Stiles shrank back sliding away from the menacing woman who was pointing a gun at him; he felt fear building up inside him.

"Change!" she yelled getting closer anger crossing her face.

"I'm not a werewolf; I swear!" Stiles yelled back panicking it was the end he was dead

'Derek' he thought

"Don't lie." she snarled clicking the safety off, stiles closed his eyes and braced for the shot but instead all he heard was a sharp cry and loud growling, Stiles opened his eyes a sighed in relief when he saw his mates firm frame he had pushed the hunter out of the way Stiles slowly got up and moved closer to his Boyfriend.

"oh well, I'll kill you instead," she said smirking before shooting at Derek with wolf bane bullets Stiles dashed forward and pushed Derek out of the way, he let out a loud yelp when the bullet entered his shoulder.

"Stiles!" Scott yelled coming into the clearing followed by Allison who gasped in shock as she watched stiles fall. Derek watched Stiles fall before dashing forward and dropping to his knees beside him ,Derek pulled Stiles' head onto his lap and rocked him softly,

"No no no no no no, Baby you're so stupid," Derek said his gruff demeanour cracking and tears started flowing.

"Derek?" Scott said confused he then recovered moving forward slowly;

"Derek you have to go, his father's coming, if you don't leave you'll be arrested" Scott said trying to get closer but was greeted with a loud growl coming from Derek.

"Aunt Kate, what have you done?" Allison asked ripping the gun from her grasp and throwing it away

"De-rek it hu-rts," Stiles stuttered his hands gripping Derek's biceps gasping in pain as he did so

"Shhh, you'll be fine." Derek said whimpering lightly pressing their foreheads together, one of his hands putting pressure on the wound and his other hand holding onto stiles, his light rocking continued as tears still slipped down his face, as the fear of losing his mate entered his mind filling it with a small pain.

"What's going on here, "Sherriff Stilinski yelled holding up his gun, but froze at the sight of his son not only hurt but in the arms of Derek Hale the accused murderer. Stiles whined in pain trying to curl closer to Derek but were stopped.

"Don't move baby, I don't want my hands to slip, "Derek said softly pressing his lips to his mates' clammy forehead.

"Get away from my son," Stiles' father yelled holding up his gun.

"Shut the fuck up and call an ambulance, "Derek ordered growling but he stopped quickly hearing a sob rip deep from Stiles chest.

" Fine," the sheriff snarled putting the gun in its holder and pulled out his phone, he grumbled about no service and moved out of the clearing towards the road stopping momentarily he cast a quick look at his son and the 'murderer' before leaving.

"Please don't die," Derek pleaded as Allison approached ignoring her aunt's protests she knelt next to the couple and pushed Derek's hand away replacing them with her own, Derek watched her for a moment before looking back down at stiles he placed his blooded hand on stiles' cheek and leaned down

"I lo-ve you," Stiles whispered weakly against Derek's lips, tears running down his face Derek used his thumb and brushed some of them away cringing as blood smeared on his loves face.

"I love you to baby so much please don't leave me, I just found you," he said peppering kisses over Stiles' forehead trying to sooth him.

"Ambulance is on the way," The sheriff said glaring at Derek but worry evident in his voice.

"I'm going to lift you ok?" Derek asked nuzzling Stiles' jaw stiles nodded looking extremely pale and fragile. Derek slid his arms further under Stiles' body and lifted him Allison rose up with Derek and walked along side him keeping pressure as the sound of sirens got closer.


Stiles woke up with a throbbing pain in his shoulder he blinked away the fuzziness and looked around the room it was white and boring and claustrophobic.

"Derek," he rasped looking round for his mate but he was nowhere in sight his heart started to pound in fear, the beeping of the heart monitor got frantic just as the door opened and his dad stepped in.

"Whoa son it's ok, you're ok" sheriff Stilinski said trying to calm down his son, Stiles continued to freak out his eyes wide in fear.

"I want Derek," he gasped trying to draw in breathe but was falling short.

"I can't do that son; he's dangerous, "he snapped feeling pity for his son he caused tears to run down stiles face.

"Please he-he makes me feel safe."Stiles' pleaded trembling his dad sighed and walked out the hospital room leaving his son alone in his panic attack.


Derek sat on the bench in the small jail cell, his eyes scrunched shut as he got all of Stiles emotions of waking up alone they were running through his body and blood plaguing his mind with a mix of fear, sadness and abandonment. It made it hard to breathe footsteps sound in the cold concert hallway Derek's head snapped up just as his mates father appeared keys in hand, Derek stood up sharply watching as the man opened the door scowling.

"He needs you," was all the older man said disappointed with his own weakness to do whatever his son needed. Derek shot off towards the hospital where his love was currently freaking out, he burst through the doors of the hospital following the sweet and intoxicating scent of his mate, Derek ignored the nurse asking if he was looking for someone and carried on walking he stopped dead outside room 243 before pushing it open, Stiles looked up his eyes were ringed with red and he was flushed. Derek shot across the room and pressed their lips together groaning at the feeling of having his mate back and safe. Derek perched himself on the side of stiles' bed and continued to kiss his mate feeling his love calm down when he pulled back his hands coming up to frame stiles' face his thumbs stroking patterns of the flushed cheeks. Derek looked at stiles' with a mix of adoration and pure untainted love a small smile stretched across stiles' face.

"Hey wolfy," Stiles' said leaning into Derek's surprisingly soft touch Derek chuckled lightly

"Hello Rhys, "Derek said pulling Stiles' Forward lightly careful not to hurt his injured shoulder and hugged him burying his nose in the crook of stiles' neck before licking the strip of stiles' neck stopping and the pulse point sucking lightly a small moan escaped stiles' throat at the pang of pleasure.

"Never push me out the way again "Derek growled his eyes flashing cold blue as they connected with warm brown ones before fading back to mossy green.

"But the bullet was laced with wolfs bane it would have killed you I can't lose you, "Stiles 'fretted

"Never do it again you're too precious to lose baby," Derek growled

"I can't lose you," Stiles' whispered

"You're my weakness you know that? "Derek asked smiling lightly his eyes warm and loving stiles' blushed and replied by crashing his lips into Derek's who moaned eagerly and kissed back they were interrupted by someone coughing they quickly pulled apart glancing up at the confused and angry face of Stiles' dad.

"Hi dad" he said hiding his face into Derek's shoulder.


Derek climbed up into Stiles' second story floor window, he had not seen his mate in a week since Stiles' father banned him from visiting because he caught them lip locked, stiles' had just returned home from the hospital the day before and his father had finally gone back to work; leaving stiles alone Derek entered the dark room and looked upon the sleeping figure. he kicked off his shoes and pulled his old leather jacket off and climbed onto the bed beside Stiles, pulling the smaller body close stiles woke up and looked over his shoulder squinting at Derek before gasping. he turned over and snuggled into Derek's strong chest griping the thin cotton shirt like a life line .

"I missed you so much" stiles said nuzzling his nose into Derek's Pecs, Derek wrapped his arms around Stiles breathing in his mates scent.

"I missed you more then you know" Derek said smiling softly.


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