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"Mm, you ready to get your ass kicked kelepto?" Artemis asked, standing up and stretching. Red X smirked from underneath his mask.

"You think you have what it takes to win over this?" he said, gesturing down his body. Artemis snorted.

"Don't get cocky. And I already have a boyfriend," she said haughtily.

"And who might this be?" Red asked.

"His name is none of your business," she shot back.

"Oh. Does he live in Canada to?" Red snickered. Artemis couldn't stop a smile from forming on her face.

"That was actually a good one," she admitted. He gave her a non-visible grin.

"I'm still gonna kick your ass though," she said. This time it was Red who snorted.

"I've taken down a team of five Titians at once," he informed her.

"Hey! You always cheat!" Beast Boy protested, the rest of the Titians joining with their complaints. Artemis sniggered.

"I guess we're even then," she allowed. He rolled his hazel eyes. He made a mocking half bow.

"Lady's first," he said in a fake low voice. She walked up to the entrance of the arena and grabbed his face and shoved him over. She laughed and quickly went to the far side of the arena. Both Robins could exactly imagine what his face looked like right now. His mouth would be gaping and they could almost see how indignant his eyes and face would look. Their almost identical laughs rang together. Everyone, including Artemis and Red, froze and looked over at the two. Robin was grabbing his stomach trying to stop and Dick was on the ground with his hands over his mouth, also trying to stop.

"And what's so funny?" demanded Red X, trying to pretend to be offended, but it was a fail. He'd never heard Robin laugh before. And apparently, none of the titans, excluding maybe one or two, have either. YJ was also having a bit of trouble processing. Ever since the little…thing with KF, Robin hadn't laughed except for his evil cackle.

KF watched as he saw his Robin on the ground trying to stop laughing at Red X, who was now laughing with the Robin's. He felt his heart muscles contract together painfully. He used to be the one to make Robin laugh like this. He sighed slightly. RA gently hit his shoulder. The archer was looking at him with an unreadable expression. KF felt even guiltier. He knew that Roy blamed him a bit for Robin's apparent pain for the last few months, but the dude had still not abandoned him.

"Are you guys done?" demanded Control Freak. Robin wiped his eyes and composed his features. Dick took a deep gasp and nodded his head. Red got up, brushed imaginary dirt off his costume and joined Artemis in the arena.

"You're gonna pay for that archer," he growled playfully. She shot him a wide smirk. The wall formed up between the team's area and the arena. Aqualad pushed himself against wall that seemed so much more like a prison door and watched anxiously. Robin, thinking himself subtle, did basically the same thing. Raven sighed, but decided for his piece of mind not to point it out. The area began to form and the two wobbled, but managed to stay upright. The area formed into an archery range.

"DUDE! Really?" Red demanded. "You couldn't put in a little something for a fellow villain to use?"

Control Freak shrugged. "She's hot." Artemis grimaced and Aqualad's eye twitched a little. Artemis's look of disgust formed in a smirk as she drew an arrow and let it go. He ducked just in time. The tip of it was emended in the center of the target that he had been standing in front of.

"That was a regular arrow? You could've killed me!" Red said angrily. Artemis shrugged.

"Stop being a baby. You dodged it didn't you? " She smirked. She let loose a stream of arrows. There were sonic arrows, regular arrows, blowing up arrows…

"Your boyfriend is probably kinky if he puts up with you," Red muttered under his breath. He was hiding behind a target that was being abused to its limit.

"What was that? I can't hear you over your looming defeat," she mocked as she drew another punching arrow.

"You can't keep this up forever," he shouted to her. "You're going to run out of arrows before you can catch me."

"Am I?" Artemis teased. "Control Freak generously supplied this are full of arrows from me to use. I haven't used a single one from my own stock."

"You biased jerk! Don't be a man and stop thinking you're gonna get some if you help her. She has a boyfriend. I swear, if I get through this day without being blown up, shot, anything, I'm going to hunt you down and break your remote and take your collection away," Red said. He swore he heard a gulp in reply.

"Come out and fight me you coward," Artemis said, getting frustrated.

"If there is any higher deity up there, please help me! I swear I'll return anything I've stolen, just let this suicidal plan work," he prayed. He never thought there would be the day where he would be praying to win a fight. Who was he kidding? He never thought there would be a day he would be praying at all. He took a deep breath and jumped out from behind his safety spot. Artemis's eyes widened in surprise.

He threw down a smoke bomb and the whole arena turned black. There was no sound.

"Artemis?" Aqualad called out hesitantly. No reply. He began to worry. Robin's hands were taught around the bars.

"Son of-mph!" Artemis started to say, but was cut off.

"Red?" Robin called out.

"Yes, my little birdie?" Robin's teeth clenched. How could he ever been worrying about that self-centered-

"Who's the last person standing?" Control Freak demanded.

"Can you clear out the smoke?" Red asked. The man pushed a few buttons on his remote and the smoke filtered out.

There, Artemis was lying on the floor with a sticky x covering her body and her mouth. Red X stood over her, looking battered and worn out, but pleased. The door opened between the two areas and Aqualad pushed through. He grabbed the x and tried to break it. He couldn't. Red watched with interest.

"Here," he said, handing a knife to Aqualad. The male looked at the thief for a moment and took the knife. He quickly split open the xs. He hesitated when he looked at the one on her mouth.

"You'll have to rip that one off," Red supplied helpfully. Artemis's eyes widened and she glared at him. Aqualad's hand shot out and ripped it off.

"OUCH!" she screamed. Aqualad winced. He quickly picked her up and carried her out of the arena.

"I didn't hurt her THAT badly," he muttered under his breath, but followed them out.

"You ok?" Robin asked, not looking at him.

"Never better. Might need a bandage or two though," Red said, for once being serious. Robin nodded and looked at Control Freak. The fan boy shrugged and pushed a button. A few medical supplies formed. Robin began to help Robin and Aqualad began to help Artemis. Dick picked up a few things for his bruises and cuts.

"I'm guessing no one is going to volunteer? Again?" Control Freak asked. No reply.

"Fine. Jerks. It'll be Kid Flash against Starfire."

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