A Broken Lyre

Prologue: Fading Light

By alek4ever

With help from Ace2401

Inspired and based of A Precious Rainbow By Milesprower06

Lyra and Bonbon's House

6 days after Running of the Leaves

7:00 PM

Lyra was home, alone as she had been for quite some time now. The house had felt empty ever since Bonbon went to the candy fair convention. It had been a few weeks since the cupcake killer was stopped, but that did not stop Lyra's worrying. Bonbon was supposed to be back home last week, but she still hadn't shown up yet, and she hadn't sent any mail either. At first Lyra just assumed that Ponyville's mailmare had forgotten to deliver her mail, as she was usually a bit of a ditz, but when Bonbon did not come home, Lyra started to fear for her.

She sat there in the couch, in her usual odd manner, waiting for Bonbon to come home, clinging onto the last shreds of hope in her heart that Bonbon was safe. This was what Lyra had been doing all of the past week; waiting for any news at all, good or bad. After a while Lyra began to feel sleepy, as she had not been sleeping very well since Bonbon left, and even worse so when she did not return home on time. In Lyra's already tired state, she was not able to stay awake for very long and soon drifted off to sleep. Lyra began to dream...

Lyra found herself on a dark street surrounded by the dark silhouettes of other ponies. She found Bonbon at her side, and they both smiled and started to walk the now much brighter road together. As they walked, the ponies surrounding the two mares were much brighter and cheerful than they had been when Lyra arrived. However, after a while something changed. A pony that was the blackest black came up to them, at that moment Bonbon looked at Lyra with a sad expression. Bonbon let a tear escape her eye, opened her mouth, and let out one single word. "Goodbye".

Then she and the black pony started to run away, leaving Lyra behind. Lyra tried to keep up but they were just too fast. When Bonbon and the mysterious black pony were far away, the black pony turned her head to look at Lyra with blood red eyes and a wicked smile.

2:47 AM

"NOOOO!" Lyra woke up screaming. It was that dream again, she had been having it night after night the entire week. Lyra repeated to herself with a whisper, a tear rolling down her cheek. "No... Please don't, please don't leave me." She wished for her lyre. It could always calm her down. She thought back on how she had managed to lose it.

A couple of weeks after the last winter wrap up, she was wandering the town playing her lyre. As she was heading home she tripped on a exposed rock while crossing the street, which caused her to drop her lyre into the middle of the street. By a stroke of bad luck, her lyre had got caught in the path of a passing carriage, causing all the strings to snap and bending the frame severely out of shape. Bonbon wanted Lyra to get rid of it, eventually insisting on doing it for her. Lyra reluctantly accepted.

Lyra resumed focus on the present. Knowing she desperately needed a good night's rest, she got up off the couch and went to sleep in her bed.

9:00 AM

After a dreamless sleep, Lyra woke up to the sound of knocking on her door. She quickly got herself out of bed, and rushed to the door, hoping against hope that it was her Bonbon, but as she opened the door she saw a stallion she had never before seen standing before her.

This stallion had dark gray fur, a tan mane and wore a brown hat with a design that was quite popular in Manehattan. His cutie mark was of a hat that looked exactly as the one he wore with a magnifying glass next to it, placed as if the wearer of the hat was looking through it.

The stallion began,"Hello, are you Ms. Lyra? I'm Bigeye Graymane. I believe I have some information you would like to know."

At that point Lyra instantly understood what this was about, and she burst into tears.

He continued, "As I see you probably already understand, I'm here to talk to you about the case of the cupcake killer."

Lyra, almost in shock, just gave a sad, disappointed nod to Bigeye.

"I was one of the detectives on the case, and we have finally identified all of the victims. It is with regret I inform you that your friend Ms. Bonbon has... passed away. We found this in the basement where those atrocities were committed. Was this hers?" As he held up Bonbon's necklace, Lyra could only give a tearful nod.

"I'm sorry for your loss." He gave his head a shake before continuing, his duty compelling him to divulge this next piece of disturbing information "I also regret to inform you that her only remains are skeletal, except for her cutie mark, which we found as part of a dress the killer had fashioned usin' the remains of her victims."

At that point the tears flooded out of Lyra's eyes. Hearing that something so terrible had happened to her Bonbon, the one pony who always made her happy, was to much to bear. She extended her shaking hoof to take the necklace from Bigeye.

"Again, I'm truly sorry for your loss. and I wish there was somethin' I could say."

"Its okay, I understand. You're just doing your job." Lyra managed to say between sobs.

"Well, I'm sorry, but I cannot stay any longer. I have other families to visit." With a tip of his hat, he turned around and began to walk away. Lyra heard him mumbling something as he walked,

"This is the worst case since that serial killer back in Manehattan twelve years ago..."

She watched him leave. As he went out of sight Lyra crashed to the ground, hugging the necklace, tears flowing out of her eyes. Lyra laid there crying, needing to let her pain out. After a while, she managed to get to her feet, as she realised she needed to clear her head. She set out for a walk, necklace in hoof, thinking about the happy memories that she had shared with Bonbon.

End of prologue

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OC: Bigeye Graymane

Hello Everypony, as told earlier this fanfic is based on A Precious Rainbow by milesprower06

it is readable here: .net/s/7132369/1/A_Precious_Rainbow

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