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Title: Deceived

Chapter 1: A tale of two Brocks

Characters I don't own: Reba McKinney-Hart, Brock Hart, Kyra Hart, Jake Hart, Cheyenne Hart-Montgomery, Van Montgomery, Elizabeth Montgomery, Barbra Jean Booker, Henry Hart, Jack Morgan, Mike Holliway, Liz Hart, Buzzard Booker, and any other characters from the Reba cast.

Characters I do own: Anyone not part of the Reba cast – original characters developed for this story include: Maggie Hart and Alex Hamilton.

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I don't own the TV shows of Reba or One Life to Live. I also don't own any of the characters in this story from Reba or One Life to Live. They belong to the writers of the REBA TV show and ONE LIFE TO LIVE TV show. I also do not own the rights to any of the songs and lyrics that I use in this story. Those are the property of the artists involved. I also do not own the rights to any television show or movie reference that I use in this story. Those are the property of the Hollywood creative teams involved in their production. I will be changing some release/airing dates of the titles used to fit in with the story.

This story takes place in 2008 when the Reba show would be starting season eight. Reba is age 44 and Brock is age 46. Barbra Jean is 34 years old. Cheyenne and Van are 25. Kyra is 20. Jake is 15. Henry and Elizabeth are almost 6 almost 7 years old.

This chapter will consist of scenes that will be in regular font, not italicized font. I use the italicized font to distinguish between author's notes and regular scenes. I use bold font when things need special emphasis.

Previously- There is no previous installment of this story because this is the beginning of the story.

Summary: A man who looks just like Brock Hart appears to the Hart family and claims to be the real Brock Hart. He also claims that the man that they know and love as Brock Hart is an imposter who has stolen his life and identity. The man who suddenly appears and claims that he is Brock was imprisoned for nearly eight years and escaped his jailers.

How will this story begin? How will this man find Reba and her family? How will Barbra Jean react to seeing two men who look exactly alike and both claim to be Brock Hart? How will Brock react to being confronted and having everyone who he loves reject him as an imposter? How will the family finds out who is the real Brock? What is Reba's reaction to all of this? Will she ever find out who is really Brock?

What happens next? Stay tuned to find out! Keep reading to find out more!

Author's note- Note to readers: This chapter will deal with how these characters meet. This chapter will begin to set up who, why, when, where, and how of the story. The first thing is establishing the relationships and history.

Here are some things to remember as you read this story:

You have to be very careful sometimes when reading details because new chapters will refer back to previous chapters in my stories. I like making lots of twists and turns in my writing to keep people guessing.

Barbra Jean has two husbands and has to decide which one is the real Brock. Who is Henry's real father?

It will be fun to see Reba react to being pursued by the man claiming to be Brock. If man who has been Brock Hart for the last eight years is an imposter, then the question remains if Reba is actually still married to the real Brock. If Brock's life was stolen from him, then there is still the question of whether or not Barbra Jean is legally married to Brock.

I love the reviews that have been sent on my other stories. Thank you!

The answers to the questions above will be revealed as you read the story. Here is Deceived!

Now on with our story-
Maggie Hart carried a tray of food to eat in a lawn chair by the pool. The pool is located in the backyard of the home of Reba Hart and her children in Houston, Texas. A man stood behind the bushes watching Maggie. The man looked puzzled to see this child. He looked as if he were expecting someone else to appear. Maggie ran back into the house to get something to drink. The man hasn't eaten in days. He sat down on the lawn chair to eat Maggie's food.

The man looked like Brock Hart, except he has a moustache and a beard. He read a newspaper with a picture of Brock Hart on the front page. He was cleared in a murder investigation headed by police officer, Mike Holliway.

"Who is this guy who keeps saying that he's Brock Hart?" the man asked himself.

Maggie appears with a drink in her hand and walked up to the man in the lawn chair. "Who are you?"

The man was startled by Maggie's reappearance by the pool.

"Who are you?" the man asked Maggie.

"I'm the kid whose food you ate," she replied.

"I was hungry. I haven't eaten in a long time."

"Are you a homeless person?" Maggie asked. Her mother had taught her to help people in trouble. Her mother, Reba had once taken in a bunch of people who were homeless after a hurricane.

"Well, I don't really know where my home is."

"My mommy says that we should help the homeless. Here, you can wash the food down with this." Maggie hands the man her drink.

"So, are you here by yourself?" the man asked Maggie.

"My sister is babysitting me," Maggie explained to the man, who drank down the can of soda quickly.

The two sit down by the side of the pool and put their feet in the water. "Can I ask you a question?"


The man held up the newspaper. He pointed to the picture of Brock on the front page.

"Do you know who this guy is?"

"Yeah, that's my daddy."

"What's his name?"

"Brock Hart."

"So this guy in the newspaper is Brock Hart and he's your dad?" The man looked genuinely surprised at this piece of information.

"Yeah, I told ya. That's my daddy."

"Let me ask you somethin'. Who's your mother?"

Before Maggie could answer, her sister was calling out her name from the back door. The man got up to hide behind the bushes and asked Maggie not to say anything. Just then, Cheyenne appeared by the pool. The man watched Cheyenne talk to Maggie.

"Maggie, what are you doin'? Who are you talkin' to? Did you hear me, Maggie? Who's out here with you? I heard you talkin'. Is someone out here with you?"

