Title: Swing Batter, Batter, Swing

Rating: T

Genre: DEATH/ horror

Summary: Rachel knows a zombie when she sees one.

Word count: 1,300 ish

Warnings: Blood, gore, character death, zombies, a reference to baseball

A/N: I read a Pezberry zombie story and then watched a bunch of I Love Lucy and then wrote some cute fluffy romance. And then this happened. NOT CUTE, NOT FLUFFY, NOT ROMANTIC, AND NO SHIPS.


They shoot onto the roof, Quinn first and then Rachel and then Finn. He is moving slower than usual, the wound on his leg causing him to limp. Rachel is worried about what it could mean. She had heard his shout of pain when Azimio had grabbed him around the ankle, but by the time she had looked around Finn had already kicked the large black boy in the face and freed himself.

He seems to be fine, and he is holding the doors shut while he glances around for something to prop them closed with. There were a few lengths of pipe some feet away. Rachel notices them just as Finn does and she jogs to fetch them. They work together to force the pipes through the door handles and then stepped away to admire the job. Finn is breathing heavily and sweating, but he looks a little calmer.

But then he stumbles back, and then trips, and then a fountain of blood explodes from his lips and drips down his chin and onto his shirt. Rachel watches, too shocked to do anything but stare.

Quinn's screams of terror bring Rachel out of her horrified daze. Finn had gone from vomiting blood, his skin a sallow color, to writhing on the ground, his muscles bulging, blood and spit sputtering out of his mouth. Some of the blood had splashed over Quinn's face and the blonde is definitely kneeling in a pool of it. Her hands are fluttering over Finn's grey face; she's looking franticly for anything she can do to help.

Rachel has a different focus though. Finn has been bitten; she knows that and can see what it's doing to him. The infection has already spread to his brain. It's too late for him. There's only one thing she can do. Only one kindness left for him. She just needs to find a way before he comes after her and Quinn.

She finds several more lengths of steel pipe behind the air conditioning unit and tests a few of them quickly to find one that's a decent length and not too heavy to swing. She's never played baseball in her life, but she understands the concept of batting, and she's hoping that instinct will help her with the rest.

She'll never know until she swings the bat.

She takes just a moment to look over the edge of the roof down at the quad. Bodies litter the earth, and even as she watches, a few of them drunkenly stumble to their feet and begin to weave around. She can hear screams, in the distance, can see people running, there's commotion in the building below her.

Part of her doesn't want to believe any of it. The rest of her is far too pragmatic to do anything but.

Zombies are real. Finn is becoming one. She does not want to join him.

Kill or be killed.

She shakes her head resolutely and sets her features.


There is only one option.


She hears Quinn shouting his name as she rounds the corner, and she sees the blonde backing fearfully away from the lumbering gray boy. He grabs at her and she screams and then Rachel is moving forward before she has time to think and wonder and second guess herself. She grabs Quinn's shoulder from behind and spins the girl away from Finn and his searching hands.

She gives herself only a second to search his white eyes for any sign of the boy he was only moments ago. There isn't a sign. Only blank whiteness and the feel of heavy metal in her hands.

She swings.

The impact of his skull on the pipe vibrates her hands and arms and then her whole body. She feels numb, and not just physically. She had felt the impact of bone, but she had heard the sick squelch of muscle and blood. She can see the shattered remains of his head spread out before her, his body still upright, but then slumping, and then tumbling over onto the roof. His body lands in its own mess, red and gray squishing under his mass. Behind her, Rachel can hear Quinn's broken sobs.

She hasn't blinked since she swung the pole, and now her eyes are burning. She can feel his blood on her face. She can still feel the vibration all over her body. She can feel herself swaying on her feet. She looks down had what remains of the first boy she loved, her stomach churns, and then it empties and she's bent double by the force of stomach acid expelling itself from her body.

When it's all out and she can stand up relatively straight again she turns on trembling legs to face the blonde. All of her body is still shaking when she steps forward, pole still clenched in her slippery hand and dragging behind her. "Did he bite you?" She can barely recognize the sound of her own voice. It's raw and manic. The taste of acid in her mouth distracts her for a second so she spits to try and clear it.

Quinn doesn't answer and Rachel can see her wide, teary hazel eyes are locked on the leftovers of Finn. And Rachel feels awful. God, she hurts,inside and out over what she had to do. But she knows she had to do it. She had to do it to survive. And if Finn had the chance to bite Quinn, she'll kill the blonde too. So when Quinn doesn't answer, she grabs her by the front of her pretty little sundress, blood stained hem, and hauls her to her feet.

"Did he bite you?" she demands again in the same manic voice.

Quinn shakes her head fitfully, blood-streaked blonde making a distracting cloud for dizzy Rachel's brain. With her answer Rachel lets the blonde go and she falls almost instantly back on to her rumb.

"We need to get out of here."

"How?" Quinn starts in a ragged quiet voice. At first Rachel thinks she's asking about escape plans, but the former cheerleader cuts that idea off quickly. "How you could you?" Her voice is shriller and she's sobbing through her clenched teeth.

Rachel tries to stay calm. There's no time for grief. She understands that Quinn has a different mindset than she does. Realizes that Quinn isn't single-mindedly concentrated on the fact that they nearly died and if the sounds coming from the other side of the barricade Finn had propped up were any indication, they still could. She understands that she just killed Quinn's boyfriend, and her only friend. She understands. But she's not going to waste time trying to explain herself.

"If you want an opportunity to cry over it later, you need to suck it up and find a weapon." Quinn looks ready to attack her, teeth bared in anger and pain, her fists clenched in the gravel that's absorbing the gore spread out around the quickly putrefying body near them. "I'm not dying on this roof," she continues before the blonde can say anything. "I don't know what's going on, and I've never watched a zombie movie in my life, but I know a zombie when I see one. He was already gone and he would have killed us."

Quinn doesn't say anything. She just sobs brokenly and closes her eyes against the truth.

"I don't care if you want to come with me or not. But I'm not dying here," she iterated.

The blonde nods and stands, knees shaking under her dress, and turns her body from Finn's. She rounds the scene and approaches Rachel's side. Her swallow is audible and Rachel can see the motion in her throat. "What's the plan?"

Quinn still doesn't have the certainty that Rachel holds, but it's a start, and the brunette isn't going to leave the blonde to die if she's willing to fight.


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