He made her think about drums. Whenever she was around him that was all she could hear—a clattering of noise. Sometimes they made sense, they followed a beat, a pattern. Someone could write a song to it, someone could add in different instruments. Usually, when he spoke that was what happened. His voice would set it off and somewhere a drum would start pounding in her feet. When he spoke to her the pounding grew faster and louder. It would distract her so badly that she would almost lose track of the conversation.

But there were other times, like when the beating didn't make sense. There would just be noise—no beat, no rhythm. It made her dizzy, it made her vision fuzzy because the earth under her feet was somehow filled with the drumming as well. Sometimes she felt like she was drowning in the utter chaos he caused her. The nonsensical pounding happened when he touched her, when he breathed on her, when he whispered in her ear. She'd hear it when they spared together, when his fire threatened to lick at her skin.

That was her favorite kind of drumming.

She never liked order, she never liked it when things had a predetermined place. She didn't like things planned. And when his shoulder brushed hers it was abrupt, uncalled for, rough, threatening, chaotic.

The way she liked it.

Somehow though the two of them made the beating stop, whether he knew of it or not. If he didn't then he was deaf because they were far to prominent to not be real. But he made them stop. It was like the drummers fell, dead simultaneously. Immediately. When he kissed her there was just silence. She could hear his breathing she could pick up his heartbeat under her feet. It just bumped against her skin. And then he broke the silence—something from deep, deep down in his throat. It came from his chest, a low growl that had been sitting there waiting until it could be heart without all the drumming. She heard it and kissed him harder, hoping to hear it again, and she did. Again and again.

When the kiss had ended the drums started back up again but they were slow and soft. Satisfied.