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Love or Lust?

Chapter 1

Bulma huffed her way down the yard towards her front door. He did it again, that bastard did it again. She loved him so much, and he to cheat on her was so…so crazy. Why in the world would he do that to her? And in front of her? That was beyond crazy. Her beautiful face was fuming red and she had had it. Was it over? Were all of those years just a waste of time? She bit her bottom lip as tears started to stream down her face. This wasn't right, this isn't supposed to happen!

Is it over?

She entered the compound, not even aware of her mother and father as she stormed up to her room like a little teenager. Bulma Brief's was no young lady. No, she was a mature woman. So why is she even acting this way? She shouldn't be crying over some jerk! She should be making him beg for her to come back to him. She scowled as she entered her room slamming the door shut. She didn't deserve him, but with a sigh she really didn't know what to think. He was a great boyfriend, well sometimes, and she just can't let everything go for a mistake he made.

He just seemed to be flirting with a floozy waitress. That's it. But with Bulma's attitude…she exploded. That man better have a good move to get her to come back to him. She gazed at the clock, the red digital numbers read midnight. She was supposed to be going to the club with him right now. She grunted as she tore off her high heels. She stripped herself out of her beautiful black dress and slipped into the shower. She set the water to warm and just stood there for half an hour, just thinking if this was all even worth it.

Two hours have gone by and she finally finished. She felt more at ease with herself; a warm long shower seemed to always do the trick. She slipped on her blue towel and walked into her closet for her pajama's. She slipped onto her silky white gown and sighed with relief as she lay herself down on her warm soft bed. As she slowly began to rest her eyes for such a long day…


Bulma's eye shot open. That was the sound that made Bulma go mad. She growled as she sat up and looked out her balcony. She threw her blankets off of her and stormed out of her balcony and looked down into the back yard. There was the Gravity Room; the room where the Prince of all Sayians "lived". She grunted as she stormed out of her room, out of the compound, and entered her back yard. She shivered as the cold wind started hitting her. She was only wearing a simple white gown for sleep; she growled knowing that she should have put on her robe.

She stomped towards the GR and banged the hard, cold, metal door. Why did this always have to happen? Why can't he just train without making a total mess? She scowled as there was no answer. She banged the door five more times. "Vegeta, what did you do?" she shouted. She didn't know if he would have heard her, but she's pretty sure that she heard the loud bangs. She looked down at her palm as it was to red to the point where it started to feel numb. She rolled her eyes. "VEGETA!"

The door swung open with a very royally pissed off Prince in the way. He growled. "WHAT?" he shouted. She flinched back; he really did have a menacing voice. She shook her head and stood her ground planting her hands on her hips.

"What happened?" she asked, lowering her volume. Trying to make the Sayian mad wasn't always the best idea. It was midnight and she has had enough problems for one night. She scanned him quickly; he had a deep scar on his left cheek. But the rest of him seemed to be alright. His clothes were torn but that wasn't a problem.

"Nothing, I don't have time for you!" he shouted. He slammed the door in her face. She jumped back and growled. What the hell? She was checking up on him, is that a crime? Her scowl deepened as she banged the door again, ignoring the pain in her palm. "What?" he shouted again, swinging the door open.

"Vegeta look, I heard a crash. I just wanted to see if you were alright!" she said. He rolled his eyes. Why in the world would she care if he was alright or not? He grunted as the woman kept pestering him. He can never really have some peace to train without the woman nagging him all of the time. This has happened before. He made the whole GR explode to the point where the whole thing collapsed. And with him in it!

She was there, and so was the weakling as they hurried him to the infirmary. It had to be the most embarrassing moment of his time here in this mud ball. They felt pity for the Prince, when they should be just trembling with fear to even be in his presence! Ever since then she has been checking up on him for the smallest things. One little explosive and she came running. More and more has he grown hatred for the woman. This was clearly insane.

"I'm training you idiot woman, now leave!" he shouted.