The man thinks about the information that been floating in his brain for the past eight years. "I have a daughter. Her name is Cheyenne."

"Maggie, answer me!" Cheyenne appeared very worried about Maggie's safety.

"I was talkin' to the homeless man."

"What homeless man?"

Maggie walked over to the lawn chair and pointed to the tray. "See, Cheyenne. He ate my snacks."

"Where is he?"

Maggie pointed to the bushes. Cheyenne turned to look. She goes to look just behind the bushes and see no one there. "Maggie, there's no one out here."

The man was cleverly hidden deep in the bushes. The man begins to go over the thoughts in his mind again. He remembered holding Cheyenne as a baby. "I have a daughter. Her name is Cheyenne," he said to himself again, as if the information would disappear from his memory at any moment.

"Maggie, you're makin' this up." Cheyenne confronted Maggie with her hands on her hips. "You are, aren't you?"

"No, there really was a man. He looked like Daddy, except he had a moustache and a beard."

Cheyenne wasn't sure how to react to that information. "What do you mean the homeless man looked like Dad with a moustache and beard?" Cheyenne was concerned about her little sister. Their father hadn't been around much lately to spend time with her.

"He had a moustache like the one that I saw on Daddy's face in the picture album with Mommy on their wedding day. He also had a beard on."

"What are you talkin' about, Maggie? There's no one out here."

"But he was!" Maggie insisted.

"I think you are not supposed to be out here by the pool so you made up a friend." Cheyenne quickly picked Maggie up and carried her inside the house, despite her protests.

The man came out from behind the bushes after Cheyenne took Maggie inside. His thoughts take over again. "I have a daughter. Her name is Cheyenne." He remembered Cheyenne's face as a little girl.

Later, Reba was sitting by the pool, drinking a glass of wine and looking at an old picture of her and Brock on their wedding day. The man is behind the bushes, watching her. "Cheyenne has a mother. Her name is Reba," he thought to himself. He was going over his thoughts in his mind. They were the same thoughts that he'd been going over and over again in his mind over the past eight years. They were the thoughts that kept him going and kept him sane all these years. He had a home and a family who needed him. He was sure of it. He wanted to approach her. He stepped out from behind the bushes.

Reba heard a noise. "Hello? Who's there?" The man stepped back behind the bushes.

Cheyenne appeared. She walked over to where Reba was sitting. "It's just me."

Reba jumped back in her seat. She was holding her chest. "You scared me to death. Don't you know that it's bad to scare someone with high blood pressure like that?"

"Sorry." Cheyenne smiled. "What are you doin' out here, drinkin' alone and lookin' at that old photo?" she teased.

"Mike and I were lookin' at old pictures in the album the other day and it got me wonderin' if the one great love of my life was your father."

Cheyenne looked surprised at Reba's answer. It was a strange topic of conversation after all these years. The man behind the bushes was also interested in hearing this topic of conversation.

Reba invited Cheyenne to sit down with her. "You know I am really tryin' to give Jack a chance."

"What happened, Mom?" Cheyenne was concerned about how melancholy Reba looked at that moment.

"He took off to New York. He said that it was on business. He always says that. He goes out of town so much."

"You don't think that it's for business?"

"I don't know. He was on the phone before he left. I heard the conversation and it really didn't sound like he was leavin' on business."

"What did it sound like?"

"I don't know. I just get a feelin' that he's lyin' to me. I've felt that way since we met."

"Have you asked me about it? What about the picture that he had in his office, the one of you and Dad?"

"It's strange. I'm not sure what he was doin' with that photograph. The picture was the same one that I'm holdin' now." Reba holds up the picture in her hand to show Cheyenne. "He said that your father just left it in his office. But why would he hold onto it?"

"Yes, it's strange, but you knew all of that before. You've known it for two years now. What's makin' you doubt him now?"

"He gave it to me before he left and I just started wonderin'." She showed the photo to Cheyenne again. "Look at this. Look how happy we were. I just loved our wedding day."

The man behind the bushes went over the thoughts in his mind again. He remembered the picture that Reba was talking about. He stared at Reba and Cheyenne.

"Look how happy I was. I really was happy the day that I married your dad. Makes me wonder if I'm ever gonna be that happy again. I set aside my doubts about Jack, then I think maybe I could be."

Cheyenne is holding the picture in her hands. She stared at it and then focused her attention on her mother. "Of course, you can be."

"Well then he goes off and does somethin' like rushing off to New York without really being upfront with me about why. I know I'm probably just bein' cautious since I've been in so many bad relationships, but I don't really know how I can move on with Jack until I get some answers."

"Well, what are ya gonna do about it?"

Reba swirled the wine around in her glass. "What am I gonna do about it? I think that I'm gonna go to New York and get the answers that I'm lookin' for. Surprise him."

"You know I wouldn't expect anything less."

"I wanted to remind you that Sunday is Father's Day."

"Mom, you don't have to remind me."

"I know, but I want you to remind your sister and your little brother. Maggie made a really special gift for your dad. Will you help give it to him?"

"Yeah, I will. Did you know that Maggie has an imaginary friend?"

"Since when?" Reba asked in disbelief.

"This afternoon, I heard her talkin' to someone out here. When I came out here, they were gone."

