Kelly, Lisa had figured that was it and Zack would be with Kelly and they would actually make it through everything. She had felt happy for her friends, but that part of her that had always had that schoolgirl crush on Zack was devastated. She had not known at the time that the sadness she was feeling was related to that, but it was clear now. Obviously, they had broken up, and then Stacy Carosi had come along, leaving Lisa feeling much the same way. Both girls had been different than the women Zack normally pursued, and the difference had been he loved both of them and was not doing it merely for the chase or whatever his other reasons had been.

The way he had been looking at her the last couple of days made Lisa know she was special as well. He knew just how vulnerable she could be, he knew her greatest flaws and weaknesses, and accepted her for that. She just knew that the strong friendship that they had was going to be a building block on which they could start a relationship. The only thing that had stood in their way was Screech's reaction.

Zack would have done anything for his best friend, including giving Lisa up, and while Lisa had stepped in before it actually came down to that, it had only made her like him more. Zack had once again shown how compassionate he was for people, even when they were angry with him. Lisa knew that she would have done the same thing for any of her best friends, and was glad to know that Screech had eventually realized that Lisa had never been his to begin with.


Zack jammed out on his guitar as he thought about the beautiful friend that he had just recently begun having feelings for. He had been friends with Lisa for many years, even remembering the time that they had been ice skating and he had gotten hurt. She had always been there for him, no matter how many stupid things he had done. He now knew he had always taken that for granted. Sure, Jessie and even Kelly would always be there for him, but he knew that he had already tried with Kelly, and Jessie belonged to Slater, no matter how much they argued and fought. Lisa may have been shallow on the outside, but she had a heart of gold.

He had never intended for it to happen. Zack really would never have hurt Screech for anything in the world. Screech had never had much, and his hope that Lisa would someday love him as much as he loved her was one of the only things that seemed to keep him as goofy as he was. Zack figured the only reason that Screech had eventually accepted it was because Zack had truly been ready to give Lisa up. Lisa's words had spoken to Screech in a way that they had never done before. Zack knew that for the sake of his best friend, he would have to take care of Lisa the best way he knew how.

Lisa had been hurt before, but most of the time she just pretended to let it roll off her back. When Eric, Jessie's brother-in-law, had decided once and for all to move back to New York, she did not allow anybody to see her pain. And Zack had known how much she cared for him. There had been several other guys who had done similar things, and Zack knew that he never wanted to be one of them. He knew that the moments they had shared the past few days was forever going to alter their lives.


While Zack and Lisa were preparing for how things were going to change between the two of them, they did not realize how much their dating was going to affect the rest of the group. The webs that they had woven had not only affected Screech, but everybody else as well. Kelly could not discover the source of her apprehension at the two of them dating, but also did not want to make it public knowledge. Slater could see the confusion on Kelly's face as she watched the couple interact, and knew that it could only lead to bad things. Jessie was excited that her two oldest friends were going to be striking up a relationship, but was still worried about Screech.

The group of six had been through many complications before, so this was just going to be another milestone to get over. There was nothing that any member of that group would not have done to see another member happy, but to most of them this relationship between Zack and Lisa just did not feel right. The only one who could pinpoint the exact problem had already agreed that he would stay out of the relationship, so therefore could not urge the others to see what he saw. But, it broke his heart all the same.

And all of this was taking place even before the first date of Zack and Lisa.