I had been walking to my little brother's house, so why was I thinking of that bastard, you might ask? Well, I suppose I should start from the beginning, rather than rant all day about it…

Bring Brrrrring Brrring!

'AGH! Why must that God damned phone be ringing at this time of day?'

I opened my eyes to look over at the alarm clock by my bed. Shining clearly at my face was the time, 6:15. Who could possibly be calling at this hour? I reached over to my cell phone. The house phone had ceased not even 5 freaking seconds ago! Either it was a different person, or they were determined to wake me up today. I didn't take the time to look at the caller I.D. The instant the phone was to my ear, I let out a string of curses, Italian and English alike. There may have even been a speck of Spanish and French in there, too.

"Oh! I'm sorry, fratello! Did I do something wrong?" Oh, I could have killed him. I would have if he had been right there. And if he weren't my little brother. Damn that Feliciano.

"Yes, you moron. You called me at 6:15 in the morning! The sun is barely up!" I yelled.

"I'm sorry! Should I call back later?"

"No, I'm already up, thanks to you. What do you want?" I was really losing my patience.

"I'm sorry!"

"Just answer the damn question!"

"Oh! I almost forgot! I meant to ask you if you wanted to go out to lunch today."

"…Uh, who all will be there?", I asked. I had to know if that potato bastard would be there.

"Me and Germany! And Japan should be there, too!"


"Huh? What do you mean, 'no'?"


"Oh. Is it because Germany will be there? I guess I should have known…" Shit. He sounded really depressed now. I may not show it much, but I hated to make my brother sad, especially enough to make him cry. I always felt guilty after we fought, because he would get teary eyed afterwards.

"You're damn right it's because he will be there", I growled.

"…So does that mean you won't come?"

"Oh, I'll come, but he better not try and talk to me." I meant that whole-heartedly.

"Yay! So I'll come pick you up around 11:30, okay? Dress casually! It won't be as long ride, 'kay? Bye, and see you soon!"

"Wait!" I said, but it was too late. He had hung up. I meant to ask him if the other two would be riding with us. I sure as hell didn't want to be beside the potato sucking freak in the car. I wouldn't mind being beside Japan, he was quiet enough, but Germany? I felt sick just thinking about it.

A knock on the door brought me out of my thoughts. I had taken the time to shower, change, and do anything else necessary to get ready for lunch with my brother and his friends. I had just been daydreaming about nothing in particular. Mainly just my childhood with Spain. I got up off my couch and went to the door. Opening it, I was surprised at who I saw. Feliciano was there, but he was not what got my attention. Germany was there also. I had really been expecting him to wait out in the car with Japan. Again, I was brought out of my thoughts.

"Ciao, Fratello! Siete pronti ad andare, ora?" This, of course, came from Feliciano. From the potato sucker, not a word. Huh, guess he got the message not to say anything to me.

"Si, sono pronto ad andare, idiota." I grumbled. Why did I even agree to this?

"Is it okay that you sit beside Japan on the way up there?" Feliciano asked me.

"Yeah, sure, whatever", I said. Maybe there really was a God up there, answering my prayers. It would be the first time he ever did. Then something came to my mind, and I felt that I needed to ask.

"Who is driving us up there?" I asked my little brother.

"Oh, Germany is! Isn't that nice of him?"

"Sure, whatever", I said.

"I'm sitting up front with him, and you and Japan will sit in the back, okay?"

"Yeah, fine."

The three of us got into the car and headed off. Italy explained that we were going to a nice café up on the border between the north and south part of our country. As soon as he said where it was, I knew the exact café. It was one I had some people build so that we had a place to meet up at occasionally, rather than having to go way up into his part of the country, or way down in mine, just to find a nice enough café to talk privately in. Sadly, we hadn't been in several months. We had resorted to just going to each other's houses. After Feliciano finally finished talking, Japan and I started a nice conversation that lasted the rest of the ride to the café.

Once we got inside, a waitress escorted us to the table. I looked her over. She was very pretty, I could tell, and she seemed to know this. With me being the closest to her, she chose to begin flirting with me. She stopped briefly to take our orders, then resumed her flirtatious attitude. I tried my best to be responsive, but there was just one problem.

I was not straight. I was pure gay.

A/N: Okay. First chapter of my first fanfiction. And it's gonna be a lemon later on, too. Please don't run away because I said that! It'll be good, I swear! If it isn't, then please, come shoot me. Seriously. I'll be waiting with my hands up.


Fratello- Brother (Italian)

"Ciao, Fratello! Siete pronti ad andare, ora?"- "Hello, Brother! Are you ready to go, now?" (Italian)

"Si, sono pronto ad andare, idiota."- "Yes, I'm ready to go now, idiot." (Italian)

Well, guess that's it then. Please don't die from the shittiness of this chapter, kay? It gets much better in the next chapter, I swear!