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Chapter Six

Slater had almost not gone to the Max today. Ever since Allie had quit the relay team two days ago, Jessie and Kelly would not talk to Zack and Lisa, and Lisa and Zack would not talk to Jessie or Kelly. And Slater had somehow managed to get stuck in the middle of it. Now, if they had outright asked him to choose sides, he would have course chosen Jessie's (he did not have a death wish after all). But, instead all they were doing was complaining about each other.

So, he knew that when he walked into the Max that Zack and Lisa would be sitting at one table and Jessie, Kelly, and Screech would be sitting at a different table. And then Slater would get to choose who he would want to sit with. Quite frankly, he did not want to sit with either group. In fact, as he walked in, he wondered how many problems he would cause if he sat by himself.

He then decided to risk it. Who cares if they got mad at him? It wasn't like the group was exactly talking right now. So, he walked to an empty table and sat down. He was at a central location so that both groups could stare at him defy them. Slowly, they stared and began to mutter. And then, Kelly and Lisa got up from their tables and made their way over to Slater.

"What are you doing?" Kelly hissed at him when she reached the table, "Jessie is going to kill you."

"Zack wants to know why you are not sitting with us," Lisa haughtily said. Slater made a note that they were pointedly ignoring each other.

"I have decided that this whole thing is rather stupid," Slater said bluntly, "Therefore, I am not talking to any of you again until you settle whatever differences that you may have."

"What exactly are you expecting me to tell Jessie?" Kelly asked him.

"To grow up," Slater said, with a satisfactory tone in his voice. With that, he grabbed the milkshake the waiter had just brought him and then went to sit at a table with some of his football buddies.


"Slater's right," Kelly groaned as she flopped on her bed. Jessie, for once, did not say anything as she sat down on the bed beside Kelly, "We are all acting dumb."

"It was not just Allie's fault though," Jessie frowned, "Things have been off for a while … ever since ..,"

Jessie trailed off and she was waiting to see if Kelly was going to finish the statement. They had never really talked about Zack and Lisa's relationship, but Jessie knew that Kelly must not be taking it too well if she had been able to get so mad at both of them because of the Allie thing.

"Lisa and Zack," Kelly frowned, "I guess you can only date so many people in the same group before it starts getting weird."

"What are we going to do?" Jessie asked her friend. She knew that she did not want to stay mad at Lisa and Zack, after all, Lisa and Zack were her two oldest friends.

"I did promise myself I would try and be happy for them," Kelly sighed, "We definitely blew this whole Allie thing out of proportion. We all know what Zack is like. While it sucks for him to be that way, we cannot really take it out on Lisa."

"Plus, this whole thing probably sucks for her too," Jessie reasoned, "I mean, getting to witness Zack's normal girl routine first hand like that."

"Do you think they will forgive us?" Kelly asked.


"Slater was right," Lisa declared to Zack as she interrupted their making out session. Zack frowned, but sat up when she did.

"About?" Zack asked.

"We are all being dumb," Lisa reminded him, "we should not let one stupid girl get in the way of our friendship."

"It is not just about that …," Zack then trailed off. The two of them had discussed Screech, but they had never really discussed what impact their dating had on the group.

"It is about us," Lisa finished bravely, "I know they are happy for us. I really do, but it is like they don't want us to be together."

"Maybe you can only date so many people in a group before it starts getting weird," Zack frowned, echoing Kelly's earlier sentiments.

"What do we do?" Lisa asked him, "Everything got blown out of proportion. None of us should have been that mad about the whole Allie thing."

"We will just apologize," Zack thoughtfully decided.

"Do you think they will accept our apology?" Lisa asked.


Slater threw the bowl of popcorn between himself and Screech. Screech seemed to be watching the tv pretty intensely.

"So, you have not really weighed in on this whole Allie thing," Slater observed.

"Zack is Zack," Screech shrugged, "We should all know that by now. He gets what he wants."

Slater could almost feel the "including Lisa," that Screech had left off the end of his statement.

"So what I get is you are not siding with anyone?" Slater tried to press Screech a little more.

"No need to," Screech shrugged, "I am pretty much invisible at this point in time, right?"

"How could you say that?" Slater asked, not really knowing what else he could say to him.

"Come on. I was only around to be Zack's best friend and try to get Lisa to date me," Screech said, uncomfortably, "Now that they have each other, there is no real reason for any of you to hang out with me."

"We hang out with you because we like you," Slater protested.

"You tell yourself what you have to," Screech said, in an assuring tone before turning the volume up on the tv. Slater did not say another word, but just grabbed a handful of popcorn.


"I want us to be friends again," Kelly and Lisa blurted out at the same time while Jessie and Zack nodded vehemently in agreement behind their shoulders. The four then gave each other a big smile and basically collapsed into one big group hug.

"As far as the relay team goes," Jessie said as the four began walking down the hall, "If Allie cannot accept things the way they are, we will find a new fourth. Who cares if we get to go to state or not?"

"Besides," Zack smiled, "With the three of you, your fourth does not have to be that strong, I am sure."

Screech rounded a corner and noticed the group before they happened to notice him. He noticed their laughter, but did not join them. What he had said to Slater last night had been true. He was definitely not really a part of the group anymore, and he did not want to interrupt their fun now. So, without anyone seeing him, he retreated the opposite way.


The three girls had gathered to see what kind of relay team they could create with what was left of their team. Zack was up in the bleachers, giving them general support. The swim coach was still not happy with them, however.

"Can't you girls just talk to her again?" the swim coach demanded of them. The three girls looked at each other.

"Well, the problem is that she really has been avoiding all of us," Kelly finally spoke up, "I have been looking for her around, and have not seen her at all."

The swim coach frowned, but continued anyways, "Listen, I know boys are important in high school, but that is no reason for us to not have the best swim team!"

"Why don't you try talking to her?" Lisa suggested, "I know that she really does not want to listen to me, and I am pretty sure Jessie or Kelly either."

"I will," the swim coach said thoughtfully, "A girl with that talent should not waste it because of some differences."

The girls nodded their heads in agreement, but were pretty sure that Allie would not come around. She had seemed pretty adamant about her hatred of anyone who socialized with Zack.


The four teenagers were sitting in a booth in the Max. Jessie could not wait for Slater to join them.

"Do you remember the look on Slater's face when we approached him?" Lisa said with a giggle.

"It was so serious!" Kelly agreed, "Oh, here he comes now."

The group noticed that Slater had a serious frown on his face as he approached them.

"We all need to talk," he stated as he sat down with a sigh.