A/N: I own nothing as usual. Just a short friendship or pre-slash piece I was pecking out on the computer and decided to share. Just fluff. It clears my mind till I come up with something big to share. I actually hate the title, but Oh well. :)

"knock, knock, knock"

"Come in."

"Hey, Morgan I just wanted to give you these files back."

"Oh, yeah." Morgan glanced at them. "Thanks for taking those. I been trying to help Hotch do less paper work, but getting backed up myself."

"It was no trouble. I was caught up on mine."

Spencer took a look around. He didn't come up to Morgan's office often. He was still getting used to the idea of Morgan no longer being in the bull-pen. Spencer's thoughts managed to leak forth from his mouth when he mumbled, "I miss you."

Derek looked up from the files and said, "Excuse me."

Spencer faltered a moment and said, " Uh...nothing."

"It didn't sound like nothing, sounded like you said, 'you miss me'.

"Uh..yeah, well, I did say that." he said sheepishly.

Derek grinned wide, "Awww you miss me" , he teased.

Spencer rolled his eyes, "I guess I'm still getting used to you having your own office. You sit across from a guy a few years you start getting accustomed to them being around."

"I hear you. I do miss you spouting off facts no one cares about, flipping through pages faster than lightning, slurping coffee like its going out of style, and..."

"Ok maybe, I spoke too soon. It is nice and quiet down there now." Spencer retorted.

Derek laughed, "I'm just kidding. You know you can come and visit anytime, then take a file on your way out."

Spencer chuckled. "You would love that wouldn't you?"

"Seriously. I miss being down there sometimes. I gets a little lonely up here."

Spencer smiled. "Well, you know where we are."

Derek countered, "And you know where I am."

Spencer paused a moment before walking out the door, then turned and said,

"I'll try to come up more often."

Derek smiled. "You should definitely do that."