Something in the air.

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"You're awesome," Stiles whispered as Derek cupped his face and kissed him softly, pulling Stiles tightly into his body making his Mate shutter and moan, his eyes falling shut.

"I know Darling," Derek whispered seductively and picked Stiles up, pressing him into the well made bed

"So Show me Der," Stiles whispered as his eyes opened and he was confronted with glowing red orbs,

"Der," Stiles whispered shaking slightly, Derek froze and sat up looking into the mirror.

"I'm the Alpha," he whispered before peering down at Stiles who nodded weakly.

"Oh boy," Stiles groaned hiding his face in his hands.

~Time skip~

Stiles woke up in the warm arms of his mate with a content smile, everything was perfect he had his wolfy and they had a pack, the only problem was is that Derek needed a bigger pack; now that his Alpha abilities had suddenly shown up. Jackson and Danny were as happy as they could be, but the tension between Jackson and his adoptive parents was rising, after they found out about him dating Danny. This meant that the young Beta was on edge and constantly snapping at everyone that wasn't Danny. Who had now been made a Wolf after the accident with the Alpha. However For some strange reason things felt wrong, like something was going to happen, not that Stiles knew what it was but he had to keep his guard up.


Stiles shot up and felt Derek do the same, they shared a quick look before both getting up and running down stairs of Derek's newly refurbished home, to find Scott seething and with hot tears running down his face, Stiles did what only Stiles could do and that's wrap Scott in his arms, like a good friend should.

"Ok Scotty what's up?" Stiles asked softly rocking his taller friend in his arms, like Scott did with him after he lost his mom.

"I broke up with Allison," Scott whispered clutching onto Stiles, it like the whole world was against him.

"Why?" Stiles Pressed holding the werewolf tighter, Scott let out a large breath and buried his nose into Stiles' neck; breathing in the comforting smell of his best friend.

"Cheated on me with a travelling Hunter," Scott said weakly making Derek growl, Stiles hissed and squeezed Scott tightly.

"I never liked her," Stiles said waving his fist behind Scott's back, making Derek laugh softly under his breath

"I thought she was my mate," Scott said pulling away from Stiles, to look at his best friend who smiled sadly and shook his head, that's when Scott got it she was never it, he had pushed his best friend away for a maybe.

"Fuck Sty, I'm so sorry," Scott said rubbing a hand over his face, how could he be so stupid, Stiles was awesome and would never do something like that to him.

"Your forgiven now let's go torch her house," Stiles said with a smile

"Darling," Derek warned making Stiles turn round to face his mate a large smile on his face, Derek tutted and stepped forward kissing his made softly before rubbing their noses together.

"How about me a Derek find your mate, call it a pet project," Stiles suggested as he turned back to face Scott who smiled weakly and nodded before collapsing onto Derek and Stiles' leather couch, with a groan.


It was late afternoon and Stiles found himself in the grocery store, moving form aisle to aisle putting food into his trolley or back onto the shelf. However when it came time to do the cereal aisle, Stiles always found himself in a pickle, he could never choose which one he wanted since their where so many.

"Fucking hate cereal," Stiles muttered shaking his head at all the labels and brands filling his vision.

"Aww Stiles what did the cereal do to you?" Someone asked making Stiles turn with a gasp.



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