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"Steady, there, don't want to be the victim now, Chelsea." I said.

"Do you it'll stay until he opens the door, Natalie?" Chelsea asked.

"Yeah! Now we get a video cam, and watch the show!" I exclaimed.

We were going to prank the most vulnerable person ever yet, my geeky brother Elliot. Chelsea agreed enthusiastically to help me. We decided on the classic, yet hilarious, bucket-over-the-door trick. I left the door open, while Chelsea stood on a ladder and carefully balanced the bucket on top. Best of all, we filled it up with milk- Elliot doesn't like dairy stuff. (A/N: In Sunshine Islands, he really does not! See the assets and you'll see.) Chelsea mixed in honey and sugar to make it a little sticky. I couldn't wait to see the look on that wimp's face.

"Come, let's hide under the dining table." I said.

"Well, one of us needs him to go in the bedroom right away. You know what, I'll hide here and record it. Tell him to get my sweater from the bedroom because I left it there and am too lazy to go and get it." said Chelsea. I nodded in agreement. She ran behind the table when the doorknob to the house turned.

"Hey, Natalie." Elliot said.

"Hey, Four-Eyes." I mocked, as usual. Elliot just stuck his tongue at me, and I crossed my eyes at him.

"Can you go get Chelsea's sweater from the bedroom?" I asked as casually as I could.

Elliot, being the idiot as he always is, said, "Sure." and headed towards the door.

Action shall begin.

He opened the door, only to be greeted by the splash! of icy cold milk mixed with our sticky sweeteners. He was drenched, head to toe, with milk, dripping. I could mistake him for something else, no doubt.

"NATALIE! WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOUR MIND?" We all know very well who said that, right?

"Julia, it was just a prank." Did you think it was Elliot screaming like that? Apparently, no.

"But he doesn't deserve it!"

"Does too!"

"Does not!"

"Does too! Why are you taking his side, anyway? Don't tell me you're falling for this wimp, now."

"I AM SO NOT A WIMP! I AM GONNA GET YOU, NATALIE!" Elliot yelled, or rather croaked. It was then Chelsea burst out laughing. Julia jumped, along with Elliot. They never realized this was being filmed. I tried my best to make them embarrassed.

"Let's start this over. Hi, Julia, my name is Natalie, your future sister-in-law."

"I am not your sister-in-law! There is no way!"

"But you told me you had a big fat crush on Elliot, and that you had a dream that you were getting married to him."

"You promised you would never tell anyone that!"

"I promised I wouldn't tell everyone, Jules. And this, by far, is not everyone. I could and would and should tell my mom to start wedding preparations, though! I sure want to."

"Can someone tell me what happened?" asked a still dumbfounded Elliot. He has glasses on and still can't tell what just happened. Something tells me he daydreams. Of Julia being his wife, that is.

"I do not daydream! If I did, it's not about Julia!" Elliot yelled, blushing furiously. His face rivaled a tomato. I hoped Chelsea was still recording this. I would so post this online.

"YOU WHIPPERSNAPPERS ARE ALL GROUNDED! GO BACK TO WORK!" Here comes old man Gramps, with his painful stick.




Boy, life is good sometimes, isn't it?

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