'Where is that light coming from?'

I slowly opened my eyes to see what the light was. It was coming from my window. I had gone to bed with the blinds and curtains open, so there was nothing to block the bright sunshine's path to my face. As warm and nice as it was, it was getting on my nerves. I still felt a little sleepy, but even after I turned over and shut my eyes, it kept me awake. There was just no going back to sleep, dammit.

'What time is it, anyways?'

Turning towards my bed-side table, I took a look at my clock. What I saw made me want to go back to bed even more. Staring at me were the numbers telling me it was only 9:34 a.m. Even at home, if there were no meetings I had to attend (there hardly ever were), I would sleep till about 11 a.m. I could already feel a bad mood coming on from being woken up too early. And to make matters worse, I could hear somebody down the hall. So I wasn't the only one up, then.

'Might as well go see if everyone else is awake already.'

I got up and started looking for a clean set of clothes. After pulling out my pink shirt and some dark jeans, I walked out of my room and into the hall. I turned to walk towards the other bedrooms and nearly collided with Japan. He had a few small traveling bags with him and seemed to have been heading for the living room.

"Ah! Ohayougozaimasu!" Japan bowed down as he spoke, so I did the same. Must have been another Japanese tradition.

"I hope you slept well last night. Did you enjoy the bath and bed", he probed.

"Yes. It was fine. How was your night?" I typically didn't show much interest in other people, but I didn't want to seem rude towards him since he was nice enough to cook dinner and ask me about my night.

"It was just fine, thank you."

"Okay. Have you seen potato freak? Or is he still asleep?"

"I'm afraid you just missed him. He went to the store to get me something for my trip. Did you need him for something?"

"No. Just wondering. So what did he have to get? If you don't mind my asking."

"Just some snacks and drinks for the trip to my meeting in Turkey. It will be a long trip, so I am taking provisions. I don't like airline food very much, and Germany was kind enough to offer to get me supplies before I left."

"Okay. Well I'm going to go try and make use of the bastard's kitchen while he's gone. You want anything?" Did I really offer to cook somebody else some food?

"No, thank you. I have already eaten, and I will have food on the plane with me."

"Okay." I walked to the kitchen and looked around. I had no idea where anything was except the fridge, and I wasn't sure what I was allowed to use. Well, better start pulling things out and hope for the best. I decided to make a Spanish/Italian omelet, which meant I needed eggs, onions, tomatoes, cheese, peppers, maybe some sort of ham or something. After a few minutes of looking around, I finally managed to find a frying pan to cook in. I pulled out a mixing bowl and cracked 4 eggs into it. I beat them up and added some milk to make them fluffy. Then I added the other ingredients to the mixture. I carefully poured it all into my pan and let it sit there and cook. After a couple of minutes, I folded it in half and flipped it. After another 5 minutes, my food was done.

I grabbed a plate and slid my food out onto it. After finding a fork, I sat down at the counter on a stool and began eating my breakfast. It was very good, which was no surprise. It was something France taught me to make a few years ago. I just learned to add a touch of Spanish and Italian ingredients so that I wasn't just eating the wine bastard's food.

About the time I finished my omelet, I heard the front door open and shut. I quickly put my dishes into the sink and went to see who had just walked in. Germany was standing there with a bunch of bags in his hands, and he looked like he might fall over at any second. Without thinking, I took a few of the heavier bags from his arms. Germany looked surprised but didn't say anything as he strode into the kitchen, with me ensuing close behind. We set the bags down on the counter carefully. Without a word, we started taking things from their bags.

"You don't have to help put them up Romano. I can do that myself. Thank you so much for helping me carry them in here."

"It's fine. Just tell me where they go, and I can put them up."

"Fine, if you insist." It took us about 10 minutes, but we managed to get all of the groceries put away in their proper places. We left out the items Japan would be carrying with him on his trip. I walked out of the kitchen and went to find Japan so I could tell him that Germany was back with his stuff. I stopped outside of his door and knocked.

