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Previously on Mine –

He looks at her pleading eyes and wanted to tell her 'no' but he couldn't. Because he knew how she felt. She sees the responding heat in his eyes and knows he is going to give her what she craves...him inside her.

Penelope uses her feet to push at Derek's sweatpants, making a noise of frustration when she could not get them down.

"Baby, it's ok," he soothes her.

"Derek Morgan, I have waited years for this! Get naked this instant," she mutters fiercely.

"Whoa... yes, ma'am." He chuckles and begins to slide them off his hips.

"No, no, no, you're doing it all wrong," she whines.

"There is another way to take off my pants?" he inquires.

"Yes," she says huffily with a glare.

"Trust me, baby, I'm the KING of getting naked."

"You're doing it wrong," she repeats, pouting.

He stops and raises his eyebrow at her. "Waiting for instructions, lil mama," he says as he gives her pouting lips a quick kiss.

She makes a noise of excitement, feeling much more confident.

"Ok, In my mind, you always stand at the end of the bed – in front of it. And then…then you take them off super slow, like in slow motion," she instructs him. "Pretend you are my own personal Chippendale..."

"Baby... Are you serious?"

"Do what Mama says and she will make it rain, Mr. Morgan."

"Oh, is that so? Promises, promises," Derek retorts.

"And Derek...make it good. I have seen you dance. I know you have the moves; I want you to work for my dollar bills."

He chuckles but climbs off the bed. "You better not get used to this, mama."

"I'll make it worth your while, big boy," Penelope purrs provocatively.

"So I've heard," he says with a sly grin.

Derek stands at the foot of the bed, feeling a little silly but what his woman wants, his woman gets.

"WAIT...Derekkkkk," Penelope wheedles.

"Yes, baby," he says in a tolerant tone. "More requests?"

"Music. In my fantasy, there is music," Penelope responds innocently.

"You are joking," Derek retorts in a disbelieving tone.

She looks up at him pleadingly, biting her lip.

He sighs, defeated. "What song, baby?"

Penelope smiles happily, "He Is," she informs him with pleasure. "It reminds me of you, hot stuff." She smiles seductively at him.

"You are lucky I still have that CD you gave me in my stereo," Derek says with a grin.

Penelope giggles in delight, shifting on the bed so she's comfortable, anxiously awaiting her striptease from the hottest man to ever grace the planet.

"And make sure you do a full turn so mama can see that sexy butt of yours."

Derek walks to the stereo across the room and hits the play button, scrolling through until he finds the song she had asked for. As the sound of "He Is" fills the bedroom, Derek turns around and gives Penelope his most seductive smile.

"Ooooh, this is gonna be good," she whispers, more to herself than to him.

Her eyes widen at his beautiful, mocha colored skin and his muscular body. Penelope cannot believe that he's actually going to dance for her…he was her fantasies made flesh.

As Derek begins to move to the beat of the song, swaying his hips sensuously, Penelope marvels at how truly beautiful he is. His tall, muscular form slowly dances closer and Penelope can't help but playfully purr at him, transfixed by his grace and strength. She has to stop herself from reaching out and touching him. He gives her a knowing smirk and turns to the side once he reaches the foot of the bed, his eyes locking onto hers.

Seeing him, like this, dancing just for her, makes her breathing grow shallow. 'Oh my God, if he moves like this when making love, I just might die tonight,' she thinks.

She balls her hands into fists to keep herself from touching him as his hands smooth down his own hips, pushing down his pants little by little. Derek raises his arms up into the air and slightly bends his knees, a move reminiscent of the time she watched him dance in the club with the team. She's as fascinated by his moves now as she had been that night.

That night was the one when she went home and thought of him making love to her for the first time. The first night of many to come.

His glorious body went from side to side, his large muscles flexing and stretching beneath his tanned, taut skin, as he interpreted the music with his movements.

Derek bends at the waist, gently stepping out of sweatpants before standing back up, letting Penelope see him in a way she had only dreamed about before - completely naked and aroused. For her. She drags her eyes from the sight of his swollen erection, licking her lips unconsciously. Immediately, Derek's eyes drop to her luscious, full lips, glistening with her lip gloss, instantly remembering her moist, warm mouth wrapped around him.

