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Prankers: All of the bachelorettes except Selena

Victim: Selena

Producers: Molly and Angela

Witness: This is my choice! And I choose…Luke! :P He'd fit.

OWSI: No one!

I swung my axe as hard as possible into the fat tree, trying to get it down in one hit. The blade made it well past halfway and there was about two inches left to chop. "Oh, come on!"

Sighing loudly since nobody was around, I swung the axe into the tree again. THUD! Despite the failure to get a huge tree on the ground in one hit, I whooped, pumping my fist.

Now I had to figure out a way to carry this huge thing home. And I was pretty deep inside the forest…

"Luke! Are you in here?"

Who was that?

"Who are you?" I called. I knew whoever was calling me was definitely a girl but for some reason, all girls seem to have the same voice. Well except for Candace, who barely spoke above a whisper…

"It's Angela!"

"And Kathy!"

Kathy? I wasn't all too surprised at Angela coming since she always needed lumber but when did Kathy need to come so deep into the Fugue Forest? I thought she was afraid of bugs or something.

"Over here!" I answered, waving my muscular arms wildly as if it would actually help. The forest was full of greenery and trees, so the visibility was pretty low.

"Phew! I thought we'd get lost in this place," Kathy said in relief as she trudged towards me, along with Angela. Leaves and twigs were strewn in her long, straight blonde hair uncontrollably. Angela's hair wasn't too great either, though it wasn't as bad. I kept my mouth shut and comments reserved.

"I told you, Kathy, I know where we are!" Angela said. She smiled at me, however. "Hi, Luke."

I grinned. "Hey! Whatcha doing in the forest now?" I asked, leaning against a nearby tree.

"We came far so you better be help," Kathy grunted. She glared at Angela a little, but the brunette just laughed lightly and crossed her arms.

"We need your help with a prank."

"PRANK? I WANNA HELP!" I yelped loudly.

"Okay, okay. We don't really need you to do much though," Angela answered, and my shoulders slumped. "But you need to be a secret agent type of person."


"Yup," replied Kathy. She smirked. "What we need you to do is this…"

I whistled a cheerful tune happily and skipped across the vast Flute Fields, which were brightly colored green at this time of the year, spring. The sky was perfectly blue, and clear of any type of clouds. The sun was shining blissfully, warming up the slightly chilly air.

I changed my direction a little bit and began heading towards Horn Ranch. Luckily for me, only Renee was outside. I made a whooping sound, and she looked up from the cow she was brushing to smile at me and wave. I sprinted towards the brown eyed girl and skidded to a stop. Although it wasn't raining, the ground was still moist from a wet winter snow.

"Good morning, Luke!" she chirped. "What brings you here? I never have seen you around these parts."

"Well, this is a note from Kathy and Angela," I answered, reaching into my jeans pocket to pull out a small slip of note paper. It was folded up at least a million times. "They want you to read it and not let anyone else see. And they mean no one."

Renee frowned a bit, seeming to wonder why on earth would Kathy not just come directly and talk. She shrugged however and grinned after a few moments. "Thanks Luke."

"You're welcome!" I replied. "See ya later!" With that, I headed towards Marimba Farm.

There was not anyone outside, much to my surprise. Usually when I went to the Fugue Forest for lumber, the whole family would be outside, tending to hundreds if not thousands of crops. But no one was inside.

How will I give the note to Anissa if she's not home? I wondered when inspiration hit me like a flying Frisbee.

"I got it!"

I snuck towards the mailbox. Making sure that nobody was watching me, I carefully pried the rusty thing open, and flipped through the dozen envelopes. Ruth, Craig, Craig, Taylor…Anissa! I pulled the envelope out and to my pleasure, the return address was labeled "Kathy". I tore open the side of the packet open and slipped the note inside.

"There," I said, satisfied, and shut the mailbox closed tightly. "Now it's time to head to Harmonica Town."

I sat at the bed, my toes separated and ready to be polished. A hot pink bottle of nail polish was in my tanned hand, open and ready to be used. I dipped the brush into the container and lifted it out to paint my would-be beautiful toe nails. Whatever. They were beautiful anyhow.

I was about to make my first stroke on the biggest toe when the telephone rang. "Of course it happens now."

Sighing heavily and also quite loudly, I hopped off the bed and hurried (as fast as possible with toe separators on) to the telephone and picked it up. "Hello?"


"Excuse me?"


"Goodbye," I answered simply and hung the phone up. Next time it rang, I'd come up with a smarter answer.

And as if one cue, the phone rang again. Groaning, I picked it up.

"If it's mwahaha then please hang up now," I said as patiently as possible. It wouldn't help to sound angry if I wanted to throw off this prank caller.

"Selenaaa…Are you painting your naaaiillls right now?" whispered a very creepy voice. I jumped a little and glanced around the room frantically. Who would know that I was painting my nails at the very moment? Now shivering, I set the phone down warily and hopped over to shut the curtains as tightly and securely as possible. I also checked to make sure the door was locked thoroughly and a chair was pressed up against it.

