All I Needed, All This Time: Chapter 1

Summary: When Severus Snape is done with Harry and Draco bickering, he throws them into his office to sort things out. After a (very) steamy encounter, how will their relationship develop during the end of the year at Hogwarts? Will it last into the summer? Rated M for VERY MATURE GRAPHIC CONTENT. BEWARE.

This takes place in the fifth year, but it is also somewhat AU. Review!

The last two weeks at Hogwarts had been hard on all the fifth year students, to say the least. They had to juggle studying for OWLS, testing, classes, Quidditch, Professor Umbridge, various staff disappearances, and the usual hustle and bustle of Hogwarts. Distraction was the last thing any student needed, but a problem Harry Potter was running to quite often. His distraction haunted him during class, in the halls, and on the field. His distraction was named Draco Malfoy.

Draco had changed dramatically from fourth year to fifth year. He had grown several inches and become more muscular. His voice dropped and his eyes became more a deep blue. He had stopped greasing his hair back, and now let pieces fall over his face in an utterly sexy manner. Harry fell for him on the first day of fifth year, and hadn't taken his mind off of the boy yet. Of course, he did not think Draco felt anything back for him, for his actions never changed towards Harry.

Over the course of the year, Harry and Draco continued their usual bickering towards each other. Occasionally Harry would see Draco's eyes lingering on him, but more often, it was the other way around. Lately, though, Draco had been more and more of a distraction. He was clearly flustered, as was everyone else, but this only made him appear more sexy to Harry.

Draco's hair was rarely combed, deep bags formed under his eyes, and occasionally his tie would be crooked or tied incorrectly, which Harry had and urge to reach across and fix for him, while staring deep into those blue eyes...

They sat across from either other in Potions class, having Snape assigned partners that day. Harry was paired with Draco, to his excitement. He, of course, acted irritated and bothered . They had to create a quite complicated potion in a time span of one hour. "Begin," Snape said, settling down at his desk to begin grading papers.

Harry squinted at the black board. "It says to add three cups of warm, but not hot, water," he read. Draco silently got up and returned with the cauldron filled with water. Harry touched the water with his index finger to test the temperature. It was too cold and would probably ruin the potion. It was odd for Draco to mess up on anything, especially a potion, but he had to point it out.

"This is too cold. It needs to be warmer," Harry said as calmly as he could. Draco scoffed.

"Trust me, Potter, I think I can judge the water temperature. Plus, I know I am better at this than you. What's the next step?" he demanded, not taking his eyes of Harry, who was blushing slightly.

"Uh, it says a small handful of fluxweed," replied Harry, reaching across the table to grab the fluxweed. His arm brushed Draco's hand and send shivers up his spine, which he tried to ignore. He picked up some fluxweed and positioned his hand over the cauldron, about to drop it in.

"Potter, know you of nothing? That is far too much," Draco hissed, grabbing Harry's hand and removing the fluxweed. He took out about half of it, put it in the cauldron, and put the rest back. Harry bit his lip when Draco twisted his head to read the board behind him, hair falling in his face.

"Stir it counter-clockwise three times, then clock wise twice," he said. Harry took the wooden spoon and stirred it quickly three times counter clockwise, and then clock wise. Draco made an aggravated groan and took the spoon from Harry.

"Clock wise twice, Potter, not once," he said in an irritated tone, stirring it once more. At this point Snape had looked him at them, noticing the bickering. He gave them a look of warning and looked back down at his papers.

"Whatever, Malfoy. Add one stem of gillyweed," Harry said nervously. Draco turned around and groaned again as Harry dropped the gillyweed in the potion.

"Potter, that says eleven stems, not one!" he nearly yelled, quickly adding gillyweed one stem at a time so the potion wouldn't change. Snape looked up and again.

"10 points from Gryffindor for not reading the directions well," he said in a boring tone and looked back down at his papers. Harry groaned.

"Malfoy, can't you just keep your mouth shut?"

"Potter, can't you just do things right the first time? I really am not in the mood for this nonsense."

"I'm sorry I misread the precious directions! I didn't realize a stupid potion was such a big deal to you!" Harry shouted. Snape stood up and threw his quill down.

"Ten more points from Gryffindor! Malfoy, Potter, my office, now!" he shouted sternly. Draco knocked over a red container holding a dried up leaf and stormed past Harry towards Snape's office. Harry followed, watching Draco's behind move in front of him, fantasizing...

Once they were in Snape's office, the man looked at both of them sternly, obviously trying to think up a punishment. He suddenly smirked, his eyes lighting up.

"I am tired of the bickering between you two. You will remain in here until you have resolved any issues. I will charm the door to unlock whenever you both can act civilized around each other," Snape said, tapping the rusty door knob with his wand and walking out, closing the door behind him. Draco and Harry were left together in Snape's dimly lit office.

"Look what you've done, Potter! Wait until my father hears about this! We're not allowed out until we resolve things? We'll starve in here!" Draco shouted. Harry let out a loud laugh, but quickly closed his mouth. Draco frowned at him.

"You think this is funny, Potter?" Harry leaned back against Snape's desk, shrugging. Draco started off in a rant, but Harry tuned him out, smiling.

