A/N: a little Birthday Poem for a certain red-eyed Kanto Dex Holder~! Happy Birthday Red!

Declaimer: I don't own anything that isn't mine.

How do you do it?

Standing for others and fighting solely for their sake as well as your own.

Never backing down from a challenge, no matter how difficult it may be is what you do best.

You get hurt a lot…
…But that doesn't stop you does it?

You're compassionate towards Pokémon…
…And extremely loyal towards your friends.

You always put others' needs ahead of your own…
…And that's what most people admire about you.

And although you may be naive at times…
…You make up for it with your courageous nature.

But sometimes; your bravery and will to fight get the better of you…
…And because of that; you worry your friends to no end.

You always come through Red…

No matter how strong the enemy may be,
or hopeless victory in a battle may seem…

…You never fail to amaze others with your strength and determination.

Honor, pride, and dignity mean little to nothing to you right?

Because if it means having to sacrifice all these to save others, then everyone knows that you wouldn't give it a second thought.

Loyal, brave, and compassionate…
…You are all of these and more.

So that's why on this special day of yours,
We, your loving fan and friends, have a couple of things to say to you…

Thank you for all the happy memories and Happy Birthday Red!

[A/N:] Phew~! I'm so happy I got this done today~!
Yes it's our beloved Red's Birthday today~! (I bet Blue is planning his surprise party and Yellow is baking the cake~!)

You guys wouldn't believe how I finished this, but let's just say that School Buses are full of inspiration when you're alone (of course there was the bus driver!) and on the road~!


Oh, and how I love the open road~!