"Well, Maggie has a very vivid imagination."

"Tell me about it. She even described this man. She said that he looked just like Dad only with a beard and a moustache."

"What do you mean by that?"

"When I asked her, she said that his moustache looked just like Dad's in this picture."

Reba stood there, not knowing what to say at this point. The man behind the bushes got closer to listen, stepping out from the bushes a little.

"What do you think about Maggie's description of her imaginary friend? Well, I think that it's exactly like it is. It's just an imaginary friend. Maggie is just describing what she thinks that he looks like."

"Yeah, I thought so too," Cheyenne responded, not really believing what she was saying.

"Okay, so our mystery is solved. Let's go inside. I'm gonna try to find a flight to New York ASAP." Reba led Cheyenne back inside the house. The man behind the bushes walked over to the chairs by the pool where Reba and Cheyenne were sitting. He picked up the wedding photo and looked at it. He smiled. In his mind, he could remember that day. He remembered the wedding so clearly. He remembered what it was like to hold her and kiss her after the two were pronounced husband and wife.

Another man came up behind him. He stuck a gun in his back. "Freeze or you're dead." The other man searched him. He found a wallet in the pocket. "I believe this belongs to me. Turn around slowly. Now!" The man who looked like Brock did as he was told. "Remember me? I was supposed to kill you and now I'm here to finish the job."

"Yeah, I remember you. I knocked you out and you followed me all the way here just to get your clothes back."

"Oh, you're a riot. Who knew? Get your hands up. Come on, let's go," the gunman ordered.

"I wasn't so cheery when I was your prisoner and you were torturing me."

"Did you think that we wouldn't catch up with you?"

"Look, can we talk about this?"

"There's nothing to say since you aren't gonna cooperate with us. You're disposable now."

"I'll cooperate."

"Yeah, right."

"I'll do anything you say."

"Who're you tryin' to kid? Your time is up."

Just then, Maggie came over to where the two men were standing. She was carrying a tray of food in her hands. When she saw the man with the gun, she got scared and dropped the tray of food. The gunman looked at her and turned his gun on her.

The man who looked like Brock was scared of what the gunman would do to little Maggie. "What are ya doin' here, kid? What are you doin' here?" He yelled at Maggie because he was so scared that the gunman might harm the little girl.

"Is that a real gun?"

"Yeah, that's a real gun, but he's not gonna hurt anybody with it. Now run on up to the house. Get outta here." He shooed Maggie back, trying to keep the fear out of his voice.

"Stay right where you are, kid," the gunman ordered.

Maggie's friend was horrified. "She's just a kid!"

The gunman shook his head. "She's a witness. I can't leave her."

Maggie's friend flew into action. He kicked the gun out of the gunman's hand, and then he punched him in the face. He grabbed the gun and the gunman attacked him. The two were wrestling over the gun when it went off. Maggie looked frightened. The gunman's body fell to the ground. Maggie walked over to her friend. "Is he dead?" she asked.

"Yes, he's dead. Come on, let's get you outta here. You don't need to be around this stuff." He picked Maggie up in his arms and carried her away.

"What a bad man," she remarked.

The man stopped to look at Maggie. He was surprised at how smart she was. "Yes, he was."

"But you shouldn't shoot people," Maggie commented.

"Ordinarily you shouldn't shoot people."

"Are you a bad man, too?" she asked.

"I'm not really sure."

Maggie put her hand on his shoulder. "I know that you're a good man."

The man set her down on her feet. "How do you know that?" he asked, looking into her eyes. He bent down on his knees to be at her level.

"Because you saved my life."

The man was choked up at her words. "Thanks for trying to bring me more food, Maggie."

"I'm sorry that I dropped it on the ground."

"It's okay. Look, you know, maybe we shouldn't tell anybody about what happened here, okay?"

"Should we call 911?"

The man shook his head. "No, no. I got it. I'll take care of it. It's just... We gonna keep it just between ourselves, okay?" He looked at Maggie. She looked uncertain.

"You saved my life," she repeated.

"Yeah, but that's a secret just between you and me, okay?"

"Okay," her small voice answered.

"Good. Maybe you should run up to the house now, okay. Go on," he urged. The man was worried about the girl's mental state and safety through all of this. She needed to go inside to the safety of her mother's arms.

He quickly stood up and went over to where the gunman was lying dead on the ground. He got a hold of the gunman's arms and pulled the body away.

The next day, the man who looked like Brock was standing in the house that he had rented. It was down the street from Reba's house. He was going over some things that he'd recently bought. He got dressed in his new clothes. Some food was delivered to the house. He paid the delivery driver well and thought about how he could afford to do so because it was someone else's money. He was carried the gunman's wallet. He looked at the drivers' license again. "So, Buzzard Booker, why do you want me dead? What did I ever do to you?" he thought to himself. He was sorry that he had to kill this man, but he felt like he had no other choice after the gunman threatened to shoot Maggie. He thought about Maggie. He wondered why she said that Brock Hart was her father, but he was sure that he was Brock Hart. He didn't have a kid named Maggie. This didn't make any sense.

He went over the details in his mind. "If Brock Hart has a kid named Maggie and I'm supposed to be Brock Hart, then this doesn't make any sense. I don't have a kid named Maggie. Do I have a kid named Maggie?" He worried about the men who were after him. He was determined not to let them kill him. "I'm home and this is where I'm gonna stay."