Draco was definitely at his hottest when he was mad. He was storming around Snape's office, hair falling in his face, turning slightly red, raising his voice every so often...Harry couldn't stop thinking about the things he could do to the boy right now. Angry sex was always his fantasy. Draco eventually stopped ranting.

"What are you enjoying about this situation, Potter? We are stuck in here, stuck!" Draco shouted, taking off his Slytherin robe and throwing it on a chair. He was wearing a white button down shirt that hugged his arms tightly. Harry smiled wider. Draco looked incredible, simply incredible.

"Well, Malfoy, I'm quite enjoying you right now," Harry blurted out in a somewhat seductive tone. He didn't realize what he said until several seconds afterwards, when Draco dropped his jaw and rose his eyebrows. Harry turned around and took off his Gryffindor robe, trying not to make eye contact with Draco. His hands were shaking slightly. He would never live this moment down.

He could hear it in the back of his head, Malfoy following him around, saying, "You still enjoying me today, Potter?". Harry's heart starting beating fast. He turned around when Malfoy cleared his throat.

"What do you mean you are enjoying me, Potter?" Draco said from across the room. Harry could feel the heat in his cheeks and hoped Draco couldn't see him blushing in the dark room. Harry shrugged and sat on the chair behind Snape's desk. He could imagine Snape's reaction if he knew he was on his chair, but didn't care anyways.

"I mean, uh, I think it's funny how you're freaking out about this, it's quite amusing, I'm enjoying you, I mean, this," Harry quickly corrected. Draco smirked and rose his eyebrows again, taking a few steps closer to Snape's desk.

"And that's all? Just my reaction to the situation?" Draco asked slowly, stopping a couple feet from the desk. Even in the darkness, the Slytherin looked extremely attractive, and extremely frustrated. Harry could feel something tingle below his waist that he tried to ignore. His palms had become sweaty and he could barely compose a complete sentence.

"Yeah, that's...that's it...just you...I mean, your reaction," blabbered Harry, stumbling over his words. Draco walked closer to the desk, putting his hands on the edge of it and leaning forward. Harry looked into his deep blue eyes and let out a silent breath. He felt a tingle below his waist again and quickly crossed his legs, not meeting Draco's glare.

"So, it's not me then? Because, you know, Potter, I've always suspected you of liking the boys," Draco said casually, as though they were simply discussing homework or Quidditch. Harry couldn't find words, so he just settled for shaking his head from side to side and leaning back slightly. Draco stepped around the left of the desk and then to the back of it, so he was standing right in front of the chair Harry sat on.

"So, if I were, to say, unbutton my shirt, it would do nothing for you?" Draco proceeded to start undoing buttons from his shirt painfully slowly. Harry's breathing quickened and the tingle below his waist would not go away. He managed to sit up a little bit and watch as Draco slid the shirt off his arms.

He had a gorgeous torso. His stomach was perfectly toned and his arms were very muscular, but not overly so. He had the right amount of fat and muscle on his body so that he looked very fit and not overweight or over built. Harry's mouth became dry as a desert. He had been wanking to thoughts of Draco naked for months, and he was finally here, without a shirt, just inches from him.

"N-no, nothing, nothing at all," he said, his voice lacking any confidence. Draco smirked and walked towards Harry, grabbing his knee and forcing it down so his legs were both flat against the chair. He proceeded to straddle him, his crotch sitting directly on top of Harry's. Draco's face was inches from his own.

"And this, I assume, does nothing for you either?" Draco inquired, resting his hands on the top of the chair so Harry could get a better look at his toned arms. He was near speechless. His erection pressed against Draco's crotch and he tried to shift his hips down into the chair, but it was pointless. Draco pressed harder against him.

"No," Harry breathed, not having much confidence to do anything else. Draco raised his eyebrows and put his arms down, inter-twining his fingers behind Harry's neck and slowly gyrating his hips against Harry's, while still staring into his green eyes.

"And this, does not turn you on?" he whispered, closing his eyes for a moment, biting his lip, and then opening his eyes. Was Draco enjoying this? Harry wondered. He let out a little involuntary moan and closed his eyes. He was as turned on as he could ever remember.

"N-n-" Harry couldn't produce the full word before Draco stopped moving his hips, leaning closer to Harry so that their lips were millimeters from touching. Harry was breathing hard and trying to press his crotch into Draco's as hard as he could. He noticed that Draco pushed back, his bulge just as hard as Harry's.

"And this, Potter, does not make you want me?" Draco asked as he began to rub his crotch against Harry's at a quicker pace. Harry wanted so badly to grab his ass and scream "Yes!" and keep him close to him, but for all he knew, this was a cruel Slytherin prank Draco had been forced to subject to.

Harry simply shook his head, he was panting too hard and too occupied trying to press harder into Draco and thrust back. Draco didn't reply for some time, closing his eyes and quietly continuing to rub against Harry. Every so often, Draco let out a teeny moan, unlike Harry, who was panting loudly, desperate for anything that would give him more contact to Draco. Eventually, Draco slowed his pace.

"Oh really? It seems as though something in your pants disagrees. But, you know, if this is doing nothing for you, we can just, talk," