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Chapter 6

Last time on Dragon Ball Z!

"What's wrong weakling? She's not yours anymore, so prepare to die." He spat. He readied himself to perform the Bang Beam when Goku appeared. Vegeta arched his eyebrow and grunted. "Kakkarot leave!"


Goku stood himself between the two warriors, facing Vegeta with a scowl. He crossed his arms and studied the scene, which seemed to look like Vegeta was about to kill Yamcha. He knew that that was clearly unacceptable. How could he let Vegeta murder one of his friends? Of course not. "No way Vegeta, what's going on here?" he asked. He focused on Vegeta intently, watching his every move just in case he doesn't plan on doing a sneak attack to Yamcha from behind. Vegeta crossed his arms and scowled at Goku. Who was he to tell him no on a task of execution? He was the Prince of All Sayians; he takes orders from no one. Only he did have a strange feeling inside him, how should he call it...good? Yes, that was it, he was feeling good tonight. Although as much as he wanted to execute the weakling, he was in a good mood today, and maybe it would be a bad idea in the first place. They will all get angry with him; she will get angry at him. That wasn't something that he wanted, so maybe a good threat could keep the weakling away. He was a coward, so this would be easy.

"It is none of your concern you imbecile, but step aside, I won't hurt the idiot." he said with a smirk. As if Goku was going to believe that, he took a step forward and Vegeta clenched his fists. "I won't kill him! Although he has to understand through that thick skull of his that he is not welcome!" he shouted. Yamcha rolled his eyes, who was he to say that he was not welcomed anymore? Only Bulma could kick him out, she lives here! Unlike that Prince of all Assholes, he has no right to kick him out. Yamcha clenched his fists and took a couple steps forward. Pointing at Vegeta to show him that he may be a Prince, but he can't have everything that he wants. He needs to know that this is not his house; he is not someone who will try to control everything. He marched up to him and growled as menacing as he can but it was sort of sounded like if it was a cat. He coughed and looked down at him. At least he had the height advantage.

"Listen Vegeta," he growled. "Who are you to say that I'm not welcomed? This isn't even your house!" he shouted into his face. Vegeta lifted his finger and pushed him away. Even if it was just his finger, he still stumbled back and fell to the ground. Vegeta scoffed. Such a light, weak, imbecile. Yamcha stood up quickly, feeling embarrassed. His rage grew and he was this close to losing it, but he knew that he had no chance. He may not be the brightest guy, but he did have some common sense. Goku stood himself between the two again, he looked up as he sensed Bulma's Ki coming towards them. Maybe things will settle down with her here, or maybe everything will just get worse. He hoped not.

"Goku, Yamcha? What are you guys doing here?" she said. She walked into the scene planting her hands on her hips. She scowled as she saw of what seemed to be a fight, plus Yamcha was here and she hated his guts right now. That jerk having the nerve to come here again after what he did was just crazy. She stormed up to Yamcha and jabbed her finger into his chest looking up at him with a growl. "What the hell do you think you're doing here? I don't ever want you to come back ever again!" she shouted. Maybe that wasn't entirely true, but her anger was taking over. "How could you just come back after what you did to me? What the hell were you thinking?"

Vegeta smirk widened into a grin. He knew her so well. He watched delightfully as she kept screaming at him, watching as his face flushed with disappointment and confusion. Yamcha's heart dropped and he raised his hands defensively. The woman looked like if she was about to attack him. He took a step back and frowned. "B, listen I'm sorry for my actions earlier! I was drunk!" Damn the alcohol. He knew that drinking was bad, but getting drunk was the worst. Who would have thought that he would fly to Bulma's house and seek out for a good lay. He really needed to stop drinking. He watched her closely; her anger still seemed to be boiling. He felt like shrinking away when he felt Goku's hand grab his shoulder.

"Listen Yamcha, maybe it's best if we leave before things get ugly." he said. Bulma took a step back and huffed. Good riddance. Vegeta only grunted as the two warriors vanished. He knew that this wasn't over. He has seen the woman shout at the weakling at the top of her lungs and he still kept crawling back, maybe this time was different but you'll never know. Bulma turned around with another huff, she looked up at Vegeta. Completely forgetting that he was here, she sighed and walked up to him. He was a inch taller than her, but they always seemed to be the same height. Vegeta frowned, that idiot weakling just had to ruin everything. Where were they anyway? She didn't say anything as she started walking back towards the compound. Vegeta following close behind. That's when he noticed something. She seemed to have changed her outfit. From a casual look to pajamas. A large white oversized T-Shirt and a pair of mini blue shorts. She seemed comfortable, and it was getting late, might as well go upstairs and changes into a relaxing pair too.