Buzzard's cell phone rang. The man who thought that he was Brock wanted answers. He answered the call. It was one of the men working with Buzzard. He told the caller that Buzzard was dead. "Now what can you tell me about this man who calls himself Brock Hart? What's his story?" The caller didn't give him any answers so he ended the call quickly before it could be traced and planned his next move. He went up to Reba's house and knocked on Reba's back door. Maggie was in the kitchen, eating an apple. She saw her friend and quickly ran to open the door. She raced to get him an apple to eat, too. She went outside to talk to him.

"I need to ask you a question about your dad, Brock Hart. What time does he get home?"

"Maybe now."

"Wait, is your dad here now?"

"No, my daddy isn't married to my mommy."

"You mean Reba."

"Yes, but I call her mommy."

"Sorry, sometimes I get a little confused in my head."

Maggie put her hand on his shoulder again. "That's okay."

"So, where does your dad live?"

"With my stepmom."

"You have a stepmom?" He couldn't imagine being divorced from Reba and marrying someone else.

"Yeah, her name is Barbra Jean."

This information peaked his interest. Barbra Jean was his dental hygienist. Sure, he dated her a few times when he and Reba first separated, but he couldn't imagine being married to her.

"Your dad is married to Barbra Jean Booker?"

"Yep? Are you okay?"

"Sure. I'm gonna need your dad's address."

"Okay, he lives just a few houses down from my mommy."

"Don't tell anyone that you gave me your father's address. It has to be our little secret like before, like the one we had with the bad man."

"Are you gonna hurt my dad?"

"I promise you that nothing bad is gonna happen to Brock Hart."


"Why don't you get back inside and play?"

"Okay," she said before running back to go inside the house. She stopped. "Am I gonna see you again?"

"I hope so."

Maggie ran back and hugged him before going inside the house. He reflected about what a wonderful job Reba was doing in raising such a sweet little girl. When he got to Barbra Jean's house, he stood outside her back door. He could see her inside. She was throwing things and crying. He tried to sneak inside the house. He got into the kitchen. He wanted to go to Barbra Jean and talk to her, but Kyra walked in the front door. She immediately went to see what was wrong with Barbra Jean. Brock hid in the kitchen pantry.

"I hate Brock Hart!" Barbra Jean screamed.

"What's wrong?" Kyra asked gently. She invited her stepmother to sit down on the couch.

"What's always wrong. It's your father. He and I had a fight and I don't wanna talk about it, alright?"

"It'll pass. It always does. Not this time."

"Hey, I saw you by his side at the hospital. You love my dad."

"He's a hard man to love, Kyra. Just ask your mother. We spent about as much time hating each other as loving each other."

"It doesn't matter. You wouldn't stay married to him if there wasn't something real."

Barbra Jean chuckled. "We didn't even get married for love. We got married because I got pregnant with Henry."

"But then you fell in love."

"Yeah, a lot of good that's done for me. It hasn't been such a good marriage. We keep getting separated and then we get back together. It's hard. It's hard on me and it's hard on you and Henry."

"Yeah, my dad doesn't have the great track record as a family man, but that doesn't mean that we don't love him. You don't hate him, Barbra Jean."

"Yeah, I know. We hate the sin, but love the sinner. But nowhere does it say that I have to stay married to him. It gets really old, Kyra. He refuses to learn from his mistakes. He is the same man that he was when I was ready to divorce him before. He hasn't changed one bit."

Kyra hugged Barbra Jean. Brock wondered what kind of mess this other man had made of his family. Just then, the man everyone thought was Brock came into the house with Jake. Jake had gotten in trouble at school again and he went down to meet with the principal. He was reprimanding Jake for his recent string of bad behavior leading to multiple visits to the principal's office.

"I'm sorry, Dad."

The other Brock stood face to face with Jake. "And?"

"Thank you?" Jake responded hesitantly.

"Not to me! You should apologize to Barbra Jean. She is the one who has had to deal with your school principal over and over again!"

"It's okay, Brock. Really," Barbra Jean responded.

"Thank you, Barbra Jean," Jake said quietly.

After Jake's apology, Brock scoffed. Barbra Jean sent Jake and Kyra upstairs. She wanted to talk to her husband privately. They began to argue about how he was parenting the kids.

"Do you know what I see when I look at Jake? I see you and that's not a good thing, Brock. Reba's got her hands full with all those kids at her house. She needs your support and you're not givin' it to her. Jake needs discipline and consequences. Who are you anyway? I don't even know who you are anymore. You're his father. Act like it!"

"Oh, poor Reba. She has three grown children in that house. She also has you. You're here at home because you wanted to be a stay at home mom. You could discipline the kids too. You are their stepmother. I know his teachers. I know what his grades are. I know his friends. When was the last time that you spoke to any of his teachers? Reba certainly can't. She's gone during the day and she doesn't get home until after six o'clock. That leaves you and me."

"You're right. I could always do more. I have left the discipline all up to you and Reba, but I am ready to step up. Are you? Are you ready to do what it takes to turn Jake around?"

