Inside Tim's Mind Chapter 01



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Author's Note: This was obviously inspired by the episode of Teen Titans "Nevermore."

Author's Note 2: This is my first attempt at a supernatural fic, so if it sucks, please bear with me. I've never written a Batman story that takes place in another world. I HAVE written one AU fic, and that was a Yu-Gi-Oh! Story, We Are What We Are.

"Tim, can we please talk about this?" asked Dick. But Tim said nothing. "You know, I can't help you if you never tell me what's wrong." Tim still said nothing. "Do you want to sit around and be miserable for the rest of your life, or something?" Tim glared.

"Why do I have to either be super happy and wanting to talk to you…OR miserable?" he answered. "Why does it have to be one or the other? Maybe I'm perfectly happy NOT talking to you. Did you ever think of that?"

"Well, you don't seem very happy!" said Dick. "Usually when people are happy, they don't ACT like a mope-y emo brat."

"DON'T call me that!" said Tim. "That's for…" he trailed off.

"…him," Dick finished. "I know." They both meant Damian. Damian was synonymous with brat.

Ever since Dick had basically "fired" Tim from being Robin and replaced him with Damian, his relationship with Tim hadn't been the same. Tim had become distant, reclusive, and strangely angry. One the one hand, Dick couldn't blame him; he'd been demoted without being consulted, and was now watching his old job be done by a cranky spoiled child with neither morals nor manners.

But on the other hand, Tim was practically an adult, and was holding onto this grudge for a little longer than what would be considered mature. Wasn't it time he got over it and accepted Damian as a part of this family? Dick wondered but didn't have the heart to ask. He'd been trying to talk to his brother about it, but Tim remained closed up and unresponsive. Unless Dick pushed his buttons, as he just had.

"You know how I feel, Dick. I already tried talking to you about it, and all you said was that I need to deal with it. You expected me to step up and accept a change in my life that you arranged, and you didn't believe in me when I told you that Bruce was alive. And he is! And you've never apologized for doubting me!"

"I never doubted you, Tim," said Dick.

"That is a DAMN LIE and you know it!" yelled Tim. "You tried to get me to see a therapist! You thought I was crazy! Admit it!"

"DAMN IT, TIM, I'M STARTING TO THINK YOU REALLY ARE CRAZY!" said Dick. "And the only way I can make sure you're not is for you to TALK TO ME! I'm not a mind-reader, Tim! You never tell me exactly what you're feeling! Why won't you just LET ME IN?"

"I DON'T WANT YOU 'IN!'" screamed Tim. "Leave me alone!"

Dick didn't know what to do. He couldn't get Tim to talk to him, and he was starting to worry that Tim might become suicidal. All sorts of thoughts were running through his mind, and it sent Dick spiraling into a panic so deep that he decided to take drastic measures.

He flew the Batplane to San Francisco, where Raven currently lived with the Teen Titans.

"Raven, I need to ask you something," he said to her.

"What is it?" asked Raven.

"You have the power to take people into your mind and soul, right?" asked Dick.

"Yes. Why do you ask?" said Raven.

"I wouldn't ask you this if I weren't desperate," Dick admitted. "But I am scared to death for Tim. He won't talk to me about how he's feeling, and I'm afraid he's just going to get farther and farther away from me. Which is why I have to ask…" he continued.


"Is there any way at all…that you could go into his mind?"

Raven's eyes widened.

"I know it's creepy and a violation of his privacy, and probably immoral and unethical," said Dick. "But I wouldn't be asking you this if I weren't scared for his life."

"I could…try," said Raven. Dick managed a small smile. "I don't know what you would hope to accomplish, though. Just because I'd be in his mind doesn't mean I'd know what to be looking for."

"Anything abnormal. Anything…stuck, or hurt, or just bizarre," said Dick.

"And how would Tim feel if he knew I were poking around in his head?" Raven inquired.

"He'd hate it, that's for sure. But I'm out of options here, Raven. Please say you'll help me," said Dick.

"Very well," said Raven. "Where is he?"

"He has his own place in Gotham," said Dick. "I guess…he couldn't stand living with me and Damian anymore."

"Then let's be off," said Raven. She and Dick got in the Batplane and flew back to Gotham City.

Upon arriving in the Bunker, Dick then called Tim to come over to help him with something. Tim was reluctant, but Dick falsely assured him that Damian wasn't there at the time (which was a lie), so Tim came over.

"What's so important you couldn't tell me over the computer?" asked Tim.

