Epilogue: Mr. & Mrs. Snape

One year, five experiments, two field missions, and 1, 918 cups of tea later

"Careful Snape," Hermione cautioned as they approached a sumptuously appointed dining hall.

"Careful yourself, Snape," Severus answered, sliding a large hand around her waist.

He stooped without her having to ask, eyes trained on the door to the hall as she straightened his collar. Severus stood as Hermione double checked her own appearance, and then they crept closer, Severus slightly in the lead.

They moved easily together, her arm threaded through his, quietly and stealthily making their way to the doorway. Once at the threshold, Severus let out a long sibilant sigh of air that could have been nothing more than the wind, pausing until he heard Hermione repeat the sound.

They were both ready.

With a twist of his wrist and a fortifying breath, Severus pulled the door open and they were both moving through a crowd of people waiting to shout wedding congratulations to them. A red stream of rose petals grazed by Severus' cheek, and he turned, catching sight of Draco Malfoy wearing a cheeky grin.

"Do make this easier on yourself, mate." Harry Potter materialized at Severus' side, holding one of his mewling brats on his hip. "You've nowhere left to go."

He could hear Hermione talking near the punch bowl, and was moving back toward her when the door to his right practically exploded from the hinges, and Molly Weasley bustled through, heading straight for him.

He had time only to look up and see red heads of hair converging on his location and hear Hermione's laughter before he found himself surrounded by Weasleys.

It was a great relief when Miss Lovegood drifted by on Kingsley Shacklebolt's arm to absentmindedly inform him that Eros had escaped from the Love Room in the Department of Mysteries, and Unspeakables Snape and Snape were needed to deal with it right away.

End of Report

Only Class Five Unspeakables Are Permitted Access to this File



Firstly, a great big thank you to serendipity513 , the moderator of the exchange I wrote this for, for pushing me into doing this. I really did have buckets of fun. Also thanks to my betas, who closed up a few plot holes, and to my husband and brother in law for britpicking (and refraining from taking the piss). Yet more thanks to everyone on the various HP writer's resources I used who took the time to answer my questions about specialized capitalization and the occasional British phrase my britpicking team was unsure about. 3 Particularly those over at hp_britglish.

The title of the fic and each chapter title is a reference to a spy movie. All of them are the actual title of the movie, save "The Snape Identity" which is a reference to "The Bourne Identity" and "Mr. & Mrs. Snape" which is a reference to "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

Hermione being unable to give an accurate account of Ripper's looks is a reference to the fact that eye witness accounts of him were incredibly varied and unreliable.

All Jack the Ripper info is based on what I could find on Wikipedia, and what I remember from the Ripper Tour in London.

221-A and 221-B Baker Street are based on my memory of having been there.

I have always seen Unspeakables as researchers and spies, a lot like MI6. It has been pointed out to me that they may be only scientists of a sort, but for the purposes of this fic, I went with my original impressions of them.

Thank you for reading! As this was my first foray in to the world of SS/HG, I really appreciate all the reviews. ^_^