"Come in!" I pushed the door open to find Japan packing clothes into a large suitcase. Beside it was a suitcase, probably also containing clothes. Just how long was he going away?

"Hey. Germany's back with your stuff, if you want to go get it. So how's the packing going?"

"It's just fine. Thank you for notifying me Romano. I will get my stuff when I pass through there again. I'm just trying to get my stuff packed and out to my car. I've already packed the small stuff, as you may have noticed this morning. If you don't mind, could you help me get this stuff out to the car? It would really help, and I must leave as soon as possible. Turkey wants me there by tomorrow night if possible so he can get me settled into my room. The meeting will be the day after I get there."

"Okay. No problem." I grabbed the suitcase and Japan picked up his bag since it was closer to him. We walked to the front entrance, and I noticed that Germany had put the food and drinks into a small bag, so I grabbed that too, then went outside with Japan. He opened the trunk of his car and we dropped his luggage into the back with the rest of his stuff.

"Thank you for helping me, Romano-san. I will come back inside one more time to tell Germany-san goodbye, and then I must bid you two farewell. I don't have much more time left. My plane leaves in an hour and a half, and it will take me around 30 to 45 minutes to get there, and I don't want to be caught in traffic."

"Alright, well let's get inside, then." We started walking back to the house when Germany opened the door. He stood aside so we could enter, then shut the door behind us.

"Well, I guess this is it, then, Japan. I hope you have a very safe trip to Turkey. Be careful, though. I wouldn't completely trust him." The bastard actually looked concerned about Japan's well-being. Surely Turkey wasn't that bad? Then again, he HAD tried conquering me when I was a little kid…

"I wouldn't worry about Turkey, Germany-san. He and I are very good friends. The only thing I should worry about is if Greece were to show up, which he won't since he has a meeting with Italy-san. So I will be fine." At the mention of Greece, I noticed Japan's face go slightly red.

"Well, I guess so. Just be careful around him, okay?" Japan nodded his head, which seemed to satisfy Germany. Then I realized it was my turn to say goodbye.

"Well…Goodbye then, Japan. I hope you have a nice trip to Turkey." God, I was horrible at saying goodbye. I felt bad that I couldn't do any better than that.

"Thank you, and I will. Well, goodbye, and be nice to each other, okay? I don't want to come home to a bunch of bloodshed and a crying Italy-san. Romano-san, please try to cut down on the insults towards Germany. There are ladies present, so show respect. And Germany, don't give him any reasons to insult you, okay? I should be back in about a week, so try to last until then. Farewell you two." Japan bowed and turned to the door. As he walked out, he waved to us, then shut the door behind him. I turned back to Germany. We were alone now.

"So what now? It's almost dinner time. Which one of us should cook tonight?" I was feeling hungry now, and I didn't want to wait much longer to eat.

"I will cook tonight. You don't have to cook while you are here unless you want to. Otherwise the maids might cook if I don't."

"Okay. How long until it's ready?"

"Not long. Probably around thirty minutes. If you're hungry, you can get a snack to tide you over until dinner's done. If you want, you can take it to your room. I will come get you when I'm done." He then turned and went into the kitchen to begin preparing dinner for us. After a moment, I followed him.

"Hey. Where are those tomatoes? I want one." God, I was craving tomatoes so badly. Spain wouldn't let me bring any since he said they probably wouldn't last the trip up here. So I just had to hope that Kraut had some somewhere at his house.

"They're over there in that basket. I just bought a bunch more while I was at the store. You can have as many as you want. They're all yours for all I care. I don't eat them much, since the whole incident with me trying to force Japan onto a diet. We ate nothing but tomatoes for several days. I'm surprised I can even eat them anymore. I don't have many recipes that call for them either." Well, that was all I needed. I went to the basket and took three tomatoes. I would probably finish all three of them before dinner, but they would help keep me from being too hungry until Germany finished our food. Then I remembered the rule.

