As I ran covered in dust, dirt, blood, and sweat with Alex next to me, I tried to think of how I came to that point. I've thought of that before. plenty of times, but this time it was real. I fought my way through what seemed like hell and other things just to stay alive, but was it worth it?

Was it really?

Alex and I stopped at what looked like double doors into a bunker. I peered inside as Alex kept watch and I tried to find anything that would look helpful. I saw nothing at first since the window itself was dusted over. But I wiped it clean and I saw it: at least ten more cubes. I was shocked, seeing more of them and hearing the cubes already working. I saw something flash in front of the door, and I blinked a few times, looking back behind me and at Alex.

"Blast it." I said to him, moving away from the door and seeing him blast down the door with his beam. The sound was thunderous, dust and rubble flying up having me cover my face. Cuts came on my face and neck from the rubble, but we ran through the hole where the door was and I saw the cubes more clearly. But that wasn't big in our minds, what was big was the fact that we saw both Beast and Trevor fighting at least five guards each, trying to hold their ground. We both instantly ran over to help them, Alex shooting out a blast and hitting two guards that were after Trevor as I went to Beast, seeing him fight them in hand to hand. One of them fell to his knees, looking up at him with a beaten face and a blood all over. I saw another guard coming after him from behind but I intervened and punched him out in one punch, hearing him fall to the floor with a broken jaw.

"You mutants think you're saving your kind." the guard on his knees said aloud and Beast simply stared at him. I walked up next to her, looking down at him as well and wondering why he was saying this to her? I saw the hate and anger in Beast's eyes, it was getting into his head slowly.

Beast grabbed him around his neck and I instantly saw his strength going to work on him. His lifted the guard off from the ground and I heard the ripping snarl coming from deep within his chest. I didn't want to step in the way of Beat when he was angry. The guard was far from the floor now, and I could tell Beast wanting nothing more than to harm him for all that they have done to mutants.

Within seconds I felt something sharp hitting my arm and I yelled out in pain, clutching my wounded arm as Beast released the guard and grabbed his gun quickly from his holster before he fell to the floor. He looked behind him and behind me and shot the gun twice before looking back at me. I knew I've been through worse pain than this, but this was still a bit harsh to move around. I clutched my arm as she looked at the gunshot wound.

"Can you move it?" Beast asked me aloud and I shifted my arm a bit, squinting in the process but non the less I knew I could handle it. I nodded my head and smiled slightly as we both looked behind us at Alex and Trevor fighting. I threw out a force field ball at one of the guards who was about to kill Alex off. He fell to the floor at first stunned at what happened before Alex ran away from him and Trevor as well, the four of us looking at the cubes to see how to destroy them.

"There has to be a off switch to this." Beast said aloud as he scanned the panel. I looked at the mess we already caused so far, everything but the cubes were in ruin and covered in both blood and dust. I looked back at the three boys as we looked some more, having Beast then push a few buttons. We saw the cube doors open slowly, and the four of us peered over the panel to see what was going to happen.

One at a time, young adult mutants peered out of the cubes and looked around, wondering what was going on. They walked out slowly and I saw them wear the same thing I was wearing when I was taken. It pained me, seeing them like that in some pain and mostly confusion and fear.

"Let's get them out of here." Beast said aloud as Trevor, Alex and I ran around the panels to the young mutants. Most of them were teenagers, some were older and some were younger. But they all had one common thing:


"Come with us, we can get you out of here safely." Alex explained to them and they looked at us for a split second of confusion, thinking that how could we be trusted. But then they followed us out, I lead the pack with Trevor and Alex in the middle and Beast taking the rear. There were at least twelve of them all of them huddled together like cattle. We ran through the hallways, turning left and then right. I remembered how to get out from when we came in before. I knew I had to lead them out of there in one piece, that mere thought of responsibility was flowing through my head like wildfire. I had to make sure that they all lived, they had to.

We were aloud to get outside from the front gate when we spotted about ten guards about to shoot at us. I had a split second to throw one hand behind me to tell them to stop and scream, "NO!" I threw up a force field that curved towards them and held it there fiercely as they shot at us. They did no damage, but I knew there were be more, and I heard the prisoners gasping behind me from seeing what I can do. I looked behind me, seeing the group watch me with concerned eyes as I scanned around us to find another way out. I saw another hallway that was deserted by Trevor and I found my voice again, trying to keep the field up nice and strong.

