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A/N: Hey there so I know this fic sucks I was just bored one day and kinda sad when Kate died in the game. Thus was born this awful fic. No plot or anything, mostly just describing their relationship and my take on how Niko felt.

Niko loved Kate like there was no tomorrow. Untill the Boss decided to murder her. He cried for hours, she died because Niko chose his cousin, Roman, over Kate.

Packie first introduced Niko to Kate when he brought Niko back home. Packie showed Niko his sister and instantly there was a mutual attraction between them. The two spent all their time together after that fateful night. Niko never professed his love to Kate, he wasn't aware of his feelings towards her. He just knew that he loved every moment he spent with her. When Packie asked him if he planned on putting some gears into action, Niko just looked at him strangely.

"What are you talking about?"

"Kate, of course!"

"What about her?"

"I swear Niko, you can evade cops for hours and pull off murdering citizens and running over old ladies without the Po-Po catching you, but you can't sort out your own feelings."

Packie sighed and left Niko to his thoughts. Later that night, Niko contemplated his relationship with Kate and realization dawned on him. He loved her, Kate, more than anything else in the world.

When she died Niko was so torn up, he didn't shoot a single innocent person or blow up a hospital. All his friends told him to move on, but he held on tight to the past till it consumed him. He tried to visit the Triangle Club to ease the sting of loneliness, but it just made him even more depressed. No woman would ever be half of what Kate was. The hole in his heart became larger and larger everyday. He was hollow inside, a mere shell of a man and there was nothing left of him to give. His world was dark and forever would be without Kate in his life.