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Chapter 1: The change

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Barricade pulled into a small covered area, stopping his engine and letting his own systems start to repair themselves.

After being beaten by the Autobot Bumblebee he hadn't made it to Mission City in time to fight for the Allspark. It was later, after a month of silence that he heard from Starscream. Megatron was dead. He already knew that, by the way he was never sent for. He might have failed, but he had been loyal, and loyalty like his was repaid if failures weren't made often. And Barricade made sure that they weren't.

His temporary partner, Frenzy, was also dead. Another thing he didn't need Starscream to tell him about. Barricade would never have called them close but he did get a small amount of amusement from the little glitch. Frenzy was hyperactive, insane, and usually difficult to understand even when he did speak only one language at one time. It didn't surprise Barricade at all when he found out, and he would eventually, though not from Starscream, about him being killed by some fleshlings.

Starscream had found him, and the 'con wished he had just been left alone. He had never liked Seekers, their view of being better than the 'groundlings' annoying to him. Starscream had been one of the worst, though if a mech had a quality that deserved respect, then the Seeker would respect it, at least.

Besides that he and the SIC of the Decepticon army had just never seemed to get along. So naturally when Starscream had arrived and started to order him around in the same second, Barricade had grown angry, and spat out that he'd rather turn into an Autodolt then be under Starscream's command.

That hadn't gone over well with the temperamental seeker.

And he couldn't even work on himself. He was a warrior, not a medic. He knew the basics, certainly. Most anyone with a sane processor that was in the Decepticon army did. However, it was hard to work on yourself. Most of the time pain receptors couldn't be turned off unless the medic was highly skilled and more than capable in his work, and Barricade was neither highly skilled nor capable with working on himself. So Barricade trying to patch up a coolant line would be the equivalent of a human going in to sew up a torn vein, without any pain medication or the like, and failing meant you could hurt yourself worse, die, or it would just have to stay that way until someone more capable came along.

With nothing else to do he had drifted into stasis, a Cybertronian's version of a coma, often times medically induced by their own bodies if badly hurt, where his self-repair systems could work on some of the major and minor stuff.

If there was one thing Miles Lancaster new it was that his best friend, Sam Witwicky, had started acting odd ever since he bought that old beaten up Camaro. After Sam had ditched him at the lake for Mikaela he had seen very little of his friend, if they even were still friends. He knew he had been a little harsh towards Mikaela that day, but he worried for Sam, and didn't want him hurt. And the way Sam was acting wasn't angry, anyway.

Miles couldn't say he actually hated Mikaela, even though he acted that way. He felt bad for his friend, who had liked Mikaela since first grade. From his, and practically everyone else's, observations, Mikaela would never even look at Sam as dating material. So he had insulted and made fun of, hoping to drive his friend into finally getting over his misplaced crush. He was as shocked as everyone else that Mikaela was actually dating Sam, and couldn't help but think it wouldn't last long. He hoped it wouldn't, and that it wasn't just some cruel bet or something like that.

Both Mikaela and Sam had disappeared for a few days, and when they came back Sam had a brand new Camaro and he and Mikaela were dating. It was fall by now and school had started back up. Despite trying to hang out with Sam he was always busy with something or another, and even in school Mikaela and Sam tended to stick together and whisper to each other. Miles knew they were hiding something, and it had all started with that car.

He was upset his friend wouldn't tell him despite how long the two had been friends, and in his most recent attempt to reconnect with Sam he had walked all the way to Sam's house just to be turned away because he was washing the Camaro and had a date with Mikaela later.

This left Miles with nothing to do but walk, and he did. Angry at himself, angry at Sam, angry at Mikaela, and angry at that car. He walked to let off steam, not wanting to go home and relieve his stress on simulated characters in a video game. He needed to think about a lot of things, like how much longer he could try to keep up the now seemingly one sided friendship.

Sam wasn't his only friend in school, but the teen was his closest. They had been best friends since they were little, and had gone through a lot together. They even called each other bro's, and joked about having a bromance. Their families were tight friends too, and during family reunions the boys would go to one another's and meet up with their 'extended family'. That's just how tight they were. All that had changed, and Miles couldn't figure out why. What had happened? Something big, that was for sure.

Kicking a can hard just for being in his way, he jumped when the sound of it connecting with another metal object read his ears. The can had flown through some bushes, and Miles shoved through them, curiosity dictating he check it out. He wasn't sure what he had been expecting, but what he found was certainly not it.

A Saleen police cruiser sat surrounded by brush and trees as if hiding, the car itself banged up and filthy. Circling it, Miles found the words "To punish and enslave" on it instead of the usual police car slogan. Confused, he looked inside the windows finding it was unlocked, and looked to be abandoned if the layer of dust on it was any indication.

Taking a step back he looked at the car thoughtfully. It certainly looked like it hadn't been used in years, and he searched around inside. There was nothing indicating that anyone owned it. He stepped back and looked over the entire vehicle once more. With a bit of elbow grease, some amazing googling, and some tools, maybe he could get the car into a presentable state.

To top it all off, if he really needed help, he knew Mikaela's dad owned a car repair shop. If nothing else he could at least try to get closer to Mikaela that way. Maybe he would finally find out what was going on with her and Sam. Working on the car would give him something to do, a way to get closer to Sam again, and maybe he could earn some money by selling it, though he'd check if the local police needed it first.