"How do I do that, oh, wise one? Tell me. You have such experience in raising teenagers that you think that you can handle things better than me and Reba. Please show me how. By the way, please explain how Jake should have consequences when Henry has none for his behavior. The only way to keep Jake from turning out like me is to keep him close. I'm gonna deal with Jake my way."

"Your way will not work. It's almost guaranteed to make things worse. I don't know if I can stand by and watch this anymore."

"What does that mean?"

"This is what we've been reduced to. We're turning on each other. We're fighting. It's not good for the kids."

"I know that. I'm their father. You're my wife. Deal with it!"

Barbra Jean started crying and ran out of the house. Brock had enough of this for the moment. He figured out a way to quickly get out of the house. He wanted to follow Barbra Jean. He wanted some answers. A few days later, Brock still didn't have many answers to why this other man was living as Brock Hart. He was tired and frustrated.

"Apparently, I have a daughter named Cheyenne, another daughter named Kyra, a son named Jake, another daughter named Maggie, an ex-wife named Reba, a wife named Barbra Jean, and another son named Henry. He has all of that, plus a brand new house for his brand new wife. He's got the dental practice and all my money because that SOB stole my life! What is goin' on here? How did Reba not notice that the guy isn't me? How did Cheyenne, Kyra, and Jake not notice that this guy is a fake? Who are Maggie and Henry? Are they even my children? Somebody has got to help me make sense of this. Why does he look like me? Where's my mom? Where does she fit into all of this? I need to find my mom. I'm about to lose my mind. I want my life back." He sat there, running these thoughts through his mind.

A few days later, Maggie came to see Brock at his house. He got her a present for her birthday. Maggie was glad to see her friend, but she was worried because she left her house without telling her mommy where she was going.

"Are you okay?" Brock asked her.

"My mommy is gonna be worried about me. I didn't tell her where I was goin'," Maggie explained.

"No, she's not."

"My mommy knows you?"

"Yes, she does. We go way back. It's okay that you are here with me because she would want me to protect you"

"'Cause you're a hero?"

"Yeah, I need your help. I have to protect you, your brother, your sisters, and your mom."

"There's another bad man?"

"Yeah, but he's in disguise so we have to find out who he is so we can help your mommy."

"Will he hurt my family?"

"No, Maggie, I won't let anyone hurt your family. Not ever again. I'm the only one that this bad man wants to hurt. The bad man is a phony. He has to be stopped because you can't take somebody's life and get away with it."

Brock played games with Maggie for a little while. "This is a nice birthday now," Maggie said to Brock.

"I'm glad, honey. I've had fun hangin' out with you. I have some presents for you."

Maggie got excited and tore into her presents from Brock. "My mommy's boyfriend gave me a present, but I didn't like it much. Jack doesn't give me any fun presents ever. Thank you so much! I'm glad that I came here."

"So am I. I was hoping to see you today. I was wondering how old you are, Maggie. Do you know how many candles are on your birthday cake today?"

Maggie giggled. "That's easy. I'm seven, silly. I'm seven years old today."

Brock was filled with some hope. He was gone for almost eight years, but there was still a chance that Maggie was his daughter. "So, why aren't you at home at your party with your family?"

Maggie's eyes filled with tears. "My mommy and daddy were fighting again. They always fight. My daddy says that he still loves my mommy, but he always makes her cry."

Brock put his arms around her and held her until she stopped crying. Just then, he heard Reba outside calling out for Maggie. She was searching the neighborhood for her and she was worried sick. "That's my mommy. I've gotta go!" Maggie ran out of the house and ran towards her mother, leaving her presents inside with Brock. "Here I am, Mommy." Reba grabbed her daughter and hugged her tightly. "Mommy, I can't breathe. You're huggin' me like Barbra Jean does."

Reba laughed and let go of her little girl. "Mommy was very worried about you. Maggie, don't you ever do anythin' like this again. Mommy doesn't like it when she can't find you."

"I'm sorry, Mommy. You and Daddy were fighting again so I came here to see my friend."

"Really. Well, I'd like to meet your friend." Reba walked up to the door and knocked on it.

Brock went to the door. He wanted to talk to Reba, but he didn't want to scare her, confuse her, or put her in any danger so he didn't open the door. Instead, he talked to her through the closed door. "Hello."

"Hi. My name is Reba Hart. My daughter, Maggie was here. I just wanted to meet you and thank you for being so kind to my little girl."

"She's a sweet kid. I'm sorry about not opening the door. I'm really sick and I don't wanna get you sick too. Maggie was so upset that I had to open the door. I didn't wanna leave her out there crying."

"I understand. She seems to like you a lot. Thank you for helping her. I hope to meet you face to face sometime. Get well soon. I've gotta get Maggie home. It's her birthday and her dad wants to spend some time with her before he has to leave.

Two weeks passed. Brock was grateful enough to convince his old buddy, Mike Holliway that he was in fact Brock Hart. Mike offered him protection while he investigated the situation. He wanted to find out who was behind the plot to keep Brock Hart imprisoned for nearly eight years while a lookalike took over his life. The people involved were dangerous criminal types. When Mike found Brock on the docks, he had been shot. He was lucky to be alive. If he hadn't been wearing a bulletproof vest, he would've been dead. That alone was enough to convince Mike to get involved.

