It was a deathly hot day in Death City, Nevada as Soul 'Eater' Evens lounged on a now too small couch, his white mop of hair sticking out one side and his calves dangling off the other. Tiredly he sighed aiming a puff of air at a particularly irritating piece of unruly hair.

The TV hummed with meaningless sounds in the back round as Soul let his eyes slide closed deciding that since nothing else particularly interesting was happening he'd take a nap. Suddenly something smashed in the other room followed by a furious shriek.

Soul nearly jumped off the couch in surprise expecting the Kishen Asura to have resurrected and come dashing through the room at any given moment. Instead only a purple ball of fluff came tearing in followed closely by a rampant Maka.

"You goddamn witch!" Maka bellowed face red, from what Soul assumed was anger.

"I'm sorry!" Blair wailed transforming into her human form in a puff of purple smoke, and for once, much to Soul's relief, wearing clothing. Modest none the less… "I've never stayed with another female for this long! How was I supposed to know this would happen?"

"Haven't you ever heard of women's cycles changing to match one anothers?" Maka screeched.

Soul blinked. Wait…were they talking about…OH HELL NO! His eyes widened in horror at the two women screaming at each other in the apartments' living room. They were NOT seriously talking about their womanly business in front of him!

"Well yeah but how would anyone know this would happen?" Blair defended. "You're not even a cat!"

Wait a second…what? Soul thought dumbfounded. What did being a cat have anything to do with that?

"Well obviously it doesn't matter now does it?" Maka wailed her face dropping into her hands. "Oh my god Blair…what am I going to do?"

"I'm sorry Maka…" The cat witch whimpered placing her hands on the younger girl's shoulders. "I honestly didn't know…"

"I know…" Maka grimaced admitingly. "But, how do you usually deal with it?"

"Umm…" Blair blushed. "Let's just say Blair had her ways."

Maka's face grew pale before it got very very red and then bone white again. She sighed seeming exhausted.

"I suppose that it does make sense now…" Maka mumbled. "But what am I supposed to do about it?"

Blair tapped her chin thoughtfully and stuck her tongue out as though she was trying to think of something really good.

"Well, I'd recommend that you don't get very close to the opposite sex," Blair said furrowing. "And definitely stay close to the people you trust and wouldn't be mortified if…" Blair trailed off. Maka blanched again.

"A-and how long does it last?" Maka whispered as though almost afraid of the answer.

"A week…"Blair swallowed.

"AUGH! A WHOLE WEEK!" Maka bellowed lunging for the feline who barely dodged the attack. "HOW AM I GOING TO MAKE IT THAT LONG?"

"Blair's sowwyyyyy!" Blair cried holding her hands up. "Maybe you should just stay with Soul-kun?"

Maka froze her eyes darting to the now completely lost Soul who was sitting on the couch watching them with curious eyes.

"NO! Are you crazy?" Maka gasped taken aback. "How would I ever live with myself after that? Our partnership would be ruined!"

Whoa…their partnership ruined? Maka seemed so distressed that it made Soul's stomach knot up. He snarled, what had the damn cat done this time?

"Why does Maka say that?" Blair asked pouting her lips. "It wouldn't be so terrible! Soul's a good guy and Blair knows that you trust him most! So….wouldn't he actually be the best?"

Soul looked between the two of them; didn't they realize that he was standing right there? What the hell were they talking about anyways?

"Yeah but he's my best friend!" Maka cried her voice lowering to an urgent hiss. "Blair this is sex!"

Soul froze. What had she just said?

"Exactly!" Blair chimed happily. "Problem solved then, right?"

What had she just said?

"No Blair the problem is not solved!" Maka snapped irritated. "The problem will be solved when we figure out how to fix this!"


"What the hell is going on here?" Soul finally bellowed startling the witch and his Miester out of their argument.

"You tell him!" Maka snapped jabbing an accusing finger at Blair. "It's your fault in the first place!"

