Dimitri's P.O.V

"Why did you come back?" I growled at him

"Rose told me to" He said avoiding eye contact

"No she didn't she asked you didn't have to"

"Yeah and I wanted to"

"What so you no longer have feelings for her anymore?" I asked wanting the truth

"What? No I still love her"

"Then leave"

"Nice try Belikov but I'm not going anywhere. Why do you want me gone so bad?"

"You told her that you would com

e back when you had no feelings for her anymore"

"That could take years!" he shouted

"Well then stay away for years but I don't want you hurting her."

"I wouldn't lay a hand on her"

"I know that because she would kick your ass. I meant I don't want you leaving her in the state you did when you left"

"She wouldn't hurt me"

"If she doesn't, I will" I threatened

"You wouldn't touch me Belikov"

"You really want to try me?" I knew I shouldn't threaten a mori but he was getting on my nerve.

"Yeah I actually do"

"Hit me" I commanded

He swung his arm out and attempted to hit me but I was faster then him. Much faster. I grabbed his arm and threw it back making him fall to the ground.

"You wont win," I said walking back to my room. As I turned my back on Adrian he jumped on my back. I put my arms behind my back and pinned him to the ground as softly as I could but hard enough to teach him a lesson.

"Will you not give up Ishkov? I just told you. You will NOT win"

"I can beat you" He said struggling to get out of my hold

"You couldn't even beat me if I wasn't trying. Oh wait I wasn't trying"

"DIMITRI WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" a voice shouted at me. It was Rose. "When I told you to sort it out I didn't mean beat the crap out of him!" she continued.

"Rose I'm fine. He was just showing me some moves," He said smiling at me. Wait Adrian just saved my ass?

"Is this true Dimitri?" Rose asked

"Um.. Yeah." I got up and helped Adrian get up too.

"Oh" Rose said surprised. "So you two have worked it out then?"

"Yes" Adrian told Rose "We have agreed that we will not fight when you are around or bring THAT subject back up" he said looking at me waiting for me to reply.

"Yes that is what we have agreed on" I was confused. Why was Adrian helping me get out of crap with Rose?

"Well then" she smiled "Do you want guys want to get lunch with me?"

"Sure" Adrian and I said together.