"At least let me help you with your cut! It's going to get infected if you don't do something about it!" she said. He rolled his eyes, as if this simple cut could do any harm to him. Although he had to admit, he has been training nonstop since the crack of dawn. Maybe a few minutes could be helpful. He never let her out of his sight as he shut down the GR with a push of a button. Still scowling at her as they walked towards the kitchen.

He sat down in a chair as she walked towards the cabinets for a first aid kit. It was hidden underneath the sink; she half smiled and took it out. She opened it and grabbed some medicine with a large band aid. This was absurd, why in the world is he taking his short break with her? He grunted as she came up to him. She leaned in on him as she placed the medicine into her two of her fingers. She placed the medicine on his cut and rubbed it gently before placing the bandage.

His scowl deepened, he hated it when she was this close. Although he had to admit, her scent was very…pleasing. Only he would never admit that out loud. Ever. He started growing impatient when finally she finished. He stood up and started walking out the door, no thank you, no nothing. Bulma fumed as he was about to leave. "You welcome you highness!" she said sarcastically. He slammed the door shut and walked out.

He returned to his precious gravity room and set it at four hundred and fifty G's. He felt the immense weight and smirked as he continued what he has started. "You Androids will be no match for me!" He started to laugh like a maniac as he started launching his Atomic Blast. The bots that Bulma and Mr. Brief's invented were nothing to him. He grunted as he easily destroyed them. "Nothing is a match for me, stupid mud ball."

Back with Bulma, again, she stormed up to her room. "Men are jerks!" she shouted. She flopped herself down on her mattress. She closed her eyes hoping that she would have a peaceful slumber and just forget about everything else. Escape from this place for just one night.

Wait a second. Why is she letting men affect her so much? Was she a disgrace to the woman race? No of course not! She wasn't going show Yamcha how to treat her right! And Vegeta…well she'll just let him be unless that monkey decides to blow himself up again. She rolled her eyes knowing that that little situation would probably happen tomorrow again. With a growl she shut her eyes tightly drifting off to a much needed sleep.

The next morning was the usual. Wake up, breakfast, work. Vegeta wasn't there during breakfast. In fact he never had a meal with the briefs. He stayed up all night in the Gravity Room and before anyone woke up he snuck in and grabbed as many foods as possible from the fridge. Bulma stared down at her desk. She was in her lab and she was stuck in another job of creating bots that could handle Vegeta's strength. She scoffed, as if her bots weren't threatening to him. Although she thought for a second and sighed. Who knows how strong he has become the past couple of months.

She doesn't know anything about his strength. The only thing that she knew was that he was training by more than 450 G's. Bulma shivered, she didn't even know that that was even possible. She looked down at the blue prints, they were almost done and she could finally get to her real work. With a sigh she tried finishing up when she heard the doorbell ring. She arched her eyebrow and looked at the monitor behind her. Of course they would have security camera's everywhere! She immediately scowled when she saw that it was Yamcha. She furrowed her eyebrows, he was holding a bouquet of flowers and a heart shaped box of chocolates.

She scoffed. Like if that was going to win her back. She grunted as she stood up and marched towards the front door. She swung it open still scowling. Yamcha gulped. "Uh…hey B!" he said lamely. She rolled her eyes. "I'm sorry for what happened yesterday, I got you these!" he said with his best smile. He handed them to her. Her scowl lightened as she took them. She couldn't help but smirk. "Listen B, I'm sorry for what happened, I couldn't sleep last night. Can you please forgive me?" he asked. He gave her a puppy dog face.

Bulma sighed. She placed the bouquet and chocolates down on the couch beside her and scanned the scar faced man. He did seem pretty pathetic. But like she thought yesterday, she didn't want their whole history to go out of the trash. She still loved him, so with another long sigh she smiled. His face lit up as Bulma took a step forward. "Ok Yamcha, one more chance, and if you mess up than too bad." She said.

He nodded quickly and gave her a tight hug, but not enough to crush her. Sure he was a warrior with a good number of strength. But he is human. He gave her a passionate kiss, and as they parted he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and smiled. "So B, what do you want to do today?" he asked. Bulma frowned.

