Forbidden Love: Sonadow Story

I never thought I'd feel this way about him…Him…Of all people. My close friend. But I, I can't. They wouldn't accept it, especially not Amy. She'll be heartbroken.

Sonic shook the thoughts away as he looked up towards the star filled sky. His thoughts and feeling for a certain hedgehog were slowly growing. This was a secret he kept from him and his friends. At first, he didn't want to believe it but after giving it some thought. It was obvious. The azure hedgehog ran a hand through his quills then sat up, sighing. He didn't want to tell them. He didn't want to tell Him. But he had to trust someone… He had to get this off of his chest. Bu who can he go to? Defiantly not Amy…She'll rip kill him. Knuckles? No…He'll just laugh. Sonic flinched at such a thought. He wouldn't be able to stand that…Cream? No! She's too young and the fact she tells Amy everything would get him in trouble. Rouge? God no…She'll tell HIM…All's left is Tails. Sonic smiled to himself. Tails, his trustworthy, loyal friend…He'd listen and he won't tell anyone. With that, Sonic stood up, hoping his little buddy would be there to listen to his problem…and possibly help him solve it.

I'm so confused. Sonic thought. The wind blew through his quills as he ran towards Tails' Workshop. Sonic smiled at that. He enjoyed running. It always kept his mind off of things. But not today, just not today.

"Sonic!" Yelled an all-too-familar voice. Sonic skids to a stop and glanced over his shoulder, only to get tackled by no one other than Amy Rose. "Sonikku! I was so worried! You didn't call me today! Is everything alright? Where are you going?" The questions just kept coming as Amy clung onto Sonic for dear life as if she was going to lose him. This hurt Sonic, Physically and Emotionally, even thought he didn't love her like she thought he did. Sonic started to turn purple from the lack of oyxgen due to Amy's bear hug.

"A-Amy..I...can't breath..." Sonic studders out. He took in a deep breath when she finally let him go. Amy looked up at Sonic. She placed her hands on her hips, waoting for answers.

"I'm just heading over to Tails' today. Thats all..." Sonic said with his famous smile. Amy giggled.

"You should hang out with me more, Sonic. All you do is run, run, run and never spend any time with me!" Amy complaines. Sonic only rolled his eyes when Amy continued on and on about how she gets lonely and blah, blah blah. Sonic looked down at the pink female hedgehog. She's so annoying! Sonic thought.

"Gotta go Amy! Bye!" Sonic raced off. Amy blinked then crossed her arms over her chest.

Sonic finally arrived at Tails' Workshop. He walked in and looked around. "Tails? Buddy? You in?" He called. He heard a thud then a groan.

"I'm in the back, Sonic..." Tails called. He rubbed his head, for, he hit it while he was working on the X-Tornado. He crawled from under the ship and sat up, looking towards the backdoor as Sonic walked through it. "Hey, Sonic."

"Hey, Bud..." Sonic said softly. He looked alittle bervous and Tails saw this. Tails flicked his ear slightly before asking. "Sonic? Is something wrong?"

Sonic just sighs. "I..I don't know.." He started as he ran his finger through his quills. "I...I have feelings for someone..that isn't Amy..." He started to pace alittle. This concerned Tails. He's never seen Sonic so nervous...So Fidgety.

"Continue..." Tails said softly, watching his older brother.

"I...I have feelings for...S-Shadow..." Sonic studders, watching the ground. "I've had them for sometime now and...well...I don't know what to do! I don't know how the other would react! I don't even know how Shadow would react...I'm so confused...And..I just need advice..." He murmurs softly.

The fox stared at Sonic with a blank face then his mouth twitched slightly. He smiled. "'re gay.'re worred about what the others will say?" He asked. Sonic nods. "Sonic, they're your friends. They'll still be your friends wether you're gay or not. Thats not going to change." Tails said, crossing his arms over his chest. "Now, go find Shadow and talk to him. You have to talk to him..." He orders.

Sonic bit his lip and nods. "Thank you Tails..." He said quickly before running of in search of Shadow.