He was shocked to find out that the man on the docks was Brock Hart. It only took one call to the dental offices of Dr. Brock Hart to find out that there were actually two men walking around claiming to be Brock Hart. Brock was grateful to have one person to help him clear his name away from the psycho lookalike. Brock was staying in Mike's apartment with a police officer guarding the door 24 hours a day. Mike did a DNA swab on Brock and collected DNA from the other man claiming to be Brock during a visit to the dental office. He was also kind enough to run a paternity test to determine who fathered little Maggie. Both men knew Reba well enough to know that she'd want to know that fact as soon as it came out that she'd been living with an imposter. Mike was a friend of Brock in junior high and high school back in Dallas. They were best friends. Brock moved to Oklahoma to go to college with Mike.

He also wanted to grab the attention of the pretty redhead who was desperately in love with Mike Holliway. There was a line of gentlemen who wanted to date Miss Reba McKinney, but most of them didn't make it past Reba's protective father, JV McKinney. Brock got his chance to date Reba when Mike and Reba's relationship hit a snag after Reba's freshmen year of college. Brock and Reba's relationship was a lightning-fast romance from that moment on. Within the first six months of the relationship, Reba was Mrs. Brock Hart and expecting their first daughter, Cheyenne. Brock was thrilled to find out that they'd another daughter. It was an unexpected surprise. Just when he'd thought that they'd completed their family, another child arrived on the scene.

Brock estimated that Maggie was most likely conceived during their vacation to Hawaii. Reba and Brock had been having problems for awhile. They'd gotten separated once. They got back together, but things were still shaky. They went on a second honeymoon together to bring some romance back into their marriage. It was shortly after that trip that Brock went missing. The idea of Reba with another man hurt Brock deeply. He definitely didn't like Jack Morgan and Maggie didn't like him either. But the thought of Reba acting as a wife to his lookalike made Brock's skin crawl.

The Hart family was having dinner all together at a restaurant with Jack Morgan as Reba's invited guest minus Van, Elizabeth, the baby, and Henry. The evening had been going well. They managed to get through the meal without much arguing between the adults.

Jack Morgan stood up with something to say. "I'm sorry for the havoc that this will wreak on all of your lives, but it's time. This man is not Brock Hart," Jack announced, pointing to Barbra Jean's husband. Everyone looked at the man that they had known for almost eight years as Brock Hart.

"I am." Everyone turned their heads in the direction of that voice. Brock stood there, clean shaven and dressed in a suit. He was finally face to face with his lookalike and he was not afraid.

Everyone was stunned, especially Cheyenne in particular. "Oh my God!" she exclaimed. The lookalike still sat there in disbelief as if he were still the rightful Brock Hart. Barbra Jean and Jake stood up first, and then everyone else stood up.

Brock addressed the group. "I'm Brock Hart and I'm home."

Jake looked over at Reba, who stood by Cheyenne and Kyra. She was holding onto to Cheyenne for support. Barbra Jean looked over at her husband, who stood there with a smug look on his face.

Jake went over to the lookalike. "What's goin' on, Dad?" Brock looked stricken as he did this.

Cheyenne walked over to Brock to touch his face. She quickly pulled her hand away as if she'd been burnt. Reba looked grim as she watched Cheyenne go through the painful moment. "Dad?" Cheyenne questioned.

"Hi," Brock said to his daughter.

"Maggie... Maggie said that she saw a man who looked just like you with a beard and moustache. He said that she was his friend, but nobody believed her. But you''re real. Oh my god! You're real." Cheyenne stammered. Kyra grabbed Maggie and picked her up into her arms.

"Yes, I'm real." He looked over at the two women standing there in shock, the woman he knew to be his wife and the woman who was legally married to Brock Hart, but not him. Reba clutched her chest. "I'm real," he said once more to Cheyenne. Brock turned to address the other man known as Brock Hart. "And you're not. And I need you to stay the heck away from my family."

The other Brock still stood there smug beside Jake. Reba walked over to Brock. "Where have you been?" She stood beside Cheyenne.

"I was locked up," Brock answered. He was smiling at her. He was so happy to see her and have her believe him.

"You were locked up where?"

"I don't know."

"Who locked you up? Why?" Reba asked. Cheyenne looked from one parent to the other.

"I don't know, honey. The only thing I know for sure is that you kept me alive. What kept me goin' day after day for almost eight years was the idea of comin' home to you, to Cheyenne, to Kyra, to Jake." Tears were filling Cheyenne and Reba's eyes. Jake still stood by the other man, uncertain of what to believe. "I fought for eight years to get here, to be with the people that I love. I wanted to live my life again, but it turned out that someone had taken my place." He looked at the lookalike. At this point, Barbra Jean was firmly at her husband's side.

"Wow, this guy is out of his mind," the other man said.

Brock ignored this comment and continued. "Reba, you were my wife. You had my children. You know in your heart...You know who I am."

Reba stood silently, crying before she finally found the courage to speak. "We believed that you were dead." She turned to the other man. "And you came back to us," she said to the lookalike.

Cheyenne grabbed Reba's arm. She could see how distressed her mother was. Reba had high blood pressure and she didn't want to see her mother end up in the hospital that night. "Mom, I know that...I know that this is nuts."

The other man began to speak. "No, no, no. He's nuts. Oh by the way, this is the lunatic who kidnapped Maggie on her birthday."

