He sat on the end of the motel bed staring at the TV screen with wide glazed eyes. He still couldn't imagine what he was thinking watching this, but he couldn't seem to pull himself away. He tilted his head further as the two bodies moved against each other.

He'd been bored that was his excuse and had started flicking through the various channels, smiling when he'd caught Dr. Sexy MD only to be disappointed when it ended a few moments after he'd settled back to watch, when the end credits had begun to roll he'd begun flicking again.

He hated being stuck alone in the motel room. He'd become so used to having Sammy around but the boy was in research mode and that meant hour upon hour stuck in a library, and he was in no mood to watch Sammy get his kicks.

The only other person who'd become a constant presence in Dean life was off doing his own brand of research, hunting for the elusive Colt and the demon Becky had told them had it.

So here he was alone – very alone – in a motel room watching…. Well, something he had no intention of ever admitting to.

Though there was one advantage to solitude and that had been where he'd been heading when he'd stumbled onto this. It wasn't his usual 'Busty Asian Beauties', that what he'd planned to be watching right now, but instead he was staring at… two guys.

Dean didn't know what he was thinking sitting here watching two guys go at it. Curiosity maybe? He'd known what they did, even how they did it – to an extent – but this hadn't been exactly what he'd envisioned. Not that he'd envisioned it. If Dean had said it once he'd said it a thousand times. He didn't swing that way.

Except that ever since the incident last year, his mind had been…. Wondering, wondering into a world he really didn't want to go. That job had haunted him for months; things had been brought to the light. – In more ways than one. – Things Dean really hadn't ever wanted to see the light of day. Thankfully Sammy didn't know just what had happened with that creature, but Dean did. Dean remembered far more than he would ever confess.

And what made it worse was that it had placed something in his mind that should have never, ever been planted.

The movie captured his attention again and he shifted restlessly on the edge of the bed, he could feel the heat in his face. Something about this so-called plot was making him uneasy. Not that these kinds of things had much of a plot. – gay or straight – they followed the same routine, a ridiculous scenario in order to get the main characters laid and allow the viewer to get their rocks off.

The problem with this one was it felt like it was hitting a little too close to home though he could put his finger on why.

Good-looking bad boy type is being audited and tries to distract the equally good-looking tax accountant by seducing him.

Why the hell was he watching this? Curiosity. He was telling himself as he continued to watch despite his discomfort at the subject.

Dean was still telling himself that when the motel door flew open to announce the arrival of his brother, causing him to practically jumped out of his skin, hitting the control with like it hand tried to eat him and turned his head around so fast he may very well have given himself whiplash.

"Dude?" Sam frowned looking from his brother to the set and back again. "I thought we had an agreement…. Lock the damn door."

"What?" Dean tried to look innocent. "I was just watching…. The weather channel."

Sam put his weigh on his right leg and glared at him brother with a knowing stare that wasn't completely directed at his face. "Either they've started hiring naked weather-girl at the local station or you've suddenly got a weird fetish for balding over-weight men and meteorological phenomenon." Sam smirked with a raised brow.

"Shut it bitch." Dean snapped looking down, he was both shocked and embarrassed to see the state his body was in. – and just a little horrified, considering what he'd been watching.

Dean pulled the pillow from behind him and placed it in his lap. He couldn't meet his brothers' eyes, if Sam found out what had caused this reaction he'd never let Dean live it down… and it may very well put a dint in their still fragile relationship. Luckily his womanizing ways meant that Sammy would never consider that Dean would even be watching a gay porn flick, let alone be affected by it.

"Jerk…." Sam smirked. "…You heard from Cas?" Sam suddenly asked.

Dean jumped out of his skin for the second time in five minutes. "What?"

Sam looked around with another of his confused caveman frowns, where entire forehead seemed to drop forward. "Castiel… have you heard from him yet."

Dean turned back to the blank screen. "No."

"I would have thought he'd have found Crowley by now." Sam sighed falling onto the bed.

"Yeah well, he's not exactly running on a full tank anymore. It's going to take him a while." Dean grunted with irritation because he'd very suddenly realised just who that tax-accountant had reminded him of. Dean shifted on the bed, wishing that his mind hadn't decided to be a doush-bag and edit the angel into the role of the seduced accountant. He didn't need that in his head, not when his mind was capable of doing its own dirty work.

Suddenly Sam shot up from his seat causing Dean's to snap his head around again, wincing as a sharp pain shot through his neck.

"I'm going down to grab something at the dinner down the street, give you some time to sort yourself out." He said with a smirk.

He was gone before Dean could tell him there was no need, but even as the door slammed shut he was glad Sam had left, and was gladder still that Sammy had no idea just how much he needed to sort himself out.

Three hours later they were on their way to Bobby's when they got the phone call they'd been waiting for.

Dean pulled over the Impala and stared down at the mobile for what seemed like forever, his heart was pounding and he could swear he was blushing as Castiel's name flash on the caller ID.

"Is that Cas?" Sam asked eagerly.

This was ridiculous. "Yeah." Dean jumped out of the car and nervously answered the call, ignoring the pounding of his heart and the stare he felt in his back from Sam.

"Dean. - Got him. – The demon Crowley is making a deal…. Even as we speak it's…. Going - down."

Hearing the angels deep gravelly voice did something to Dean that he would never acknowledge and he reacted as he always did when faced with something he didn't want to face, he made jokes. "Going down? – right, Okay Huggy Bear… just don't lose him."

"I won't."

Dean hung up, trying to ignore the images that had barged into his mind at Cass words. - Going down. - He didn't have time for this shit, he had to focus on the job at hand because it was finally time for them to go and retrieve the Colt