"Vegeta it's getting kind of chilly, do you want a hot chocolate?" she asked. He looked up and arched his eyebrow. What the hell is a hot chocolate? He only grunted and walked up stairs to his room to change. Bulma rolled her eyes, so unpredictable. She started making the hot chocolate, placing the two cups filled with milk in the microwave. She waited and turned when Vegeta entered the room. She smiled. He was wearing a white Tank Top and a pair of black shorts with his white high top socks. Even in his PJ's he looked cute. With a giggle she finished up the drink and handed it to Vegeta. He eyed it suspiciously, sniffing it he started to chug it down. His eyes widened and he started to cough roughly.

"Oh my God! Woman what the hell is this?" he shouted. Coughing more roughly as he set down the cup, he growled when Bulma started to laugh hysterically. That was a moment she would never forget. Wiping her eyes gently she walked up to him and giggled some more.

"Oh wow...Vegeta!" she laughed. "You're not supposed to chug hot chocolate, it's hot!"

"Well you didn't tell me!" he shouted.

He grabbed the cup and started taking sips slowly, he was now enjoying the drink without burning his tongue and he found it quite pleasing. The warm sweet taste went down his throat and he finished it with a frown. "That was...good." he said. She smiled, knowing that he wanted more she served him.

A couple minutes passed, they were drinking there hot chocolate, and talking about someone in particular.

Vegeta crossed his arms and grunted. "That idiot would have his death wish if he comes over here again." he spat. Bulma rested her head on her hand and sighed. Yamcha really did it this time, he blew everything and now he even might get himself killed. Should she be worried? Having Yamcha killed because of his mistakes; as in cheating on her, abusing her? Just thinking about mad her even more pissed. Out of all of those years of being in a relationship he decides to end it, and this way?

"UGH! That freak!" she shouted.

"Don't waste your time, he's just not good enough for you." he said with a smirk. He leaned in on her and she leaned back. She really thought that he was intimidating, but it was a turn on. She smiled and quickly pecked his lips.

"Well I know that..." she said standing up crossing her arms. "No one is." she smirked. He stood up and walked over to her; he slid his hands down her waist and pressed his forehead with hers.

"Only me." he said.

She rolled her eyes but giggled. Perhaps. With another kiss she started walking out of the room. "Goodnight Vegeta."

It was the next morning, she woke up with a yawn, stretching her body and jumping out of bed. She had plans today, what were they again? Right, she was supposed to go to the park today. Her mother told her to go out for some fresh air while she was gone. So the park would do. She walked towards her closet taking out her white sweat pants and a tight grey T-Shirt. Slipping on her sneakers she grabbed an orange from the kitchen and jogged out of the door. She shrieked when she bumped into something hard making her stumble backwards.

"Agh, Vegeta!" she said rubbing her head. She stood up straight and glared up at him. "That hurt!" she said pouting. He grunted and crossed his arms. Studying her body before she left. With a scowl he cleared his throat and frowned.

"Woman go put on a jacket." he said.

Her eyes bugged out, that was totally unexpected. But hey he's Vegeta, the unpredictable Sayian. She looked down at what she was wearing and arched her eyebrow. Nothing seemed to be the problem, maybe it was her shirt. It did seem to be showing a bit of cleavage. She shrugged and looked up at him. "Vegeta what's the problem?" she asked.

"I will not have you leaving the compound wearing those garments." He said. He was sounding like a father, she couldn't believe it. This was something that was cute, but at the same time annoying. Honestly she is a grown woman; she doesn't need anyone telling her what to wear. With a scowl she glared at him and rolled her eyes.

"Vegeta, let me leave!" she said.

"Until you change." He growled.

With a huff she stormed upstairs and grabbed her white jacket. She stomped down stairs but stopped her tracks when she saw him standing there by the door crossing his arms. He studied her again and stood himself to the side. She grunted and reached the door when he slammed his hand in the door stopping her from opening it. "Where are you going?" he asked. He needed to know where she was going first of all. He wasn't going to let her leave anywhere without him knowing, and especially when she would wear that ridiculous exposable outfits. It may not be his business, and they may not be a couple, but he knew that he had feelings for her and he wasn't going to let any perverted man have a view of anything.

She frowned and slumped her shoulders. "I'm going to the park." She simply stated. He arched his eyebrow. The park, why in the world would she go there? Did she not have better things to do, like cook, or work? She planted her hands on her hips and waited for him to finish thinking. "Vegeta, please just let me go, I won't take long." She said.

"Why are you going to the park?" he asked.

She didn't think that he would even care. With a sigh, "I'm going for some air Vegeta." She said.


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