The little girl looked at the man that she knew as her father. "I wasn't kidnapped. He didn't kidnap me. He's my friend. I went to see him because you and Mommy were fighting."

"Maggie came to me in obvious need of protection from you. I'm trying to understand why you took everything that's mine."

The other man stood confidently. "Nothing here is yours."

Brock walked over to the other man. "Cheyenne, Kyra, Jake, and Maggie are my children."

"You are a freak." Jake said to Brock.

"You claimed to be Jake's father, but he knows otherwise," the other man proclaimed.

"Jake, you've changed so much since the last time that I've seen you. I would never hurt you. I'm your father," Brock said to Jake.

"I'm his father, you nut job," the lookalike responded.

Brock turned around to look at Cheyenne. "Cheyenne, you believe me, right? We've always had a special connection. So you tell them, Shorty, come on. You tell them that I'm your father." Cheyenne looked into Brock's eyes and Reba looked at Cheyenne. "Come on, Shorty. You believe me. You tell them." Cheyenne looked confused and stricken.

The other Brock walked over to Cheyenne. "Alright, leave my daughter out of this. She's not gonna get sucked into whatever twisted game that you're playin'."

"Come on, Cheyenne. You're not takin' this dude seriously, are you?" Jake asked his sister.

She looked over at Jake. "What am I supposed to believe? That some random guy came out of nowhere claiming to be our father back from the dead. That doesn't make any sense. Look at them. One of them is our father and the other one is a crazy person who looks like our father."

"None of this makes sense. When Maggie told us that she had an imaginary friend and now... seeing this man," Barbra Jean responded.

"This man? Honestly, BJ!" Brock said to Barbra Jean in disbelief.

BJ was her old nickname. She hadn't heard anyone call her that in seven years. "Who are you? I know my own husband."

"BJ, listen..."

The other man stepped in to keep Brock from moving closer to Barbra Jean. "Stay away from her," he warned.

Reba stepped in to stop a physical altercation between Brock and the other man. "No! Just wait a minute. Right before you walked in..." she paused and then looked at Jack. "You said that the man that we all believe is Brock is not him. Why would you say that? What do you know? Come on, Jack. What do you know?"

"I know that that man isn't Brock," he replied, pointing to the lookalike.

"You gonna listen to this guy. He can't stand me so he's just messin' with you to get us to fight again, Reba. He wants to break us up, Barbra Jean."

"Wait a second, here. Before he told us that you weren't who you say you are, you were beggin' him not to tell us somethin'. Is that it?" Barbra Jean asked her husband.

"No, it has nothing to do with this," the lookalike replied nonchalantly.

"Shut up!" Barbra Jean said to her husband. "I want the truth. I want to hear from Jack." She addressed Jack. "Was that what you were tryin' to tell us? Do you have proof that he's not..."

She was interrupted by Brock. "Look at my face. What more proof do you want? BJ, we dated. We slept together more than once. I'm the guy who gave you a job when no one else would."

"Everybody knows those things. He's such a fake," the lookalike remarked.

"Come on, Jack. Do ya have any proof here?" Reba asked.

Just then, Mike Holliway entered the restaurant.

"Holliway, finally! Please haul this SOB away for harassing my family," the lookalike demanded.

Mike walked over to Brock. "I thought that we agreed that you were gonna stay put. Come on, let's get out of here."

"No, I'm not goin' anywhere. This is my family. I've been separated from my family long enough." Brock pulled Buzzard's gun from the pocket of his suit jacket. He pointed the gun at the lookalike. "That man is not gonna live one more moment of my life."

"Hey, don't do this," Mike urged.

"He took my kids. He stole Reba from me and married BJ as me. He has stolen everything from me, from my life!" Brock exclaimed.

"That settles it. He really is crazy. This certainly proves it, doesn't it? He wants to be me so badly that he's willing to kill me for it."

"Because it's my life!" Brock exclaimed.

Mike stepped in front of Brock and the gun. "No." Mike pointed to Reba and Cheyenne to step away from the men into a safer area.

"Get out of the way, Mike. You're in the way."

"Hey, you shoot him or you shoot me. You won't ever get your life back."

"I'm sorry, what do you mean, get his life back? Do you actually believe that this fraud is me?" the other Brock asked Mike.

"Hey, forget about him, alright? Listen. If you are who you say you are, you get everything back, alright? So, let's just find out the truth. But if you kill him, all you're gonna get is a prison cell. Let me tell ya somethin'. This time it will be a whole lot longer than eight years."

"So he just gets away with it?"

Mike shook his head. "No. Don't tell me that you fought this hard to survive to get back here to your family just to lose them all over again. You didn't do that, did ya? Come on, man. Put the gun down." Brock hands the gun over to Mike. "Thank you."

"What about Buzzard and the other guys who are after me?"

"We've got one of those goons in custody. Don't worry about it."

"Well, well. I see that you two are best friends now, huh?" the other Brock remarked. "It's touching. Okay, now do your job. Arrest him. He kidnapped Maggie. He killed some guy by Reba's pool. He tried to kill me. Arrest him," the lookalike demanded.

Cheyenne looked frightened for Brock. "Are you kiddin'? What about him? It's not illegal to steal a man's entire life. Arrest him." Brock responded.

Mike looked back at the other Brock. "I know where to find him."

