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Chapter One: The Introduction:

Queen Serenity walked out of the Moon Palace and headed down the marble path, gripping her crescent moon sceptre in her hand. The Silver Crystal glimmered as she raised the sceptre and opened her mouth to speak. She was interrupted by a voice.

"Mom, what are you doing?" Nine year old Princess Serenity scrambled down the path to reach her mother. Queen Serenity turned around and looked down at her daughter's grinning face.

"Serenity, it is past curfew. You're not supposed to be out here," Queen Serenity told her.

"I know but I saw you going outside and I wanted to know where you were going," Princess Serenity admitted as she fiddled around with her nightgown.

"I am taking a quick visit to the Sun Kingdom. Don't fret Serenity; I will return soon," Queen Serenity smiled.

"At this hour? What for?" Princess Serenity really wanted to know.

"To perform the Eclipse Ceremony with Queen Aparra to repair the veil once more," Queen Serenity said. Princess Serenity cocked her head to the side and stared at her mother blankly. "I can explain it if you want to know." Princess Serenity eagerly nodded her head as she followed her mother. They sat on a silver bench found on the pathway.

"The Moon Kingdom and the Sun Kingdom have been allies since the beginning of time. The first king of the Sun and the first queen of the Moon were twins. King Apollo and Queen Artemis. Artemis decided to make the Moon her kingdom but Apollo didn't like the fact that they would be separated because of the evils that were born along with them. Artemis reassured him by performing a ceremony with him. They created a veil that would ward off evil and keep peace in this solar system. They just so happened to perform the same ceremony during a solar eclipse. After that, Artemis moved to the Moon. Since then, the rulers of each kingdom are always astral twins and always perform this ceremony during a solar eclipse," Queen Serenity explained.

"What are astral twins? And why are you going to perform the ceremony now?" Princess Serenity asked.

"When someone is born in the same year, same day and same time as you, they are your astral twin. For example, Aparra and I are astral twins. You and Kiiro are astral twins as well. As for the ceremony, tonight is a solar eclipse and the time where the veil is at its weakest. Evil presences will be trying their best now to get through. We must repair it before any get through. Some may have gotten through already but their power will decrease once they pass the veil. That is why most evil people try to break the veil instead of flying through it while it's weak. Not all do that though so that is why we must be prepared," Queen Serenity answered. She stood up from her seat on the bench. "Now I must go Serenity. The eclipse doesn't last for long."

"Mom, can I come too? Please? I won't disturb you or Queen Aparra or anything! I just really want to watch," Princess Serenity pleaded.

The Queen shook her head. "I'm sorry Serenity but you need your rest. The ceremony might take a while." Princess Serenity's eyes watered as she continued to beg her mother. Finally Queen Serenity sighed and gave in. "Alright you can come. I think Aparra will bring Kiiro anyway. Now hurry on and go get dressed." Princess Serenity nodded excitedly and ran back into the palace.

A few moments later, Serenity returned wearing a blouse and skirt with stockings. She didn't have time to change into her dress. Queen Serenity raised her sceptre once more and traced a large circle before them. When the ring was complete, it started to glow and a portal to the sun appeared. Queen Serenity took Princess Serenity's hand and they crossed through the portal as it closed behind them.

Queen Aparra was waiting on the bridge in front of the Sun Castle. Beside her was her daughter, Princess Kiiro. She was rather bored waiting for the Moon party to arrive. There was a bright flash and Queen Serenity and Princess Serenity stepped out of the portal. Aparra walked forward and held hands with Serenity, "My dear friend Serenity, we've been waiting for your arrival."

"Pardon me for the delay. My daughter decided she wanted to come along." Queen Serenity gazed at Princess Serenity and Princess Kiiro who were now in a deep conversation. "Shall we head to the Apollo Sanctuary now?"

Aparra nodded. "Alright girls join hands with us," Aparra instructed. Serenity and Kiiro did what they were told and held hands with the queens.

"Queen Aparra, where are we going?" Princess Serenity asked, filled with curiosity. Aparra smiled softly over at Queen Serenity as she returned the smile.

"You'll see." Aparra summoned her staff with the Solar Diamond shining brightly on the top of the rod. "I call upon thee, oh great Apollo of the Sun. Grant unto us a visit to your holy sanctuary. May the fire of your soul rest within," Aparra recited. A trail of fire encircled the staff until it came into contact with the Solar Diamond. Amber and golden sparkles burst out of the tip of the Diamond and showered the quartet. A ring of fire surrounded them and in a flash, they were gone.