"Hey, is there some sort of etiquette I need to follow tonight? Or are you not cooking German?" Germany stopped what he was doing and looked over at me.

"I'm just doing a regular dinner tonight, so don't worry about how to act." He turned back to the food, so I left. Once I got back to my room, I set down my tomatoes. I felt like getting a shower before dinner. I headed into the bathroom and stripped. Then I got out a towel and robe. I hung them up beside my shower and turned on the water. As if summoned, the young maid from the night before entered.

"Would you like for me to fetch you some clothes?" I nodded and she left, closing the door behind her. After she was gone, I checked my water. It seemed to be warm enough, so I stepped in. I immediately began washing my hair. After it was rinsed of shampoo, I put in the conditioner. I let it sit in my hair while I washed my body. Once I was done with that, I rinsed most of the conditioner from my hair. For a few minutes, I just stood there with the water running over my body, occasionally turning a little so each part of my body was under the hot spray of water. After I had enough of that, I turned the knobs off and got out. I dried off with my towel and slipped on my robe. I slowly walked back to my room and removed my robe. I put on my clean clothes and lay down on the bed. I reached over and snagged one of the tomatoes off my table. I quickly ate the first tomato, then the second a little slower. Finally, I ate the third one, taking time to really enjoy it. Once it was gone, I laid out across the bed. I was a little tired, so I shut my eyes.

Before I knew it, I heard someone gently calling my name. I opened my eyes to find Germany looking down towards me. I sat up and got out of the bed.

"If you're still hungry, dinner is ready. I hope you enjoy it." I wasn't sure if I was just imagining it, but it looked like Germany had been slightly red in the face. What was wrong with him? Without further thought, I followed him back to the kitchen. We sat down at the table, this time with chairs. It was a small table for four people. I sat across from him and began eating my food. After getting in a few good bites, I noticed I was being watched. Looking up, my golden eyes met the bastardo's blue ones. They held amusement in them.

"What is it? Why are you staring at me like that? It's really pissing me off, fucking bastard. Dannazione.* (A/N-This apparently means 'Dammit' according to spicyitalianromano, one of my dearly beloved favorite readers. They/he/she gave me a small list of Italian curses. Thank you spicyitalianromano! I love you!)

"You must be extremely tired because you look like you could faceplant your food any second now." That idiot bastardo! Was he just going to sit there and watch me till I passed out? I scarfed down the rest of my food, making sure to glare at Germany several times. I took my dishes and put them in the sink and headed out of the kitchen. I walked past Germany without looking at him and went straight to my room. I immediately stripped out of my clothes and lay down in the bed. I fell asleep in an instant, but I didn't get much sleep. I decided to go ask Germany if he had anything that would put me to sleep for the night, like some really strong cold medicine.

I quietly opened my door and stepped out. I turned towards the end of the hall where Germany's bedroom was. I carefully hurried down the hallway to his door.

'Should I knock? He's probably asleep by now…'

I thought about it for another moment, and then decided knocking was probably a good idea. I knocked a few times, but I received no answer. I tried knocking louder, but still got nothing. I turned the doorknob and gently pushed the door open. Peeking in, I was surprised to find that the bed was empty. I looked around the room before stepping inside. I strode over to the door which led to his bathroom. I hit the door a few times but I still had no answer. I went through to the next door, knocked, and once again had no answer. Making my way through to the final door, I listened closely. I could hear water running on the other side. Was he getting a shower or something? I was about to bang on the door when I thought I heard something. I waited a few moments, and it came again, a little louder. I stood outside the door, waiting to see if it would come a third time. It came after a few more moments, this time a little louder than the others. Something about the sound…Surely I had misheard it…It couldn't be what I thought it was...