"I've had enough. Let's go," the other Brock said to Barbra Jean. Barbra Jean was looking at Brock. "Barbra Jean, let's go! Our son needs us. He's at home sick with the babysitter," the lookalike said. Barbra Jean continued to stand still in her spot, not taking her eyes off Brock.

Brock walked towards her. "BJ, this son of yours, Henry..." Barbra Jean understood the question Brock was asking. He wanted to know who Henry's father was. He wanted to know if Henry was conceived during the times that they had slept together before he reconciled with Reba.

The lookalike walked over to where Cheyenne, Kyra, Jack, and Maggie were standing. Kyra still had Maggie in her arms. "Hey, so obviously whatever this guy says is a total lie. He's a fruitcake and I'm your father." He turned to Cheyenne. "So, just remember when I first came back and everyone thought that I was dead, you were the first person to find out that I was really alive. You didn't doubt me then and you don't doubt me now," he said, patting her on the shoulder. He walked away. Cheyenne looked conflicted and disgusted. Brock continued to look at Barbra Jean. The lookalike grabbed her hand and she walked out of the restaurant with him.

Brock walked back over to Cheyenne. "It's okay, baby. You were just a kid when it happened. You know that he's the one who's lying, right?" He turned to Jake. "You will believe me sooner or later."

"Yeah, right?" Jake said in defiance. His voice was dripping with sarcasm.

Brock walked over to Reba once more. "You know me."

Reba was crying. "I don't know. I just don't know."

Brock started to cry, too. He nodded at her. Brock held up the picture of them that was taken on their wedding day. "This was us, right? We were in love. Do you remember that?" Reba looked at the photo. "You do. You do remember this. It was our wedding. That's you and that's me. I was at the house that day when you showed this picture to Cheyenne."

"You were stalkin' me?"

"Yeah, I guess a little bit. You told our daughter that you had never been so happy. You know me." Brock moved to take Reba in his arms. He pressed his lips to hers. He kissed her desperately trying to get her to remember what it was like between them so she'd acknowledge that he was the real Brock.

Back at Barbra Jean's house, Barbra Jean and the other Brock arrived home. "I need to check on Henry," Barbra Jean announced, heading up the stairs.

Her husband put his hand on her arm to stop her. "Hold on a second. Hey, wait a minute. Barbra Jean, you don't actually believe that this man, this imposter, is me, do you?" he asked. Barbra Jean stood there quietly, not facing him. She still wanted to go upstairs to check on her son. "Honey, I don't know who this man is or why he's doing this to us. I'm Brock Hart. I'm your husband and Henry's father. I'm the man who's always loved you," he said to her. Barbra Jean started to cry and her husband rubbed her back gently. "I love you," he proclaimed. He took her hand and she turned to face him. He saw the tears running down her face. He pushed her hand away and walked away from her angrily. She looked at him once more before turning to walk upstairs to check on Henry.

Meanwhile, Brock was still kissing Reba. "I dare you to ever forget me. I dare you," he said to her as the kiss ended. He smiled at her and held her face in his hands.

Mike was worried about Reba's blood pressure and mental state at this point. "Yeah, that's good. Come on, let's go," he said to Brock.

Brock continued to look at Reba. He handed her the wedding photo. "You hold onto this, okay? That's you and that's me. I am the man that made you so happy." He held her hands in his as they held onto that photo together in that moment. Reba watched as Mike led Brock away. Cheyenne walked over and threw her arms around her mother. Jack and Kyra walked over to their mother. Kyra was still fiercely holding onto her little sister. Reba held her arms out to her children. "Group hug, you guys." They stood there hugging. She placed a kiss on each one of their foreheads. After the hug, Cheyenne was still standing there with her hand over her mouth, shaking. It was a bad night for Van to be visiting his parents with Elizabeth and the baby. She had never needed her husband more than she did at that moment. Reba looked at Cheyenne. She started to cry again and put her arms around her.

"Hey guys, look. Maggie's fine. Isn't that what's important?" Kyra commented. She wanted to bring their attention to the small child in the room so Reba would kick into mother mode once more and get into her "Grr, I'm Reba" attitude for Maggie's sake. Maggie had been through enough for one night.

"Mommy, was that man my new daddy? I sure do like him a lot better than my old daddy," Maggie remarked.

Reba smiled and took her little girl into her arms. It was time to go home. Her children had been through enough for one night. Jack would have some questions to answer, but not tonight. It would have to be another time in private. Tonight, she let him drive her and the children back to Reba's house.

Okay, so the story ends here for now. Brock is trying to convince everyone that he is the real Brock Hart. The lookalike is trying to convince everyone that Brock is crazy. The children are divided on the issue. Barbra Jean is afraid of who she might be married to. She was married to the man that she loved who was the father of her child, but was he really Brock Hart? Reba is dating Dr. Jack Morgan, who somehow knew that a lookalike had taken over Brock's identity. How did he know? Why was Buzzard involved in all of this? Why was he partnering with the lookalike to kill the real Brock Hart? The only person on Brock's side is Mike Holliway, Reba's ex, who happens to be his former best friend and Maggie, Reba's daughter. Brock is hoping that the DNA test proves that he's Maggie's father. He wants to be with Reba. He's also becoming friends with Mike again. How will he react when he finds out that Mike and Reba dated while he was away?

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