"GET HIM!" yelled Dick. He, Raven and Damian all launched themselves at Tim. Damian went for his legs, so he couldn't kick, Dick grabbed his arms so he couldn't punch, and Raven helped them haul him over to a stretcher.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" Tim demanded as the other three people strapped him down with leather restraints and buckles. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? LET ME GO!"

"Sorry, Timmy, but this is for your own good," said Dick.

"And everyone else's, since you're such a pain to be around," Damian sneered. Tim's nostrils flared and his eyes widened, and he lurched his head forward as best as he could. Raven placed her hand on his head and forced it back down.

"Please forgive me, Tim," she said. "But what I do now I do as a favor to a man who has many times over risked his life for me."

"Raven….what are you doing?" Tim asked, now more scared than angry. He had given up struggling against the restraints, since he knew that he couldn't get out of them with brute force and he'd just be wasting his energy.

Raven gently touched the sides of his head with her gloved hands, and closed her eyes. Black energy swirled from her chakra and flowed into Tim's forehead.

"Stop…Raven….what are you…? STOP! STOP!" cried Tim. He thrashed as best he could underneath the restraints, and actually managed to get his left arm free.

"Dick, hold him!" said Raven as she continued her attempt to penetrate his mind.

"Tim, please hold still!" Dick begged. Damian was merely standing at the foot of the stretcher, staring triumphantly at Tim, who he enjoyed watching suffering.

"Damian, I could use a hand, here!" Dick yelled.

"Tt. Fine," said Damian. "Tt" was kind-of his catchphrase. "Alright, Drake, I don't know what good this will do, but Grayson seems to think he can make you somewhat less crazy by-"

"Just help me hold his damn arm!" yelled Dick.

"Alright, alright! Jeez!" said Damian. But the moment the ten-year-old got a foot closer to Tim, he thrashed harder and ripped his arm from Dick's grasp, throwing his brother backwards into a machine that was in the Bunker, and throwing Raven onto the floor.

"AAAAGHH!" cried Dick as his back collided with the machine, which began to throw off sparks.

"He sure packs a wallop for a nut job," Damian commented.

"LOOK OUT!" screamed Dick. He threw himself onto Damian, shielding him from the crackling electricity spouting from the damaged machine.

"This is bad," said Raven. Some of her dark energy was still lingering in the air, and when it connected with the electricity, there was a huge crackling explosion. A blinding flash of light, and then nothing.

All that remained in the Bunker was an unconscious Tim Drake, still tied to the stretcher. Damian, Dick and Raven were no longer there. They had been sucked inside Tim's mind.

"Mmmmhh…" groaned Dick. He opened his eyes to a pleasant blue sky on a sunny day. He sat up and found that he and his two allies were sprawled out in a grassy field, full of flowers and butterflies. Surrounding the border of the field were trees, all lush and healthy. "Everybody in one piece?" he asked.

"Yeah," said Raven, picking herself up and brushing dust off of her dress.

"Where the fuck are we?" asked Damian. Dick rolled his eyes at the young Robin's cursing. He would prefer that the ten-year-old curb his language, but now was not the time to be scolding him.

"Smart money's on Tim's mind," said Raven. "I assume that when the electricity collided with my powers, it created some sort of reaction that zapped us into his brain."

"Whatever," said Damian. Even though he had been the one who asked where they were, and had just been answered, he still felt like HE should be the one with all the answers. So hearing someone else express knowledge for something he couldn't made him angry.

"Well, this is almost what I wanted," said Dick. "I guess we should start walking."

"Walk where?" said Damian. "What are we supposed to be looking for? And for that matter, how do you propose we ever get out of here?"

"Damian, shush!" said Dick. "We'll figure that out later. But for now, I'd like to search for whatever could be making Tim so upset lately."

"I , too, would like to take this opportunity to explore his mind," said Raven. "This is something I didn't even know I could do. I may have to do it again sometime, so I'd like to gain as much experience as I can."

"Tt," scoffed Damian. "Do you even know HOW you did this? From what I remember, all you did was squirt some of your "mind-essence" into Drake's forehead and the electricity did the rest!" Damian finished, using air-quotes.

"Well, YOU certainly didn't do anything to trigger this," said Raven. "If memory serves, you were lying on the floor when it happened."

"Only 'cause Grayson is an overprotective piece of-"

"ALRIGHT! That's enough!" yelled Dick, who was already a few yards ahead of them and walking towards the forest. "Regardless of how we got here, we're here, and we're going to find out what Tim's deal is! Are you coming or not?"