He makes a full turn, still dancing to the song, making sure he remained facing her, relishing in the way her eyes hungrily took him in. As he moves closer and closer to her, Penelope feels herself falling deeper under his spell, her heart beating even faster. The world falls away; there's only this moment and this man.

"Ok, that was perfect," she whispers. "Now get your sexy self back in bed with me."

She needs to touch him, to feel every inch of his skin touching every inch of hers.

Derek smiles slightly and shakes his head.

"Derek," she whines.

"There is no rush, baby girl; we have all night," he whispers.

"Please," she says. "We can just lay here, I don't care. I just want to touch you."

With those words, she reaches out to touch his body, unwilling to wait. She touches his hip, tracing random patterns along it before traveling lower.

"Derek," Her voice was quiet, pleading.

At the feel of her soft hands on his body, Derek stops moving momentarily, helpless beneath the touch that he had dreamt of for so long. Penelope rises upwards to her knees, sliding her hands up and down his chest and stomach before placing small kisses on his chest.

"Come to bed," she murmurs, leaving a trail of open-mouthed kisses along his collarbone, smiling when his arms wrap tightly around her waist. At the sensation engendered by her soft lips on his chest, Derek's control snaps, and he lifts her into his arms as she wraps her legs around his waist.

"Baby," he mutters.

"Derek," she replies, her lips going to his neck, nipping the skin just below his ear, hungry for him and unwilling to wait any longer. Penelope begins to nuzzle his neck as he gently lowers her to the bed, taking care not to crush her beneath his weight. He covers her body with his, raising up on his elbows in order to kiss her again.

"Open your mouth, baby," Derek orders. "Let me in."

Penelope instantly obeys Derek's command, unable to resist him. Their tongues meet halfway and she groans as she feels his erection press into her thigh. She wiggles her hips, causing Derek to chuckle.

"Easy, woman. All night, remember?"

"Yes, sir," she whispers, loving how he took charge, fulfilling her secret fantasies.

"That's my girl," he mumbles, sucking her full bottom lip into his mouth. He hadn't realized until then how submissive Penelope truly was, but it only made sense. Derek knew he was dominant in the bedroom, and it was only further confirmation that she was his perfect match. He suddenly has the overwhelming urge to be inside her, to fill her completely and feel her in a way he's only ever dreamed about.

She was his. He can't wait to finally claim her. He knows they had all night, but that suddenly doesn't matter. They're naked, she's lying beneath him, her legs around him and obviously willing.

Penelope senses the change in his kiss from tender to passionate and knows he is ready to continue to the next step even though he told her to wait. Sudden panic fills her.

"Derek," she says tremulously.

He pulls back, suddenly worried by her tone. "Penelope, what's wrong?"

"Just...I don't know if is this the right thing for us. I don't want you to regret this, and I'm not built for one night stands." She takes a deep breath and then continues shakily. "I'm not sophisticated like the women you are used to," she confides in a hushed tone.

He strokes her face. "Baby, baby, baby… just breathe. Calm down, Penelope. You are like no woman I have ever met. I will never regret this. This feels so right to me. I've told you before: I am here to stay."

"Yes, but tomorrow morning, when you wake up and you have me laying next to you, you might not think the same way," she replies, unwilling to meet his eyes.

"Tomorrow morning when I wake up and you are beside me, I will thank God that you decided to be with me." Derek gently strokes her jaw with his finger. "No regrets, no recriminations, just happy that my baby girl feels the same why I do."

Tears build in her eyes. She can hear the honesty in his voice but she is still terrified that it would change them forever.

"What happens if we fall apart?" she questions.

"I have never felt better in my entire life. And we won't fall apart; I won't let it happen. Not now, not ever. You have me for life, Penelope Garcia. My woman, my goddess, my heart. I love you, Penelope Garcia. Always."

"I love you too, Derek Morgan. And I'm sorry. I'm such a girl sometimes. I just worry because I don't ever want to lose you."

Derek leans back a little and cradles Penelope's face in his hands. "Penelope, I want you to be sure about this."

She nods. "I am. I've wanted you for so long. Derek, please…Make love to me."

"No going back, baby," Derek warns.

She is still scared, and she probably always would be, but her love and need for him is stronger than her fear.

"I know, Derek, no going back. Please. Make love to me," she pleads as she draws his head down to hers for a passionate kiss.

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