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Harvey woke up at his normal ungodly hour and smiled when he saw Mike passed out on the couch. Kid probably never slept on anything so comfortable, he thought smugly to himself. Because he was Harvey Specter, and even his couches were grossly expensive.

He didn't exactly tiptoe around his sleeping hybrid, but the other never woke up. He left a note saying he'd be back in a few hours, and, after a moment of thought, specific instructions to not break anything. With a sigh, he called Ray and went downstairs to meet his driver.

Upon his arrival at the office, Donna informed him that Jessica had set up a meeting with Dr. Crawford to discuss the case. Harvey put some files together and walked into a conference room to be met with the old man's smiling face. Despite him seeming so innocent, Harvey got the distinct feeling there was more to Dr. Crawford than meets the eye.

"Harvey! How is Michael faring?" he asked.

"Mike? Oh, he's fine. Slept like a baby last night."

"That's odd," the doctor said. "Mike hasn't had a good night's sleep since his grandmother died. He must really like you." Harvey smiled a little.

"Enough about Mike. Tell me about this case. What exactly is going on?" Dr. Crawford's face fell.

"There are certain activist groups that speak out against hybrids being sold as pets. They say that because they're part human, they deserve to be free."

"But?" Harvey nudged, trying to get him to continue.

"But, they have no life training. They are looked down upon. If we let them out into the world… Who knows what people would do to them?"

"So you sell them to people who can afford your exorbitant prices."

"If we just gave them out, I could never be guaranteed they'd be taken care of. They're like my children, you see. I had a hand in creating them the way they are." Harvey suddenly figured out why he had a bad feeling about this man.

"And you receive a kickback from selling them." The older man shrugged.

"The lifestyle of the rich and famous doesn't come free, you know." Harvey kept his opinions to himself. Opinions didn't make clients, and as disgusting as he was, the man was right. The lifestyle of the rich and famous DOESN'T come free.

"Start from the beginning. How exactly did hybrids come into the world?" Dr. Crawford sighed.

"It must have been 30 years ago, now. We had started out with the best of intentions, you know."

"No, I don't," Harvey said. "Everything concerning the creation of hybrids is kept top secret."

"And for good reason. The government doesn't want anyone else trying to replicate the experiment. There were six or seven of us. We wanted to create something that could stop diseases like Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's. And not just something that would seem to stop the effects, but something that would completely cure the underlying cause. We wanted to be able to eradicate all genetic diseases on the DNA level."

"How exactly were you planning on doing that?" Harvey asked.

"A virus," he said, almost sounding in awe of his own ingenuity. "We were in the middle of the Cold war, and all kinds of social reforms. We had the technology, and one day, we had the idea. We could create a virus that would inject healthy DNA into the cells of a fetus, essentially eradicating all possibilities of genetic defects. In essence, it was genius. But we were prohibited from using human test subjects, so we were forced to use other animals. We tested all varieties of creatures, taking DNA samples from every creature we could get our hands on. Our tests were successful, much to my excitement. We were scheduled to begin testing on human fetuses within the month, but then…" the old man paused.

"What?" Harvey asked.

"One day, one of our animals was born… oddly. A lion cub was born with a leopard's spots. We didn't know what had happened, but it was a grave mistake.

"One of my assistants had gotten pregnant during the course of our experiments. She came in with the ultrasound pictures of her baby, crying." He sighed. "That child was the first hybrid."

"But, how?" Harvey asked.

"We didn't think that a virus designed to attack a certain breed of animal could possibly affect humans. Besides, the virus couldn't affect a fully developed creature. It had to be infected during early development. We never thought a human fetus…" he sighed again. "Reports began to come in from all over the country. We had unwittingly become carriers of the virus and spread it to others. Abigail's daughter was born with the ears and tail of a cat. Once the government found out, we were declared not guilty of human testing, but were ordered to cease all testing. All our research was destroyed, and now, vaccines to keep from getting the virus are too expensive for some to afford."

"So, let me get this straight," Harvey said. "All that, all those years, and you want us to prove it's legal for you to sell them because they're not entirely human?" Crawford thought for a moment.

"Basically." Harvey smiled his lawyer smile. He checked his phone, where he responded to an imaginary text.

"Excuse me for a second, will you? I need to speak with Jessica for a moment." Dr. Crawford waved him off with a smile.

"You must excuse me as well. We're getting a new hybrid in today and I simply must be there when she arrives."

"Of course. We'll call you?" Crawford nodded.

"I hope to see you soon, Harvey." They walked out of the conference room and Harvey made sure he got to the elevator before heading to Jessica's office.

"If it gets out that he's taking kickbacks from selling them, we've got no case. That'll never stand up in a human rights case." She shrugged.

"Figure it out. You've dealt with worse before."

"And you also realize that this is going to have to go before the Supreme Court, right? There's no way we get this worked out before."

"Not unless we start lobbying the state legislation to get something passed. Then we don't spend any time in court at all."

"This is ridiculous, Jessica. We're corporate lawyers, not politicians."

"And Ibrida Labs is a corporation that we represent, and so we shall do our best to keep their best interests in mind." Harvey threw up his hands.

"Whatever you say, Jessica, you're the boss."

(Suits) (Suits) (Suits) (Suits) (Suits) (Suits) (Suits) (Suits) (Suits) (Suits) (Suits) (Suits) (Suits)

Harvey put in another few hours at work before finally heading home at 5, getting off a few hours early just like Jessica had promised him. Ray took him to a little Chinese restaurant to pick up food for himself and Mike before going back home. Wearily opening the door to his apartment, he was surprised to find Mike sitting on the couch dumbly staring at the TV, which was off. His brows creased as the hybrid finally looked up at him.

"Delayed reaction?" he asked. He set his briefcase and the bags of food down on the counter before going to the kitchen to get something to drink. "Have you just sat there all day?" Mike looked at him quietly for a moment before slowly nodding. The dog turned his attention back to the food in the bag. "Did you do anything ELSE?" he asked, a little confused with the other's behavior. Mike shook his head no before opening his mouth slowly.

"I didn't want to break anything," he said, referencing the note Harvey had left him. His voice sounded a little raspy, like he hadn't had anything to drink in a while.

"Did you eat or anything?" Mike looked down and his ears drooped before he mumbled a 'no.' "Why not, kid?"

"I didn't wanna break anything and make you mad, and…" his voice trailed off.

"And what?" Harvey prodded gently.

"And then you'd send me back because I didn't listen to you." Harvey sighed.

"Alright then, here's the deal. Be careful not to break anything, but if you ever get hungry or thirsty or need to use the bathroom or ANYTHING, just go ahead and do it, ok?" Mike nodded meekly. "Now, do you like Chinese food?" Mike nodded vigorously this time, his tail thumping against the couch as he thought of food.

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