"I'm stuck in the lab fixing Vegeta some bots for him to train. Speaking of training…shouldn't you be training?" she asked. That's true, shouldn't he? He was going to fight the androids wasn't he? He chuckled nervously and let go of her. He faced her and scratched the back of his neck.

"Well I wanted to spend some time with you today, besides we all know that Goku's going to be the one who defeats the androids so I don't think I'm even going to be any help." He said with a weak smiled. Bulma frowned, why did he have a low self-esteem with his strength? Sure he may be right, but still. He wasn't worthless.

That's when the two turned around as they heard a grunt. There was Vegeta by the entry way in the kitchen holding a water bottle in one hand and a towel draped around his neck. He was shirtless only wearing a pair of black spandex shorts and the band aid that Bulma gave him last night. Yamcha scowled and Bulma just tried not to stare. "Hn fool, it's good that you know how weak you are." He spat. Yamcha clenched his fists.

"Back off Vegeta!" he shouted. Vegeta smirked. He never knew why the woman stayed with this loser, but why would he care? He laughed and took another chug of his water. "Weakling, what is that odor? You wreak of another woman." He snarled. Vegeta shook his head and walked back to the Gravity Room. "Honestly this mud ball's customs of mates are so bizarre. Are you not supposed to stay with only one woman?" he thought. He shrugged as he entered the machine and continued his rigorous training.

Yamcha's eyes bugged out and a single sweat streamed down his face. Bulma stood herself in front of him and planted her hands on her hips. "Is that true?" she shouted. Yamcha raised his hands defensively and shook his head.

"No B! Of course not! He's lying!" he said in one breathe. Bulma rolled her eyes.

"Look Yamcha, maybe it's best if you go train. I'm busy anyways." She said pushing him gently out of the door. "I'll see you tomorrow." She said. Yamcha frowned as he stepped out of the compound, he turned around to say one last thing but she already closed the door shut. He scowled. Damn that Sayian. He clenched his fists as he stormed out of the compound and flew off to who knows where.

Back at the Gravity Room Vegeta smirked as he sensed his Ki leave. He shot another bot, but damn it that was his last one. He grunted as he knew that he needed to go see the woman. Oh how hard he tried ignoring her, blocking her out of his life, but he always had some type of problem that he would have to go to her. He growled as he shut off the GR and walked as slow as possible towards her lab. Her Ki was weak, barely visible, but he sensed it.

He entered the room without a knock. He opened the door rather roughly as he practically broke the knob. He ignored it as he marched up to her. "Woman the bots are broken, make me some that are useful for my training now." He snarled. She has just finished up the blue prints. She scowled as she raised her gaze at him.

"Damn." She thought as she scanned his body for a second. She shook her head violently. "What the hell?" She stood up planting her hands on her hips. "Geez Vegeta will it kill you to say please?" Honestly this man was nowhere close to the word "manners". The man probably didn't even know what the word please meant. She scoffed as she walked up to him. She wrinkled her nose, his scent was strong. "Oh my God Vegeta, take a shower!" she said. "How long have you've been in the GR?"

He smirked, he inched closer to her but she took a few steps back. She pinched her nose and waved the scent away. That just made him walk a few steps closer as he backed her up against her desk. "I haven't left the Gravity Room for two days, stupid woman." He said with a smirk. She gulped; he has never been this close to her. She placed her tiny hands on his big broad chest trying to push him away but that was no use. "Now shut up and go make my training bots little woman." He said. His voice was low and dark. That just made shiver's go down Bulma's spine.

He placed his arms on the desk trapping Bulma in between. His presence was so…different. She could barely breathe now. He chuckled as he saw the fear in her expression. "Vegeta p-please just take a few steps back." She muttered. He chuckled; his voice was so…deep. She felt over whelmed when thank God he finally backed away. "I'm going to start on them sheesh." She said. He crossed his arms and continued smirking. He loved it when he made her have the chills.

