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Sickening thoughts were running through Shadow's head as he ran towards town. He didn't bother to call Sonic and the others.

That explosion was loud enough for them to hear. Shadow was nothing but a black blur as he sped past trees and into town. As

he stopped to look at the damage, it seemed as if a bomb went off. Some people were running away with their injured family

members and friends, others weren't so lucky. Buildings were on fire and slowly falling apart and many houses that were there,

weren't even there anymore. And was scared Shadow the most was that this town was so lively! So energetic! So colorful! But

everything is so Silent. So… Dead. It sent shivers down his spine and normally, this wouldn't faze him. He'd just shrug his

shoulders and walk away, leaving the situation to Sonic and the others. But something about this was so wrong. 'There was no

warning… No threat… No nothing!' Shadow thought. He had to be dreaming! This was a nightmare. He slowly made his way

through the debris and corpses. He feared the worst. Especially since Rouge and Amy were out there.

"Rouge! Amy!" He called out as he searched through the debris from the fallen buildings. Smoke and the smell of blood clouded

his sense of smell. He told himself not to panic. Amy and Rouge could be safe and sound… or with the person who did this.

"Amy? Rouge?" He called out again. As he searched, he'd cut or scrape his legs on some metal. His ears flickered at any sound.

But a familiar sound came out of the silence: The sound of X Tornado. He glanced around, trying to see where it landed. He did,

he rushed over. Knuckles and Sonic were the first ones out. The seemed… dazed. They never saw so much damage to one town.

Cream, Cheese and Tails looked out of the windows, confused.

"Don't just stand there," Shadow said, frustrated. "Help me look for them." His voice was soft but serious.

" 'Them…?'" Knuckles asked, stepping towards Shadow, nervously. Sonic stood next to Knuckles.

"Amy and Rouge. They're out there somewhere." Shadow said with a frown. He glanced back over his shoulder, seeing flashing

lights off ambulances, fire trucks and police cars. "I know they're safe…I can feel it…"

"But who would do something like this? Why would they do something like this? How was this even caused?" Sonic asked as he

started to panic.

"We'll figure that out later," Shadow said, his voice still calm. "Right now, we need to find the girls and rescue them before

something worse happens." He turned his back to the team and ran off. For Sonic and Knuckles' sake, he needed to find Amy

and Rouge. He had to know that they were okay. He had to admit, he felt guilty that the two even ran off. He felt like it was his

fault. 'If the girls didn't run off,everything would be okay….' He thought as he searched through the town. 'Please be okay…


Off, far away from danger, Amy and Rouge lie in a cage near their kidnapper. The kidnapper smiled evily. "Let the games begin."

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