"Get the out of here." I said to Trevor and Alex while I felt the force field starting to take it's toll on me physically. I felt a nose bleed coming through as I saw both Trevor and Alex looking at with shock on their face.

"What about you?" Alex said aloud as Beast started getting the kids through the hallway safely. Alex walked over to me with concern in his eyes, he didn't want to leave me.

"We need to get those kids out of here, I can handle these guys on my own." I said to him over the noise of the bullets hitting the force field in a violent manner. Alex was hesitant leaving me there.

"I'll catch up to you guys, just get them safe and to Xavier." I reassured him and he nodded his head, squeezing my shoulder and then running off with the others, leaving me there. I knew I had to try and use both of my powers at the same time. But the last time I did it I passed out for hours on end. If I did it now, and it backfires, I would die within seconds.

I had no choice. Not this time. I closed my eyes and pictured myself away from the men, away from the noise and back in the woods. But instead of the woods, I pictured myself in the front room where the receptionist was. I teleported there, feeling a big swift of energy leaving me and having me land there safely. I stood in the middle of the room, all alone and seeing some damage in the room. The lights were flickering back and forth and I then realized that I did it.

I used both at the same time.

But as soon as I was going to move, I fell to the floor, my energy was shot and it was stressful just to have stable legs. I grasped the large front desk as much as I could, trying to get my strength back and feeling the blood from my nose rolling down my face and onto my neck and uniform. But I couldn't stay still, not now. Those men could be after me, and they were going to kill me on sight. I had to try and get up, but it was so hard at the time.

I looked up and over, seeing non other then Erik running from the hallway into the front room. He looked over at me, seeing me propped up against the desk on the floor with a bloody nose and a busted arm from a gunshot. He walked over in a brisk pace. He knelt down next to me, looking at me with some concern in his eyes.

"What happened?" He asked me aloud, his voice was rough and a bit rushed as I tried to find my voice. As soon as I was about to answer him, I saw another person running from where he was running from, and it was Sean. I was so glad to see him as he saw me, more concern was in his eyes and fear as he ran over and knelt next to me as well.

"Gunshot...left arm." I said in a rough tone, seeing Erik looking at my arm as I looked at Sean.

"You used both powers, didn't you?" He asked me, and I knew he hated it when I did that. I sighed aloud, not wanting to deal with this at the moment.

"I had no choice...they were going to kill them." I explained to him aloud as Erik looked over at Sean.

"Hold her up, I'm going to get the bullet out." Erik explained to him as I felt Sean wrap his arm around my middle and propped me up to sit up straight. I grabbed his shoulder that was close by, knowing that this was going to hurt. I felt it then, the pain of the bullet being pulled out slowly at first, it was like Erik was trying to find the good spot of the bullet. He them yanked it out clean in one go, making me gasp aloud and take in a deep breath, like breathing for the first time or a large slap to the face.

Sean pulled me up slowly and wrapped his arm around my waist, putting my arm around his shoulder and holding me close as they three of us were about to get out of there. We walked out of the facility finally, breathing in ashes and smoke from the facility collapsing from our doing. I looked back behind us, seeing smoke rising and hearing nothing but crashes from inside. It amazed me at how much damage we did, and there were 11 of us versus 100 guards. We made it seem like a cakewalk. I looked forward again as I teleported the three of us back onto the jet.

Back to safety.

After that incident, New Haven was shut down completely and Dr. Adams was no where to be found. That made Erik agitated, since he wanted the man dead for what he did to mutants everywhere. Never the less, we went back to America and back to the school for safety, after we made sure the prisoners went home safe and sound. Once we got home, I wanted nothing more than to relax for a month or two, not to even think about missions or life or death stunts. Being shot in the arm and almost dying from using both of my powers was kind of my wake up call.

Sean and I were constantly together, sneaking away in either one of our bedrooms and have our intimate moments. I never felt that way towards a boy before, so most of our moments were innocent. We were hardly apart to be honest, Alex giving us a hard time before of that and I would get a lingering look or two from Nydra. But I didn't care, I was happy with him.