Blair swallowed at twiddled her fingers nervously before they suddenly dropped to her sides and a lecherous grin plastered all over her face. Maka's face paled and she swallowed hard.

"Well, you see Soul-kun," Blair cooed tilting her head. She was going to make this absolutely torturous for the poor scythe Miester. "As you know Blair is part cat and once a year a cat goes into heat…"

Soul swallowed not liking at all where this was headed. The hungry glint in her eyes didn't in fact make his nerves feel any better. However nothing could have prepared him for what came next.

"It seems that Blair has rubbed off on Maka-chan!" Blair said clasping her hands together. "And now Maka's in heat too! Hehe, Blair never knew that humans could be in heat, this should be fun!" Her sing song voice made Soul sick to his stomach. Heat? Maka was in heat? What the hell did that even mean?

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Soul snapped feeling more and more confused by the second. Why couldn't she dumb it down for him a little bit? He didn't know all about cats and their weird habits!

"Basically Maka-chan's rreeaalllyy horny," Blair giggled and Maka moaned, in disgust of course. "And now alllll the other little tom cats are going to smell it on her, as Blair said before: this should be fun!"

Oi! She dumbed it down a little too much. Soul's eyes darted to his Miester whose mouth was gapping open like a fish out of water.

"Wait….WHAT?" Maka shrieked. "What do you mean all the 'other little tom cats?"

"Oh, Maka didn't know?" Blair asked tilting her head. "The boys will be able to smell it on you; they have to know somehow…But be careful! If a man realizes that your in heat it will make his most animalistic instincts come out, and who knows what might happen then! It's something to do with their blood I think…"

"BLAIR! I'm going to kill you!" Maka screamed rushing at the purple feline.

"Oppsy!" Blair giggled. "Blair just remembered that she had something important, see you in a week!" And with that she disappeared leaving a simmering Maka and a baffled Soul in her wake.

"I can't believe this…" Maka moaned into her hands as she slid to the floor in defeat. "What am I going to do?"

I can't go to school…what if something happens and someone really does smell me?

Soul stiffened, before he snarled gutturally his narrowed ruby eyes flicking to his Miester who sat on the ground helplessly.

"You're not leaving this apartment!" Soul snapped. "Not until this damn Heat thing is fucking over!"

Maka looked at Soul in surprise as if she was realizing that he was still in the room with her for the first time. Why did he suddenly look like a riled up tom cat? Ugh! No, no more feline references. This was so sick…

"What do you mean?" Maka frowned before swallowing nervously. "I have to be able to leave the apartment…school wont be so bad…I'm sure Blair just said that to scare me!"

"No!" Soul nearly yelled. "I'm not taking any chances! What would you do Maka if she wasn't kidding and someone jumped you out of no where? Do you want to get raped by one of our class mates or god forbid someone you don't even know!"

Maka glared at Soul irritably. Why was he suddenly acting so overly protective of her? She'd been the one to defeat the freaking Kishen Asura for Death's sake; she could fend off a couple of sex deprived boys.

"It's not as easy as you'd think Maka…" Soul dead panned.

Damn Soul Link! It gives so much away…

"I'm not letting you test it Maka," Soul growled moving to stand in the way of the door. "If it's like Blair says it is any guy you come across who realizes whats happening will be all over you, and for all you know you might not be in the mood to say no!"

Maka gritted her teeth angrily sending Soul a death glare with her emerald green eyes.

"I would never!" Maka hissed.

"You say that now but have you ever been completely driven by pure sexual desires?" Soul argued. "How would you know how you're going to react to something like this?"

Maka gnashed her teeth together again before giving up and turning away with a snort. She listened as Soul breathed a quick sigh of relief before she slammed her bed room door. In truth Maka was kind of glad. Soul was right after all, she had no idea what kind of affect this might have on her. What if she really couldn't say no?

"I guess this is probably for the best." Make muttered aloud as she fell face first onto her bed with a sigh before turning off her light. "It's for the best…"