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I was climbing up Mt. Silver to see Red for his birthday.

Will Red mind me being there?

Will he be mad at me?

Will he be too busy caught up on training to notice me even?

I was so busy with my thoughts that I trip over a rock.

I pulled myself up to see just my pant were ripped.

Then I went in a tunnel the more I walk the darker it got then "Don, Donphan."

A Donphan I must be getting closer to Red.

Then the ground started to shack like was a ... Earthquake.

Oh, no Donphan must have use earthquake!

I fell back my left shoulder started to bleed and my dress was ripped at the right side.

I got up and counties to my journey to the summit of.

Will Red noticed that my clothes are ripped and I'm bleeding.

Hopefully he doesn't worry about me.

I made it up to the summit in a middle of a blizzard.

Then a tall figure appeared in the snow it was looked like the outline of ...Red!

Final made it to Red.

Red called "Who their?"

I made my way to him as fast as I could

Red face lit up as he saw that it was me.

"Yellow why are you here?"

"I just want to say Happy Birthday."

Red step closer to me and put his hands on shoulders.

Oh no...

"Yellow you know that..."

Red lift his left hand up and saw that it was covered with blood he looked at my left shoulder.

His voices turn as hard as ice "Yellow I can't believe you, you're bleeding and that you could have killed yourself."

My eyes began to fill up with water I began to stop them. As much that I want to drop to the ground and cry my tear but I stay strong.

Red sighed "What am I saying let go my cave so we can talk okay."


I followed Red to the cave he was staying without saying anything. I let a few tears drop on the snow Red seem to angry with me to even noticed my tears.

When we reach Red's cave I sat down hugging my knees.

Red began a small fire to light the cave.

"Yellow, why did you come here you knows it dangerous?"

"I want to see you for birthday and I was worry."

"Yellow, you know that doesn't dismiss the fact that you could have died."

"I know but I..."

"Yellow, your Pokémon may be strong but the Pokémon that live here are stronger."

"I know."

"Yellow, you think that I don't worry about you."


Red gentle put his lest on my bleeding shoulder.

"Yellow, I care for you that why I worry."

Red kissed my cheek while my face turns red.

"How about this I take you out for lunch when I'm done training, okay."

Did Red just kiss me and ask me out!


Red handed me a Poke ball "Take Aero so you can go down the mountain safely."

I nodded "Okay, Red."

Aero flew me back to Viridian city.

I return Aero to his Poke ball and found Blue talking to Green; Blue had a worried expression on their face.

I greeted "Blue guess what!"

Blue smiled "Yellow I was so worried about you."

I bit my lip "Sorry but I went to see Red and when I meet him he said that he cared for me and kind of ask me out for lunch when he done with training."

Blue eyes widen and she began to squeal "He ask you out OMA, OMA that is so cute! Anything else?"

"Will he did kiss me on the cheek that all really."

"Aww, you just made my day, Yellow. Now to make plans."

"Sure okay, Blue. ... Bye"

The End