"We're coming," both Damian and Raven said at the same time.

"Jinx," said Raven.

"Fuck you!" Damian spouted.

"No, you say 'jinx' when you and another person say the exact same thing at the same time," she explained.


"It's just a thing," said Raven. "Then whoever's been 'jinxed' can't talk until someone says their name. But nobody really cares about that part anymore."

"Good. Sounds like a stupid, childish tradition anyway," said Damian.

"Hey guys, come here. I found something!" said Dick, beckoning his friends forward. Raven and Damian hurried through the forest and caught up with Dick, and he pointed through the trees at a big, beautiful pond with a rocky cliff and a waterfall.

"Nice scenery," Raven commented.

"Yeah, but look," said Dick, pointing to a person who was sitting on a rock beside the pond.

"Who's that?" asked Damian.

"How should I know?" Dick hissed. "Shh. Be quiet and follow me." The trio carefully crept closer to the person. When they got close enough, they were certain it was Tim. It looked like him from the back, but he was wearing a white T-shirt and white pants, and no socks or shoes.

"Uh…Tim? Is that you?" asked Dick.

"Yeah, it's me," said Tim. "What's up?"

"Uh, well, we were trying to get inside your mind, and there was this big bolt of lightning…and now…we kind-of are inside your mind," Dick explained. "And I was wondering if you could help us. We're trying to find whatever's making Tim…I mean you….so cranky lately."

"Cranky?" said Tim. "I'm not cranky." And he turned around.


"EW!" cried Raven.

"…the FUCK is wrong with your eyes?" said Damian. The person, who looked just like Tim, had no pupils. His eyes were just plain white.

"Nothing," he explained. "It's not like I'm blind."

"Yeah, but…you look really freaky!" Dick declared. "What's the deal?"

"The eyes are a doorway to the soul," explained Tim. "And my soul is pure and white."

"…huh?" said Damian.

"Wait…are you Tim? Or are you just like, some manifestation of all that's good inside him?" asked Raven.

"I'm Tim's happy, gentle, innocent side," he explained. "I'm the part of Tim that's pure and good. I haven't had much to do, lately, though. He doesn't seem to need me."

"Interesting," said Dick.

"It was nice of you to come here," said Tim. Or rather, Happy Angelic Tim. He clasped his hands onto Dick's shoulders. "My brother. My mentor. You've always taken such good care of me, Dick."

"Uh, yeah," said Dick. Then, Happy Angelic Tim turned to Raven.

"And Raven, my friend," he said. "I know how hard you work to keep your evil self under control. And I've been meaning to tell you, I know how you feel. And you can always trust me when you need someone to confide in."

"Thanks. I'll keep that in mind," said Raven.

"And Damian!" cried Happy Angelic Tim.

"Oh no you don't!" Damian warned, backing away from the figure. Nevertheless, Tim scooped him up and spun him around.

"You're such a great kid. I love you so much. You're doing a great job as Robin, and I know Bruce is proud of you."

"PUT ME DOWN, YOU HAPPY-GO-LUCKY FREAK!" demanded Damian. "Grayson! Make him stop!"

"Ha ha! Relax, little brother," said Happy Angelic Tim, putting him down. "I would never hurt you or do anything to make you unhappy."

"Obviously that's not true!" yelled Damian, backing away from the teen. "Can we get out of here?" he asked Raven.

"Actually…Tim," asked Dick. "Is there another…uh…realm, so to speak? Like, this is clearly Tim's 'Happy Place,' but is there like a 'Sad Place' or an 'Angry Place'?"

"I wouldn't know," said Happy Angelic Tim. "This is the only world I've ever been in."

"Ah. OK, thank you," said Dick. "I think we'll be on our way." And with that, Dick, Damian and Raven retreated back into the forest.

"That guy was a fucking psycho," muttered Damian.

"He was merely an avatar that represents Tim's happiness and purity," Raven explained. "Pretty safe bet there's nothing like that inside of YOUR head."

"I'd like to find the Tim that represents sadness," said Dick. "But I wouldn't know where to begin looking."

"If Happy Tim lives in this gay-ass meadow…forest-thing," Damian began. "Then Sad Tim must be in a desolate, boring, dead-zone."

"Makes sense," said Raven. "Wait here, I'll fly up and see if there's such a place off in the distance."

Launching herself in the air, the empath quickly scanned the area beyond the trees. Then she came back down with her news.

"Well, I see a mountain range off in that direction," she said, pointing. "I guess we should start walking."

"OK," said Dick. And the trio pressed on.


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