I realize that I'm doing the exact thing that annoys me to absolutely no end, taking ridiculously long amounts of time to update. That being the case I've devised a way to make it up to all of you. A shower scene! WHOO! Haha it really never had been in my plans but a few of you hinted at desiring such a thing… so without further ado, here you go.

Maka released a shriek of indignity as Soul tossed her over his shoulder casually shutting the bathroom door behind them and clicking the lock into place. Dumping her onto the chilly bottom of the bathtub he turned the faucet to warm and watched as a spray of water assaulted his stunned Miester.

Maka's eyes widened as the water began pelting her before blinking rapidly to keep from having her vision turn bleary. She glared up at Soul who was laughing so hard he was doubled over, a rare sight indeed. Especially considering that he was naked…

"Soul Eater!" Maka hissed. "You…you bastard!"

"Ah ah, no need to call me names now." Soul chuckled trying to catch his breath.

Maka stood up her fists clenched at her sides as she watched him wipe at his eyes. Glaring ferociously at her demon scythe she grabbed a fistful of the shower curtain and yanked it closed. Turning to face the spray of water she reached for the body wash to begin cleaning herself.

Soul made a sound of protest at having the shower curtain closed in his face therefore taking away the object of his jeering, not to mention wonderful view. Pulling the shower curtain back and stepping inside as well he realized how cramped their shower really was. Not that it mattered, it gave him an excuse to brush skin with his annoyed partner.

Maka whipped her head around and glared at him over her shoulder obviously annoyed with his antics.

"Go away Soul." Maka snapped trying to quell the heat that was pooling in her lower abdomen at the sight of him.

"Don't be so mean Maka~" Soul fake pouted edging closer to her his now damp snowy hair clinging to his chiseled features. "I was just playing with you."

Said Meister swallowed as she took in their situation. Her annoyance was burned away by her seemingly endless lust that she felt towards her partner. His bloody orbs were turned down towards her and the cramped space of the shower they were currently in seemed to make him even bigger.

Maka became aware of the 7 inch difference between herself and Soul as he stood at a comfortable height of 6 foot while she was only 5' 5", the shortest in Spartoi. Since he normally held himself in a slouched position it had skewed her perception of their height difference. She blinked up at him realizing that in a position such as this Soul was going to get whatever it was that he wanted from her. Although more than likely she would give it to him happily anyways.

"Surprised?" Soul asked with a chuckle noticing the amazement in her gaze.

"I didn't realize how tall you'd gotten." Maka mumbled more to herself than to him.

"Mm, and now I'm just going to use it to my advantage." Soul hummed in response as a devilish grin crept onto his features, his drenched hair hiding his gaze from her.

Leaning forward Soul casually placed his forearms on either side of the space just above her head shielding her face from the water as it instead trailed down the back of his head and muscular back. Maka pressed her back against the cool tile but the space between them was still minimal making her fidget with both nervousness and impatience.

Placing all of his weight on his left arm he cupped her cheek with his calloused right hand and tipped her chin up so that he could have access to her mouth. His kiss was hungry, his tongue demanding entrance to her mouth as soon as their lips touched. Maka gave him what he wanted knowing already who was in control here.

Not that she minded.

But she would never tell him that.

Soul abandoned her mouth, latching instead onto her slender neck as he sucked lewdly at the skin there. The steam seemed to make everything more erotic and also helped to dull Maka's sense of preservation. She released a tiny whimper when he added his teeth to the mix, dragging them across her sensitive flesh.

But he was still feeling impatient, there was something specific he needed but he couldn't calm himself down enough to find out what it was. Trailing his hand down from her cheek he passed the side of her perky breasts before he paused, encasing the warm flesh in his palm.

He could feel her nipple become erect against his hand and with a naughty smirk he cupped under her breast and rubbed his thumb over her hardened nub. Maka released a shaky gasp as he rolled over it again and again before tweaking it between his thumb and pointer finger.

"S-Soul." Maka gasped his name as she felt the coil tightening again. She blushed the same color as his eyes and mustered all of her courage as her lips parted again praying that she wouldn't falter in what she wanted. "Touch me?"

She held her breath as he made eye contact with her a single snowy white brow raised.

"I am touching you Maka." Soul frowned thoroughly confused.

"No, I mean…" Maka blushed even harder her words failing her as her gaze traveled lower.

Soul's gaze followed hers and he dully noted that he was more aroused than he had originally thought but when he caught sight of the neat triangle of golden hair that guarded Maka's sex he forgot all about that. He glanced back at blushing cheeks as her words replayed in his foggy brain.

"Oh…so that's what she meant."

"You mean here?" Soul asked innocently as he cupped her most intimate area causing her to release a startled squeal.

Maka stared in disbelief at his right hand wedged between her thighs before looking back to him. He was beginning to become more brash in his actions she realized as she looked at his face. Maka couldn't find any sort of worry in his features as he cupped her, unlike the way he had looked at her when this had all started.