They appeared before a large golden door. Words were engraved on a bronze plaque: "Sanctuary of Apollo." Aparra tapped the door with her staff once and the heavy door swung open. Serenity stared in awe as they travelled down a golden path. Heavenly doves glided through the air as everything sparkled brightly. The four finally reached the temple of Apollo. Serenity was amazed by how large the temple was.

"You'll be surprised by what you will see next," Kiiro told Serenity. She nodded in excitement and followed her friend into the temple. It was very luxurious; the room was pure white with golden decorations everywhere. From golden curtains to golden vases, everything was so magnificent.

Aparra strolled up to what it seemed like a throne in Serenity's perspective. Aparra bowed her head and closed her eyes. She started to radiate a light orange aura and spoke up. "I, Queen Aparra, seek the presence of our first King, Apollo." Serenity's eyes widened when sparkles fell down from above as a figure began to form. Soon the sparkles vanished and left a person in their place, sitting on the golden throne.

"I-is th-that..." Serenity left her sentence unfinished as she continued to stare at Apollo. Kiiro laughed at her reaction; it was similar to hers when she first met Apollo. He had blond hair with bangs that fell slightly over his amber coloured eyes. He was muscular yet slim at the same time. A golden crown sat on top of his head, tilted more to one side. He was wearing a white tunic with an orange sash.

"Ah Aparra, it is good to see you once more. Same goes to you Serenity," Apollo greeted as he stepped down from his throne. Aparra and Serenity both curtsied. He stretched then walked up to Kiiro and Serenity. "Welcome once again Kiiro." Apollo paused to ruffle Kiiro's hair and grinned. Kiiro grinned back as she curtsied. "And you must be cute little Princess Serenity."

Serenity, who had just recovered from her shock, felt her face burning with shyness. "H-hello," she stuttered. She tried to do a curtsy quickly but tripped over her own feet. Apollo caught her before she fell.

"You've raised a good one Serenity. Full of energy," he laughed. Princess Serenity smiled as she giggled a little too.

"Can I ask you a question?" Serenity asked. Apollo nodded. "How are you here right now? I thought you know."

"Haha I always get that question from first visits. You see, when I stepped down as King and know; I merged myself with the sun. Now the sun and I are one. I can be called upon here by a royal of the sun and take on a solidified figure. I can appear as any age I want. I always have to be present during an eclipse ceremony since I performed the first one. I have to lend my raw power to the royal performing it," Apollo explained. Serenity slowly nodded as Apollo let her go. He faced Queen Serenity, "Shall I call my sister?"

Queen Serenity was about to answer when another voice spoke out. "Do not worry brother, I am already here." A person emerged from the ground as her white dress swirled around her. Artemis appeared about sixteen while Apollo looked as if he was twenty one. Her long white hair flowed all the way to the ground and her eyes were a light lilac colour.

"Hey Artemis," Apollo said with a goofy grin.

Artemis rolled her eyes, "My name is Selene and has been for a while now." Apollo went on to say how she will always be Artemis to him and the others. She glided over to Queen Serenity, holding hands with her. "Oh Serenity, you should visit me more often," she remarked.

Serenity laughed lightly. "I apologize for my lack of visits. But it is nice to see you now."

Artemis nodded then made her way over to Princess Serenity. "It is also nice to see you little Serenity," she said. Princess Serenity smiled then curtsied to her. They all heard a bell chime, indicating that the eclipse would be starting shortly. "I guess that means it's time. You and Princess Kiiro sit over there." Artemis pointed over to a spot where a cushioned golden bench was. Serenity and Kiiro walked over to the bench and took a seat. They were so thrilled that they would get to see the ritual.

Aparra held out her staff and Queen Serenity held out her sceptre. The two objects dissolved into sparkles and two elaborate transformation wands took their place. Both wands had white rods with two little white handles. The top was round with a five pointed star on the face. On the very top was a little crown with a small pearl. Aparra's wand had gold wings while Serenity's had silver wings. The star was decorated with different coloured gemstones.

"My mom told me about those wands. They're celestial relic wands. They are really powerful too," Kiiro whispered to Serenity. Apollo and Artemis both closed their eyes as their auras glowed. Their energy transferred to the celestial relic wands.