I stayed at the school for the rest of my academic career, and after graduating from high school under Professor Xavier's supervision, I went off to NYU and studied gymnastics and psychology as a double major. I was close enough to visit the school since there were many more students after plenty of recruiting. I stayed on the X Team as well, and if they needed me I would go out and help them whilst still in school.

The only downfall was that I was away from Sean, but he wanted to stay at the school and train some more, and helped recruit more students. We would write and call each other on a constant note, and sometimes he would drive out and be with me hours and hours on end. I knew we were in love and that nothing really wasn't going to change that notion.

After I graduated from college, I moved back into the school and helped with the children that were training with either teleportation, force fields or even anything that involved gymnastics. After a few years under our belts, Sean and I got married in the summer.

Sure it seemed rather predictable, but the way he proposed to me was totally his own. He proposed to me in the kitchen where we properly met for the first time. he had two coke bottle set up, tops off with straws and a flower in the middle of the two, along with the engagement ring. I was very surprised at how he had it all set up, making me almost go into tears from how he got down in one knee and took my hand, asking me to marry him.

It was safe to say that we got married within months at the school, my father flying out to the wedding and I got to see Sean ask for his blessing before the wedding even happened that summer. After the wedding, we stayed at the school for a couple more years as teachers before moving out on our own to get our own home. We had a small house in Bridgeport Connecticut, wanting to get away from New York and just start fresh together. I worked at a gymnastic studio as a instructor and private teacher as Sean did some photography work for a local Magazine.

We had a good life for awhile, visiting Xavier every once in awhile and seeing Alex, Trevor, Nydra and the others. They would come over to our house and have dinner every once in awhile, but we had some big news to break to them.

I was pregnant.

We both were shocked about the news that we were going to have a child together, but we were also excited about it as well. We wanted to wait until the baby was born to know if it was a boy or girl. Xavier was thrilled, and after discussing with him, our baby would go to his school when he or she was old enough. That made him happy enough. Alex was giving Sean a hard time about it, as Nydra wanted to help get things ready for the baby at our home. She was wonderful help as I got bigger and bigger, having less ability to move around. Sean was helpful, making sure I had all of my cravings.

I gave birth to a healthy baby girl with bright red hair and brown eyes, making me o happy that we had a daughter. And from a young age, we knew that she was mutant like us. Both of us were concerned for her, if she could inherit one of our abilities, or if she would get her own. And if she was a mutant, we would have to make sure that she was safe. We later found out that she had Sean's ability, to have a sonic scream. That was a relief for me really.

I remember a moment where we were walking in a park, Sean and I holding hands and walking through the part in the fall, seeing the leaves in different colors and feeling the chill through the air. We were still a bit young, in our late twenties and having a stable life as a family. Our daughter was a bit ahead of us, running around and trying to collect leaves from the ground. She inherited her father' bright red hair that came to her shoulders in a wavy trance, my inherited trait to her. She was wearing her jeans and shirt, along with sneakers and a jacket to keep her warm.

"So, when she's old enough." Sean started and I nodded my head, "She can go to the school."

"Better than public school, it's getting worse for mutants to go to school nowadays." I said to him, moving some hair away from my eyes. I knew it would be harder later in time for mutants to live in peace with humans. We didn't want that for her, not one chance.

Sean kissed my cheek and I squeezed his hand while we walked along the path. I was glad that we were married, both of us were in our early thirties with a young 5 year old child, having our own life as a family and not caring about the past or future. I knew that Xavier and the X Men would help us if we needed it, and we could always go back if we wanted to. It was a simple peace of mind.

To be a part of something big.

"Look! Look at this!" We heard ahead of us and our daughter back over to us, showing us her entire collection of leaves. Some of them were falling out of her arms and onto the floor, and I giggled as we both squatted down to her level. She laughed as she tried to make sure all of her leaves were in order as Sean moved her hair away from her eyes and behind her ear, something he would do to me all the time.

"How beautiful." I said aloud to her, seeing her smile widely as she held out one leaf, the rest of the leaves falling to the floor.

"This one's my favorite." she said to me aloud as Sean scooped her up on his arms and made her giggle, tickling her and I could see the wave of red hair flying around from her small body. I giggle and as Sean held her close and hugged her, I kissed on the side of the head.

"You're my favorite, Theresa."

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