Author's Note

Hello, my lovelies! First off I'd like to give a big thanks to all my reviewers, and any readers who read this story but didn't review, because I love you all! The Change was my first real attempt at fanfiction, and when I first started it up a year ago I certainly never planned for it to go this far. As you all may know it's been on a more humorous note then serious, but I did try to spice it up a bit here and there.

On the scene with Optimus fighting the Fallen, I actually stuck fairly close to the movie version. I literally went to youtube and searched for their fight, then sat there and watched it, then rewatched it until I could work it in and word it how I wanted it. (I tend to flee away from fight scenes; I don't even want to attempt to get better at them. Much better at humor.) I noticed that for some badass mech who betrayed his brothers the Fallen was defeated really easily, and that annoyed me. So I had him have a trick up his sleeve, knowing he would most likely be killed by Optimus so he uses Cosmic Rust on him. So he still died ridiculously easily, but it still went according to plan.

Also, I completely skipped over Starscream's and Thundercracker's dual. Someone pointed this out to me because I didn't even notice, but I've arranged it so they waited (to get medical aid and rest up to be on a fair playing field) and just went to the States with everyone. Should go through their dual in the second chapter, if even by saying "And Starscream won!". I plan to have it mostly be an air battle them being Seekers. I also plan to bring in the rest of the Race Track Patrol at some point.

I am writing a sequel. It is called Acceptance, should be easy to find if you watch me. I'll upload the first chapter of that before I add on this AN to TC, so hopefully the site will already have it up but if not have faith, it will be there.

Alongside the sequel I will be going through and editing the chapters, rewriting/rewording a bit here or there, etc. I never had a beta, despite the few times I complained about needing one, and was always too lazy to go back and search really hard for any mistakes. Nothing major besides wording, or perhaps an extra paragraph further explaining something, will be changed. I mainly want to up the overall quality, since there's no real reason for all my mistakes, I'm just too lazy to go back and fix it right off the bat.

Bit of a side note, but once this ended I got a few different PM's asking if they could use my idea, or versions of it, in their own stories. If you have an idea based off mine, or want to start off from a certain chapter and take it down a different road like one did, don't be afraid to tell me! I'm happy if I inspire any of you, or just make you guys laugh.