Once they opened their eyes, Aparra and Queen Serenity raised their wands high into the air. "Apollo Celestial Relic Power!" Aparra shouted.

"Artemis Celestial Relic Power!" Queen Serenity called out.

"Make-Up!" The pair yelled in unison. The two children stared at their mothers as they transformed into Sailor Apollo and Sailor Artemis. Their outfits looked so amazing. Serenity's was a short white dress that was separated by gold beads from chest down. The skirt of the dress flowed outwards. The sleeves were winged shaped as her collar was also white with three golden border lines. Her white gloves ended at her elbows with more gold beads around the ends. She had a choker with a gold crescent moon and dangling crescent moon earrings. Her brooch was a silver heart within a golden heart that had white wings. Another gold crescent moon neared the end of the hearts. A white bow was tied behind on her back. Serenity's gold crescent moon on her forehead was now silver as a small heart shaped tiara was placed in her long silver hair. Pearly barrettes completed the look as her eyes turned a stunning pale gray colour.

Aparra's was the same outfit but with different colours. Her dress, collar and gloves were gold with silver beads. She had an orange choker with a yellow sun symbol and dangling sun earrings. Her brooch was a golden heart within a silver heart with white wings. The orange sun symbol on her forehead turned gold as a golden crown with a heart on it sat on her head. Aparra's hair now had several golden streaks in it as her eyes also turned a beautiful gold.

"Wow. They're so pretty," Princess Serenity said breathlessly. Kiiro nodded in agreement. They watched as their mothers walked over to a platform. The tiles were in a design of a crescent moon and sun together. Aparra stepped on the sun part while Serenity stepped on the moon.

The tiles began glowing as Serenity and Aparra closed their eyes. Two objects began materializing before them. The pair opened their eyes and saw two large staffs floating in the air. Serenity's was purely silver with a large glass crescent moon on top. Aparra's was purely gold with a large sun with many points on top. The sacred staffs of Apollo and Artemis.

The roof above their heads began opening up. Princess Serenity could see the stars of space shining brightly. Apollo and Artemis both raised their hands. "We, the first twins of the universe, grant our ancient power of strength and sealing unto Aparra and Serenity. We allow them to conduct the sacred ritual," the two recited. An orange beam of light shot out of Apollo's palm and encircled the Apollo Staff. A white beam of light shot out of Artemis' hand and encircled the Artemis Staff.

Serenity and Aparra reached out and gripped their staffs. They tilted them forward so that both staff crossed over each other slightly, creating a small X shape. Aparra spoke up first. "I, Sailor Apollo, call upon the sunlight within our great first king Apollo to unleash itself and repair the weakening veil that separates good from evil." An orange beam of light burst out of the tip of the sun on the Apollo staff and travelled upwards towards the sparkling stars.

It was then Serenity's turn to deliver her part of the ceremony. "I, Sailor Artemis, call upon the moonlight within our great first queen Artemis Selene to unleash itself and seal the veil and to keep the veil strong until it shall weaken once more." A single white beam of light poured out of the glass crescent moon and followed the trail upwards to space.

The pair then released their staffs and they disappeared in a mass of sparkles. Aparra and Serenity held hands as they began to glow once more. "With the sacred sunlight and holy moonlight, may our kingdoms be full of peace and happiness. May this universe continue to prosper as we live in tranquility and harmony with one another," the two said in unison. Their Sailor Apollo and Sailor Artemis transformations dissolved into many gold and silver butterflies as Serenity and Aparra continued to glow. The butterflies scattered across the temple. Princess Serenity and Princess Kiiro jumped out of their seats and started chasing the butterflies, their laughter full of happiness. It was the coolest sight Serenity had ever seen. Now she really couldn't wait to perform the ceremony with Kiiro in the future in another eclipse during the Silver Millennium.

The eclipse didn't come soon enough.

A/N: I know in Greek Mythology, Artemis and Selene are two separate people but I just wanted to make them into one person. References to mythology, specifically Greek, will be found throughout the For the last line, I am referring to the fact that the Silver Millennium was attacked and destroyed by Queen Beryl before another eclipse could come. The eclipse ceremonies are usually performed by a queen or king. Next chapter you will see our favourite heroes. Review please!