"AH!" Okay, now there was no denying it. I gently, quietly opened the door just enough to see inside. What I saw was something I had never wanted to see. Germany was standing in the shower under the water with the shower door open. He was hunched over with his back to the water. One hand was up against the wall, the other one gripping his cock. As I watched, he slowly slid his hand up and down the shaft. With each slide, he let out a moan. He began rubbing the head, letting out small pleasurable moans. He slowly began thrusting into his hand, gradually getting faster. All at once, I felt my blood rush downwards. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing! After a few more moments, I pulled back and shut the door, careful not to alert Kraut to my presence. The last thing I wanted was to get caught in an awkward moment like this.

As soon as I was back in his bedroom, I took off for my room. Once I got there, I undressed again and climbed into bed. I wasn't sure if I could fall back asleep after watching that, but I didn't want to be awake with my thoughts anymore. I laid in bed for about twenty more minutes before sleep finally washed over me again.


"Germany-san, will you be okay here without me?" I was worried that he might get in a fight with Romano as soon as I was gone. I wouldn't put it past the two.

"Ja, Japan. We will be just fine. I'm sure I can handle him on my own." From where I was looking, he didn't look so confident.

"Germany, I'm not so worried about you handling Romano. I'm more worried about you handling yourself." Judging by the look on his face, he had no idea what I was even talking about. Maybe it was time to tell him what I knew.

"Germany-san, I…know something. Something that I probably shouldn't know. Here, I found this while dusting under your bed. It was in a little box with some…other stuff, I suppose I should say."

"I'm sorry that you had to see that photo, Japan…I must say, I'm rather embarrassed…" What I had handed over to him was a picture of Romano naked in bed. It appeared to have been taken while he was asleep one night, probably last night, since the bed he was in was the one here at Germany's house.

"But Germany-san, this is nothing to be ashamed about! It is your own preference. You can't help it if it's what you want." Not only had I found this picture, but I had found photos of other men in the box as well. Surely that meant something. Was Germany gay? In WWII homosexuality was banned, but it had made a slight comeback afterwards.

"I suppose I had just never planned for anyone to find out about any of this. Italy found some stuff, but he didn't really know what it was about. I figured it was better not to explain it to him."

"Good. He wouldn't understand it anyways. So I guess it's safe to say Romano doesn't know?"

"Yes." Just as I thought.

"Germany, I realize I'm becoming bold with this, but if I may ask…Do you use this stuff while pleasuring yourself? Such as masturbation or simply touching yourself?" His red face stood out in contrast to the rest of his pale skin. Clearly that was a yes. Germany hung his head in shame before replying quietly.

"Yes, I do."

"Very well. Well, I really must get my stuff ready now. So I'll see you later, Germany-san." I bowed to him and headed back to my room. Well at least I knew what I was getting him for Christmas now.

I had finally packed my bags and was now carrying them outside, Romano carrying one of the heavier things. I couldn't help but think of the picture of him I had found. I wondered if I should tell him about how Germany felt, but then decided against it. If Germany wanted him to know, he would tell him in his own time. For now, things would just have to work themselves out. I went back inside for a few minutes to say my farewells to the others, but I couldn't get my mind off of Germany. Every once in a while, I would give him a look, trying to hint at the fact that he needed to make a move if he wanted to have any chance with Romano. Of course, he hadn't actually said that he loved Romano, but why else would he have a naked picture of him? Finally, the time came for me to go. I walked outside and got into my car. As expected, there was traffic, so it took me about 45 minutes to get to the airport, and another 10 to get through security and onto my plane. I sat in my seat, but my mind wouldn't leave Germany-san or Romano-san. Would Germany profess his love? I doubted it. He may be confident on the battlefield and in meetings and during training, but he was horrible at love. Unless something happened, he would never tell Romano. He was hopeless.

I began feeling tired since it was almost time for bed. I reclined my seat a little and shut off my light. A stewardess brought me a blanket and pillow, and I made myself comfortable. The last thought in my head before I drifted off into sleep was 'I will have to give them both a little boost to get them on the right track, and it has to happen before I return from my trip. Otherwise, they won't have the house to themselves. Thank goodness I left all my cameras on, because I have got to see how this plays out.