"You're mine." Soul simply stated having heard her thoughts through an insanely powerful soul resonance that he hadn't even noticed before now. "All of you."

Maka realized that the possessive way he was speaking should have worried her but in all honestly it didn't. She had willing given herself to him and she was already well aware of the type of person Soul was and how selfish he could be at times. She accounted it all due to his childhood and the lack of attention and love he had received, it was probably also her fault since she never really had any contact with anyone outside of their group, at least not any males.

"I know." Maka replied lightly watching his expression closely.

He looked relieved, a tiny smile on his lips as he leaned forward and placed a light kiss on her abused lips. As he captured her interest with his soft kisses he ran his middle finger along her slick folds making her mouth freeze against his. Pulling his face back to watch her expression carefully he traced her outer lips marveling at her wet she was becoming.

Adding more pressure he felt her smooth lips part slightly for him and her mouth formed a tiny 'o' shape. He watched with barely concealed lust as the farther he sank his finger into her heat the more her lips parted until she released a breathy ahh. With a smirk he curled his digit inside of her willing body watching as her back arched away from the tiled wall in pleasure. Her rosy buds were willingly displayed for his eager mouth.

Swirling his finger around in her moist woman hood he slipped his ring finger in beside it making Maka gasp for air as he curled them together and slowly began to thrust them in and out of her. He coupled this with grazing his serrated teeth over her bud.

"Soul~" Maka moaned her head lolled to the side as her fingers buried themselves in his wet colorless tresses.

Encouraged by hearing his name on her lips Soul began to move his fingers faster causing her hips to buck slightly against his hand, seeking his deft digits. His calloused thumb grazed over her clit and Maka threw her head back a heavy pant dipping from her lips as her eyes became hooded. Soul's darkened orbs were on her face in an instant watching intently as he rubbed his thumb over it again.

Maka's sea shell colored lips parted to release a needy whimper her eyes glazed over in pleasure as she gave him a look that made him growl in the back of his throat. Intent on hearing her mewls of pleasure Soul experimentally crossed and uncrossed his fingers inside of her as he continued to rub her aroused clit.

Maka released a pleasured scream that surprised even Soul who gave a rough chuckle. Her legs were beginning to shake and her hands were fisting his hair to the point of almost being painful but it only egged him on. He thrust his fingers into her with vigor as his mouth greedily latched onto a pert nipple teasing it with his teeth and tongue.

"S-Soul…" Maka gasped. "I-I'm sooo-ah close!"

"Cum for me?" Soul purred in her ear as he nipped her earlobe.

Her head fell back in ecstasy as his tongue trailed down from her ear to run across damp cheek and down the side of her slender neck before he captured her mouth with his own. He kissed her deeply as he removed his fingers from her soaked heat and began to furiously rub her clit. Her mouth went slack against his as he wrapped his arms around her waist holding her upright as she crumpled in on herself, her orgasm tearing through her being. Fireworks went off in her hazy brain her walls clenching in on themselves and she called Soul's name.

Exhausted her head slumped against his shoulder her breathing ragged against his overheated flesh. She tiled her face to watch him as he curiously licked a damp digit before slipping the entire finger into his mouth and thoroughly cleaning it, doing the same with the second.

He watched her eyes stare at his mouth in wonder before he let them both sink to the bathtub floor without uttering a word. Gently he laid her back as he settled between her thighs, curious Maka propped herself up on her forearms. She watched Soul study her carefully for a moment before he yanked her towards him hiking a mile long leg over his shoulder.

"S-Soul?" Maka wondered aloud slightly nervous.

Without replying he hiked her other leg over his opposing shoulder, efficiently exposing her most intimate area to himself. Maka blushed profusely her viridian eyes asking all of the questions her lips couldn't. He stared back at her with his own cherry orbs that held a desire that she didn't understand but they looked almost…hungry.

A devious grin stretched across his lips as realization dawned on her but by then it was already too late. Soul bent his head lifting up her firm ass in his hot palms and unabashedly attacked her flesh with his mouth. Maka's head fell backwards her arms threatening to give out as her back arched to an almost painful angle. Soul ran his tongue along her slit making sure to eagerly flick her clit when he reached the top.

Without a moment of hesitation he gingerly took it into his mouth and suckled it making Maka writher in his grasp.

"Ah, ah, ahh-ha SOULLL!" Maka cried chewing on her lip as he parted her lips to allow his tongue better access.

Removing his mouth from her thrumming clit he once again attacked her mound with his mouth licking along the length before slowly pushing his tongue deeper making her gasp for air her voice failing her. Much to Maka's embarrassment and Soul's smugness she bucked against his mouth as he added a finger to the mix. Removing his mouth he added another digit and curled them upwards stroking the rough patch of skin he found there.

