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She was late.

Really late.

Having fallen to sleep at her desk, Sarah Parker awoke with a short half hour before her first class. A quick shower ended with her still wet hair in a sloppy bun atop her head, and dressed in her only clean pair of sweats. Gray cotton with random holes from the years of wear and tear. Black sandals flopped against her feet as she ran to Professor McGullen's Shakespear 225 course.

Luckily enough, Sarah burst through the door just as McGullen was, reaching with his keys, preparing to lock the door.

"Ms. Parker!" He snapped.

Hurrying to her chair she panted over her shoulder, "I know, I know. I'm sorry. It won't happen again."

"See that it doesn't. Aside from tardy students, I lack the amusement of being tackled in my own class room." He stated dryly.

Arranging her book, notebook, and pen, Sarah looked up at her professor and smiled shyly.

After locking the door Professor McGullen walked back to his chalk board. "Last week we worked on Shakespear's 'Macbeth'. This week we are going to focus on the poems that Shakespear composed throughout his life."

Sarah listened closely to the assignment being given, her hand writing every task that was excepted to complete this assignment. After the long hour and forty-five minute class, Sarah returned to her dorm.

Setting her bag and book down on the small gray metal, black futon couch near the door she walked into her bathroom. Pulling out her green hair dryer she ran her brush through her black hair as the heated air. Once her thick locks her dried straight, Sarah reached for her make up bag.

She was never big on makeup. The only things she ever applied to her face were foundation, mascara, and pink lip gloss. She didn't believe that she needed to cake on makeup, like all the other girls. With her fair and clear complexion, soft green eyes, and midnight black hair, she though she was rather pretty.

As for her body, she found no complaint. As a teen she was small in every area that mattered. Now, however, at age twenty-two, she liked the way she looked. Her stomach was flat, her butt nicely rounded, and her breast were a small D cup. Just like normal girls, she had grown in height. Once a short five-foot-three-inches, she was happily standing tall at five-feet-nine-inches.

Going back into her small room, Sarah pulled a folded pair of dark blue jeans from their resting place on the shelf in the closet. Discarding her gray sweat pants she stepped into the jeans, slid them up her long legs and fastened them in the middle of her hips. Her black sandals were traded for a pair of white socks and her brown loafers. It was the way she has been dressing for the past several years. For some strange reason she felt as if she were more courageous this way. Like she could conquer a King.

Grabbing her backpack and books for her next two classes, Sarah went in search of her friend, Jamie. As usual, she and Jamie would meet for coffee and the Starbucks on the far corner of campus. As she approached, Sarah could see Jamie leaning against the light pole, texting on her cell phone. Her red hair worn in a braid to the middle of her back, blue eyes framed by thick square glasses. A light dusting of freckles were spread across her creak colored nose.

"Where have you been?" Jamie asked when she caught sight of Sarah approaching.

"Late start, almost missed McGullen's class. So I ran home and actually got dressed." Sarah explained.

Jamie's eyes ran over Sarah's form. "You dress that way every winter."

"What? It's comfortable, and it keeps me warm." It was a lame excuse and they both knew it.

Shaking her head Jamie turned to enter the coffee shop. "Come on, than. I need hot chocolate."

"I still don't understand you." Sarah teased. "If you wanted hot chocolate than why don't you just make it at home?"

Jamie lived some short blocks from the University. It still amazed Sarah seeing Jamie drive to school instead of walk. Even today, with the winter winds gently blowing the fallen red and brown leaves around the grassy grounds, Jamie preferred to buy a cup of hot chocolate, instead of make it.

"Because I burn the water every time. I don't like the taste of burnt chocolate, and I don't like milk so..." Jamie said, leaving the end open for interpretations.

"You do realize chocolate os made by milk, right?" Sarah asked.

"Not that I know of." Jamie stubbornly said.

"Than how do you explain MILK chocolate?"

Slightly raising her chin, Jamie stated, "I refuse to believe it."

Laughing both girls walked into the Starbucks. After ordering their drinks and small meals, Jamie a blueberry muffin and Sarah a slice of banana nut bread, they sat at their usual table in the front right corner of the shop. They sat in silence as they ate their breakfast snacks.

Sarah was the one to grab their drinks from the counter. When she returned to Jamie she asked, "So how was Lit?" Jamie made a face that started Sarah in her laughter. "What happened?"

"Ugh, the Dragon Lady is on the hunt yet again. She picked some unknown book that must be read, at least halfway, by next class. Trust me, it is a boring book." Jamie said taking another sip from her steaming cup.

"What's the book?" Sarah asked, sipping from her cappuccino.

Jamie pulled a small red book from her shoulder bag, "'The Labyrinth of the Goblin King'." She shrugged as she handed it over to Sarah. "Never heard of it, and apparently the author is a mystery as well."

The soft red leather book slid into Sarah's hand, the shiny gold letters of the title caught the light from the light and reflected it against Sarah's face. In the back of her mind Sarah got a distinct feeling that she had read this book before. Long ago. She just couldn't decide where, or what the story had reviled.

Handing Jamie the book back, Sarah asked, "Are all her classes assigned to read it?"

Jamie snorted, "More than likely. I swear that woman needs to get laid. She's probably a goblin herself."

Both girls started laughing at the ridiculous notion. Sarah's next class was Literature with Professor Zelgado. Or as Jamie liked to call her 'The Dragon Lady'.

"Well I have to walk across campus for my class with the Dragon Lady. So I, unfortunately, must be going." Sarah said as she rose and left the shop.

"Grab your torch and pitchforks!" Jamie yelled behind her.

Smiling Sarah spun around and shouted back, "You're thinking of Ogres!" Laughing she spun away and continued to her class.

"Is there a difference?" Jamie shouted after her.

Professor Zelgado was a confusing women, one who thought that she belonged in eighteenth century England, other than the current twenty-first century Boston. In her late fifties, her whitish blonde hair was wrapped in a tight bun at the nape of her neck. Her blue eyes framed by thin gold metaled glasses that sat on the tip of her nose, deciding if it should take the final plunge. Or at lease that is what Sarah had always thought.

Shuffling into her chair in the back of the class, Sarah brought out her tape recorder, a notebook, as well as a blue pen. As the bell rang Sarah pushed the small 'record' button on her recorder and prepared to take as many notes as she could.

"Different schedule today," Zelgado began. "Instead of writing stories, you will now be reading one." She started carting books to the first person of every row, ordering them to take the top book, than pass the remaining books behind them. "It is always best to research other stories, so that we do not create a story that is already out there.

"This story is from the late nineteenth century, I believe. It's author, or publisher are unknown. Think of it as magically finding it's way onto the bookshelves of the local stores. I want you to pay attention to the detail, the language, but very importantly focus on the words. They are what make this story so fascinating." Professor Zelgado opened the book on her desk and began reading.

"He glanced at her. The beautiful goddess dancing in the center of the ball. Twirling around and around. He was infatuated by her, this girl who had travel to the castle at the center of the labyrinth to claim her only brother. Though she was fierce in her search for her brother, he couldn't help but admire her determination. He loved her courage. Despite his protest, he had to dance with her. Had to claim her for himself."

Closing the book Professor Zelgado sighed, until a group of girls giggled. Snapping back to reality she scoffed. "The first two-hundred-eighty-three pages before the next class. As well as a five-hundred word summary on the plot."

Later than night, along in her studio apartment, after she showered and changed into a black spaghetti strap, and white sweat pants, Sarah had picked up her copy of 'The Goblin King'. Sitting on her futon she read out loud.

"'Say the right words.' The goblins said. 'And we'll take the baby away. And you will be free.' But the girl knew that the Goblin King would keep the baby forever, and ever, and turn it into a goblin."

Lightning flashed out side her window, thunder rumbled, and the wind blew fiercely. Scaring Sarah from her seat. This all seemed so familiar, like she had read it before. Yet that was impossible, but it all seem like a distant dream. Sarah shook her head and continued.

"So the girl suffered in silence. Until one day, when she was tired from a day of housework, and she was hurt by the harsh words of her stepmother, and she could no longer stand it..."

Again, lightning struck, the thunder roared, and the wind shook her small little apartment. Sarah wasn't aware that her surrounding were changing, fading into stone walls with little creatures running around.

"I can bare it no longer. Goblin King! Goblin King! Wherever you may be, take this child far away from me." She stopped reading once she became aware of where she was.

Ugly creatures stared at her, as she found herself standing in a circle that was lowered from the original floor. Some creatures were furry, others were completely bald. They all had big circular eyes and wide noses.


She stiffened at the sound of someone calling her name, Sarah slowly turned to face a tall man with blond rock star hair. Gray tightest, a white shirt, and a black leather jacket. It was a figure that she had seen many times in her dreams. Dreams that were often nightmares involving her younger brother Toby. She was dreaming again, of that she was certain. Yet she still couldn't stop his name from forming on her lips.



So this is my second attempt at a Fan fiction story... Only thought of this one because I just waked the movie... This story will be pretty short... Between 5-10 chapters. I Hope you enjoy it... More stories to come... Thanks for Reading!