"Next time I want at least a couple hours with you." Ash said to his boyfriend.

James nodded. "I know, I know. I really do have to go now though. I love you." He kissed Ash on the cheek before standing up to leave.

"Bye...text me or call me or something. I want to know how Jessie reacts when you tell her were dating."

"I can imaine there's going to be a lot of screaming and what not." James felt his phone vibrate, he looked down at the message.

Get your lazy ass back to camp! Where the hell are you? We need to discuss stealing Pikachu!

"I really have to get back now. Apparently were having a meeting about stealing Pikachu."

"Oh geez. Can't miss that now can you?" Ash laughed. "Bye babe."

James kissed Ash once again and left. He took the elevator and texted Jessie back.

Sorry, went to eat dinner at the Pokemon Center. I'm on my way back now.

He regretted sending that as soon as he hit send. He should have come up with a diffrent lie. Now he's not getting anything to eat tonight since Jessie thinks he already ate.

He gave an unhappy sigh as he stepped foot into the campsite.

"Hey Jessie, Meowth! I'm back!"

"We held the meeting without you. We decided to wait until morning then set a trap."

"Yes because that works out so well." James said sarcastically. Jessie glared at him.

"Do you have a better?" she asked.

He actually did. He had a million better ideas...

"He's staying at the Pokemon center Room 13B, his friends got a seperate room so it's just him and Pikachu. All his other Pokemon are getting treated tonight by Nurse Joy. Ash is a heavy sleeper...and with him knocked out all we have to do is nab Pikachu."

"How we gonna do that?" Jessie asked.

"Do we still have that shock-proof net?" He asked. Jessie nodded.

"We'll use that." He said grinning at the genious idea that was his own plan.

"You know what James...that was actually a pretty good idea."

"I know right!"

"How did you know what room the twerp was staying in?"

Meowth looked over from the log he was sitting on. He knew James was actually with Ash.

"Well, I can explain that."


"I was kind of in his room earlier."

"Why? Were you trying to steal Pikachu without us?" Jessie wondered. James shook his head. Meowth covered his ears. He knew once James told her, Jessie was going to scream.

"No I was kind of...giving him a blowjob."

Meowth's eyes widened and let out a confused, frustrated, agitated scream.

"REPEAT THAT PLEASE?" Jessie screamed.

"I was giving him a blowjob."

"James, that better be part of your plan. If it's not then i'll-"

"You'll what Jessie?" James asked, interrupting her.

"I will tell the boss that your betraying Team Rocket."

"How the fuck am I betraying Team Rocket?"

"Your practically joined forces with the enemy. What I go to his room tonight and you capture me and Meowth and have us thrown in Jail. No way James!"

"Jes, Just because i'm dating Ash doesn't mean i'm not going to try and steal his Pikachu!"

"I don't believe you."

"What will it take for you to believe that i'm still part of Team Rocket?"

"Break up with Ash."

"Besides that, that's not happening. I love him."

"Since when are you gay?" Jessie asked.

"I've always been gay, I just never told you because Meowth told me you had a crush on me. Though you have a funny way of showing affection..."

"I was never shown affection as a child, you know that." Jessie said.

James looked to Meowth for help considering the fact they were getting off topic. Meowth stood up.

"Jessie just tell James what you want him to do."

"I want him to...um...kill a wild Pokemon."

"Jessie! That's positively evil!" James gasped.

"That's the point."

"I can't do it. Killing Pokemon is illegal-"

"Were Pokemon theives."

"Killing Pokemon is immoral-"

"We have no morals."

"Killing Pokemon is wrong-"

"Were Team Rocket and we fight for what is wrong." Jessie said.

James knew Jessie had won this battle. Not doing this would mean he would a traitor to Team Rocket...but if he did it and Ash found out then he would never forgive him.



A/N: I didn't want to have James do something super evil but how else was he supposed to prove he was still dedicated to the Team Rocket organization? Just clearing this up in case you guys are confused:

He has to do evil, to prove he's evil.

That's why he's been asked to kill a Pokemon! How could anyone kill one of those cute little creatures? I wonder if he'll do it. You'll have to wait and see!