Maka clutched his hair releasing a pitiful cry as she neared her second orgasm. Watching her with slight amusement Soul eagerly began sucking her swollen clit as her orgasm pulled her under making her squirm in his hold. As her thrashing began to slow he lazily lapped up her overflowing juices watching her dazed and exhausted expression.

With a chuckle pulled her in his embrace the heat of the shower wrapping them both in its embrace.

"Tired?" Soul asked kissing the top of her head.

Maka shook her head surprising Soul who quirked a single snowy brow at her.

"Just give me a minuet." Maka said breathlessly. "I thought my heart was going to explode."

Soul laughed and pulled her in tighter her cheek pressed against his scar, trailing her fingers along the sensitive raised flesh she followed it down with lazy fingers making Soul shiver. Brushing her fingers along his curls fondly she peered up at him to find that his scarlet eyes were already trained on her.

"What were you planning to do about this?" She asked with curiosity as she brushed her fingers over his shaft.

Soul shrugged trying to act nonchalant which earned a scowl from Maka who continued to stroke his erection.

"Let it go away I guess." Soul stated simply, Maka looked at him like he was crazy.

She pulled away from his embrace to stare at him incredulously before she put her forehead to his checking to see if he was warm.

"Are you sick or something?" Maka asked worriedly. "Only an hour ago you nearly had an aneurism because I was teasing you and now you don't even care?"

Soul frowned trying to remember how to stay composed with her hand on his dick.

"You're tired and…" Soul began clearing his throat before he bit back a groan as she gave him a swift tug. "NNGH!"

"Oh shut up Soul." Maka snorted watching his expression fade to something like relief.

"Okay, if you insist." He said giving her a toothy grin to which Maka only rolled her eyes.

Focusing on the task at hand she began to languidly stroke along his shaft causing Soul to slump his head against her shoulder, breathing heavily in her ear, his hot breath nearly scalding her skin. Maka smiled to herself as he groaned into her skin when she tightened her grip and twisted her fist like before.

With a Cheshire grin Maka rubbed her thumb across his weeping tip, her soft lips at his ear.

"So close already Soul?" Maka purred, thoroughly enjoying him being on the receiving end of the teasing for once.

He growled warningly into her neck and she giggled making him nip at the supple skin that was exposed to him.

"Relax; I'll take good care of you." Maka promised feeling him snort in annoyance.

As she leaned forward Soul found himself resting his cheek on her back his ear pressed firmly to the skin there so that he could hear her soothing heart beat. Gently her tongue caressed his tip and his eyes closed in bliss as she enveloped it in the velvety heat of her mouth. Her arms wrapped securely around his waist as she sunk lower sucking with pleasure as she listened to his deep moans and occasional curse.

Much to Soul's displeasure he quickly became aware that Maka was right, he wasn't going to last long. With a long groan that bordered on a whine of annoyance he felt Maka smile around his shaft, which he didn't really understand but chose to ignore. He sat up and threaded his slender fingers through her wet blonde locks panting slightly as he watched her continue to work him with her sweetly sinful lips.

He could feel his orgasm quickly approaching but he couldn't seem to make the warning get past his teeth as the heat enveloped him releasing bursts of color and light behind his fluttering eyelids.

Maka pulled away and watched as his long snowy lashes rested against his defined cheek bones. The way his lips parted in a soft way that looked so oddly innocent made her toes curl. She wanted to kiss him so badly.

Softly, almost hesitantly she leaned forward and pressed her lips tenderly to his slightly ajar ones hoping to make the moment all the more sweet for him.

In response Soul's eyes cracked open, an odd sensation since he'd never experienced an organism with his eyes open, the welcoming warmth of her mouth made it even more pleasurable. As the tingling began to fade away from his toes and finger tips he leaned away just far enough to whisper against her lips.

"I love you."

Maka's heart warmed at the sound of his voice, slow and methodic, it was by far her favorite noise.

"I love you too." Maka sighed closing her eyes at the sheer joy that seemed to envelope her entire being.

They quickly finished washing up and abandoned the bathroom to head to their respective bedrooms and get dressed in their PJs before settling together on the couch. Soul grabbed a towel and began to rub her hair dry humming to himself as he completed his task.

"Soul?" Maka asked quietly her eyes hidden by the white fabric of the towel.

Soul hummed to acknowledge that he was listening to her.

"Do you really love me?" Her voice was barely audible as she waited for his response her hands tugging at each other in her lap.

It was silent for a moment and Maka found herself holding her breath, preparing for rejection.

"Yes." Soul said steadily his voice washing over her ears.

His large hands found her petite ones and he encased them in his own holding them closer to their chests, his eyes closing happily as a smile graced his features.

"I really, really do."

Wow, I have absolutely no idea where that ending came from…usually my endings are sort of brash but this, this one makes me really happy! Whee! 3