I stumbled back to the phone and picked it up again. "Sorry, I was…picking up a fallen pot of flowers. What did you say?"

"Are you painting your nails right now? With hot pink polish on your toenails? Are you wearing separators on your feet right now?"

"First of all tell me who the heck are you?" I screamed into the phone. But instead of waiting for the spine-chilling stalker to respond I hung up the phone vehemently and threw myself to the bed and cried into my pillow.

Who on Castanet Island could be watching me?

"…Maybe I should stay away from the places I usually go. But where would that be…?"

I rubbed my chin thoughtfully for a few moments, and then sat up to remove the separator.

The beach? Naw…Maybe

"The beach!"

"Part one of our plans, done," Luna said, smiling as she checked off the very first task listed on her clipboard. I frowned slightly; pranking wasn't something I was really up to. It just was not kind to prank someone. I liked jokes, but not pranks. They were always cruel and even painful at sometimes. Plus the person being pranked would feel mightily embarrassed. And-

"Candace what are you thinking about now?" Luna questioned, interrupting my train of thought. Then she smirked. "You wouldn't possibly feel…bad about this, would you?"

"No-nothing," I lied. "Let's go to the beach and get this done."

"If ya say so, sis."

At the beach, more than several girls gathered, each holding tools of their choice. Renee and Anissa had small blue trowels. Kathy had brought a dustpan since she couldn't find a shovel or anything better. Phoebe compactly gripped a shovel that she usually used in the mines, while Candace and Luna had beach pails. (Not that Luna was going to dig, anyways.) Scurrying towards the beach holding a big video camera were Molly and Angela.

Molly grimaced at the scheme of the seven other girls. It just…didn't appear…right. She shrugged and hoped for the best, while setting up the camera stand. It took more than a few minutes along with Angela's help to steady the stand and keep it from tumbling over into the blue ocean. Molly, once again, glowered. If anything happened to her camera, she'd murder all of the residents of Castanet Island without an ounce of mercy.

"Guys, start digging!" Luna ordered, her voice loud and filled with authority as well as zeal.

Kathy and Phoebe mumbled under their breaths about Luna being so dominant, but began to shovel out sand anyways. While the shovelers were busy, Candace stood up and brushed the sand off of her blue plaid skirt and strolled over to a contemplative Molly and an energized Angela.

"Hi, Molly. You don't seem too happy. Is everything alright?" the blue haired girl asked sympathetically, her voice laced with genuine concern and worry. She put a tender hand on Molly's shoulder after bending down to the seated farmer.

"I don't know if this is really what we all yearn for," Molly murmured in response to her bashful friend. Candace made a small face. She'd felt the same way.

"I think-" she began but was almost instantly cut short.

"Candy! Go get a beach towel!" Luna demanded. Candace sighed, and smiled apologetically at her worrying friend before standing up reluctantly and leaving to grab a towel.

I strolled through the paths of Harmonica Town, admiring the beauty of nature as I'd read in a magazine article once. It'd said that just spending a few minutes each day could reduce stress. And less stress meant…fewer pimples!

In what felt like almost no time, I'd arrived at the beach. I took a deep whiff of the salty air and smiled. It was a gorgeous spring day. What could possibly go wrong? Maybe that hoax call was just a happenstance. Yeah.

It turned out that I wasn't the only one taking advantage of the weather. Luke was messing around the ocean with his clothes on, and not seeming to care much, either. Nearby him Molly and Angela were hovering over a video camera on a stand.

Curiously, I sauntered towards the pair, greeting them in a friendly manner. Angela and Molly both smiled at me and greeted me happily, but there was a gloomy glint to Molly's eyes; I couldn't put my finger on it at the current moment, unfortunately.

"What are you going to do with the camera?" I asked, gesturing towards the small metal mechanism.

Angela beamed. "Oh, right! We were wondering if you could be in our video," she said with pride in her voice.

"A video with me in it? Why not?" I said willingly. Being in a camera shoot was awesome! Gosh I sounded like Luke.

"Great! You see that towel under the umbrella there? We need you to lie down on it like in a magazine pose."

I could've sworn that Molly's face altered to a faint green. "Okay, but is Molly sick or something? She doesn't look all too well."

"I-I'm fine. I think I'm just under the weather today," Molly stammered quietly. Now her eyes held a look of pity.

"Okay, so we're set!" Molly chirped. She pressed a button on her camera. "Go ahead Selena."

I wandered over to the beach towel and sat down. And suddenly, I was falling. "GAH!"

I was in a hole. A deep one, not to mention.

It all began to make sense in my mind now. As I stared up at the blue sky (which was all I could pretty much see from here), I realized how everything pieced together. Almost like a puzzle.

The prank call most unquestionably had to be someone I knew, probably Kathy or Luna. It's been a way to lure me outside of my home and towards their set up.

Molly had looked so scared because she was worrying about me, I realized. Well I knew who my true friend was at this point.

As I mulled over these thoughts, a new interrogation came to my mind.

How am I supposed to get out of here?

"Guys?" I called aloud, hoping there'd be some sort of answer or reply. But all I received was silence.


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