In the end, a hero will be dead and everyone will be mourning the loss. He will be rising above the fire and destruction in Konoha, and trying to save the village that hated him for so long. He will fight and fight, unleashing the demon they were all so, so scared of. But he will tame it and the battle with be ferocious and nearly endless. He will cry with the dawn and watched the remains of his village fall. And then he will fall; becoming just like the ash of the village he had become Hokage of. He will become a fallen hero so much like his father, and everyone will love him and weep for him.

In the end, she will cry as she has done so many times for all of them. She will scream and destroy and kill to protect her village and her friend and beg him to stop this. And when he does not she will keep fighting and hoping and dreaming. She will watch her friend fall, and she will scream trying to get to him, unable to save him. She will save and heal so many people until there is no hope and the village crumbles and she just has to face it. And she will be unknowing when the sword goes through her, and she too, will become nothing.

In the end, he will be broken and he will hate himself for letting it go this far. He will know that in the end he fought for nothing. He will leave so many in the ashes as if he never knew them, and they will fight back. He will destroy his old home and with it he will watch the hero fall and the girl cry and fall as well. And he will call out for them, but it will be too late and he will not reach them in time. He will stare at the hero and the hero will stare back, sorry and laughing even in death. He will watch everything fall with Konoha. And he will know that it brought no solace to him.

In the end he will visit the ruins of the place he called home for so long, and he will be alone. He will walk amongst the fallen homes. He will walk the streets and watch warily, waiting for the end. In the ashes he will see the three he had loved avenger, and the hero, and the dreamer and he will cry. He will cry because he could do nothing to stop them and he could not save his village or his students or his friends. He will see the place and people he had known for so long, gone. He will drop to his knees and his hands will shake as he claws at the dirt, and he will cry for the first time in twenty years; and he will collapse and become nothing.

In the end, there are four places in Heaven, or Hell depending on how you see it, all connected and waiting. In the end they will stare at each other and laugh and cry and hate and love. Because in the end, there was nothing they could do to change anything, but they will wish and hope they had done something before. In the end the world will lose the hero, the dreamer, the avenger, and the teacher.

In the end, they are all gone.