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The stars shone brightly, the moon a perfect circle of white and grey, as the three men sat around a small fire that lit the small portion that surrounded it, their backs leant against anything they could find, making small talk as their eyes lingered into the otherwise dark night sky, ignoring the frequent complaints from the fourth companion they had tied to a tree. Paying no mind to the smell and feeling that came with the lack of bathing, and blocking out their own odour combined with three other grown men.

Kirk shifted his body against the small rock he'd considered flat and comfortable enough, wincing slightly as its rough surface rubbed against his back through his clothing, sinking deeper into his thoughts of home, the things he'd taken advantage of in his life. Rachel. The girl he'd left behind until his promised return. His girl. He smiled weakly when he the stars' light reminded him of her eyes when she smiled. "Man, that's beauty. Nights like tonight," he mused, scratching his unnaturally thickly bearded chin, "they make a man wonder what it's all about." His eyes stared out in front of him, without looking at anything in particular.

"Hey, Kirk," Kevin's curious voice pierced through the back of his mind. He shook his thoughts, drawing all of his attention to the tall and lanky man he hadn't known that much about, "Yeah?"

"Is it true you're dating Jennifer Love Hewitt? Cause I think she's hot." A small amused smile broke upon Kirk's lips at the clear hope in his voice, his thoughts once again returning to her flawed perfection,

"No, that was just some tabloid conjecture," he answered, grimacing slightly at Jeff's umpteenth interruption, "Funny, huh? The circus life, 280 days on location. It's hard to find a girl that can hang with that, you know? Not one worth keeping, nohow," he murmured in a lulled whisper, "Not one like Rachel."

He didn't know how long their silence lasted, but he reached out behind him, brushing his fingers over the fine hair covering the snout of the water buffalo they'd caught earlier on in the day.

"How about you man?" he then asked, "You got some little minx waiting for you on the other side of tomorrow?"

"Me?" Kevin questioned, gesturing to himself, "I've barely even had a girlfriend. I was really hoping I'd get laid when this movie came out . . but that's not gonna happen."

"What about you, Masterblaster?" he continued, looking out to the third man by the fire, "You got a certain someone you trying to get with back in States?"

"What, Alpa Chino? He's like ten girls deep, 24/7," Kevin laughed lightheartedly,

"No, you missing me, man. I'm talkin' about something special. So how about it?" He sat back, watching as Alpa smiled to himself,

"Yeah, there is somebody..."

"So, what's the skinny? You been on a date?" His brow furrowed slightly at Alpa's sudden thoughtful silence, realising he'd gone into unsettled grounds,

"No. I, I always wanted to. I guess I never had the courage to ask," he mumbled, quietly, sadly, "It's complicated."

"Nah, it's simple as pie, man," Kirk interjected, hopefully cheering the guy up in a way, "You just go up to the little piston, and say 'Listen, baby, you an' me's goin on a date.' That's what's up." He gave him an encouraging grin, though Alpa'd been looking down at the dirt by his feet, "What's her name?"

"..Lance," Alpa claimed, dazedly, as if he was caught in the middle of a dream.

"'Listen here, Lance'.." Kirk started, stopping immediately when he'd realised just what he'd heard, "Lance? What the fuck I just hear? Lance?"

"Did you say Lance?" (Kevin)

"No!" Alpa quickly denied,

"That sounded like Lance," Kirk spoke, a small grin beginning to appear on his face,

"No, I said Nance. That's what I said, Nance,"

"It sounded like Lance," he repeated, hiding the minute laugh at Alpa's now defensive manner,

"Look, I'm Alpa Chino, okay?" he stated, turning to them, "I love the pussy! A'ight? Lay your ass back down and look at the stars," he groaned, slumping his back against the small tree trunk behind him.

"When you wrote I love tha pussy was you thinking of dangling your dice on Lance's forehead?" Kirk asked him, narrowing his eyes slightly at his overly self-protective retorts,

"Oh, hell no! What? Come on. Look," Alpa sputtered, sending him an aggravated glare,

"Man, everyone's gay once in a while. It's Hollywood,"

"I'm not gay! Just sit on your fuckin rock and go back to talking about your damn girlfriends." He shook his head carelessly as Alpa kicked at a small patch of dirt in front of him and crossed his arms with a childish huff.

There was a short moment of silence where nothing but a light breeze was heard blowing through the treetops, until Kevin finally spoke again, "So how about you, Kirk? You must have a whole line of girls who'd give anything to even just stand in your shadow,"

" . . . Don't know what the Hollywood life's like. They won't be able to handle it, they've never experienced it . . . . " he responded, running a hand through his hair,

"You lucky enough to have a girl who can take it?"

"Yeah. Twelve and a half years now," Kirk mentioned, an admirable smile stuck over his face and a single soft chuckle escaping his lips.

"So? Go on, who is she?"

"Rachel Johnson. Met her back in Oz when I was nothin but a factory worker getting bit parts in unpopular TV series. She moved there from Cali with her family an' asked me to show her round the streets. Two years later I asked her to be my girl. Best thing that ever happened to me, she aint never done nothin to me, and I aint ever done nothin to her."

He was then given a look of pure admiration as he pulled his legs closer to his body to keep himself warm,

"Twelve years . . . " Kevin murmured to himself, "You ever think of marrying her?"

"Oh yeah, thing like that ya don't ever want to lose. I was goin to propose at the premier, but, you know it aint gonna go down. Got the ring an' everything."

There was a new silence, momentarily longer than the last, where Kirk pictured everything he would do if he ever, no, when he would return home, he would survive, even if it was just to see Rachel one last time. And when he did he'd take her out for the night she always deserved, taking her anywhere she ever wanted to go or doing anything she ever dreamt of doing.

He closed his eyes, feeling the sudden weight of sleep deprivation take the best of him, but not before seeing Kevin drop the last few broken twigs and sticks and fallen pieces of bark onto the fire through his drooping eyelids.

"I'm comin' home, baby . . . "