She quickly returned to her desk grabbing the blue prints. He watched her every move, but arched his eyebrow when he noticed something. Her cheeks…they were tinged pink? That was odd, well for him. He has never seen that before in his life. He didn't even think that that was even possible. With a grunt he stormed himself out of the lab.

As he left Bulma couldn't help but make a long sigh of relief. She touched her face as she felt the warmth. She was blushing, why? She shook her head violently and started working on the bots. Maybe that could keep her mind off of that monkey.

"Mom seriously that's a lot of food." Said Bulma. It was almost dinner time and Bulma's mother was working her hardest making a buffet. She mixed flipped and chopped dozens of foods. "Here let me help you." Bulma said, she couldn't really watch her mother do all of this work and not help. Although she was exhausted as she was working on those stupid bots all day. She should be finished by tomorrow, but damn that Sayian making her work like a slave. Although Bulma couldn't believe it but her mother seemed to be having fun.

"Oh Sweety isn't it nice that Vegeta decided to join us for dinner! It's his first time joining us and I want to make it as special as possible. I heard ChiChi say that Sayians eat a lot of food so that's what I'm preparing for him!" she said with a giggle. Bulma rolled her eyes, why did her mother respect this animal so much? He was a freak and she treated him like…like a Prince. Bulma sighed, he is a Prince.

Bulma placed the foods on the dinner table. She couldn't believe the amount that her mother was able to cook in one day. It was time for dinner and Bulma sat in her seat. Her mother entered and placed the last plate of food and looked up at her daughter. "Oh Sweety could you please call Mr. Vegeta for dinner?" she asked nicely. Bulma was about to reject when her father came in.

"Ah hello there my two beautiful woman!" he said, he gave each one a kiss on the cheek and sat in his chair with a newspaper in one hand. He has just arrived from a meeting and he was ready for a good meal. He noticed the giant amount of food and arched his eyebrow. "Bunny what's all of this food for?" he asked.

"Mr. Vegeta is going to join us today! Bulma dear please go call him, the food is going to get cold!" she said. Bulma rolled her eyes and grunted as she walked out of the room. She really didn't want to see that crazy Sayian again, but she always seemed to never stay away from him. She walked up to the GR door and was about to bang it when it swung open. Bulma bit her bottom lip. Again he was shirtless. She shook her head violently and looked up at him.

"Food's ready." She said simply and started walking away when he grabbed her wrist. He spined her around and made her face him.

"Woman you smell…" he stepped closer to her and inhaled her by her neck. He smirked and let her go. "Never mind." He said. Bulma looked like if she saw a ghost as she just turned around and tried to walk back towards the dining room as fast as possible. He smirked, that's all he wanted. He loved it when he made her get all pale with fear. It was amusing.

As they both entered the dining room, him putting on a black tank top on the way. He sat across from Bulma and was a bit shocked that they actually served him a decent proportion for his appetite. He started grabbing almost everything and ate at a fast pace. He ate like Goku, but with him it was different he actually didn't make a mess. The three humans weren't shocked by his appetite but it was still a bit unusual for them. Eating a whole turkey as an appetizer was just plain crazy.

He finished quickly and didn't even bother for a thank you, not even a grunt as he stormed out of the room and back towards his precious GR. Bulma scowled, she finished up and chased after him. Bulma's parents weren't bothered at all as they finished up their meals. "Oh my he eats so much, I should make more next time!" said the bubbly mother as she started washing the dishes. Mr. Brief twitched his mustache as he flipped the page of his newspaper.

"Vegeta what's wrong with you! My mother worked so hard and you don't even bother to say thank you?" she shouted outside of the GR. Vegeta rolled his eyes as he continued punching the air at supersonic speed. As if he cared about any of that crap. He was a Prince and she was practically his slave. He has never said please or thank you, so why should he start now? He blocked the woman out of hearing and continued his training.

Bulma knew that he wasn't going to respond. With a kick at the door she stormed back towards the compound. "Ass whole!" she shouted.

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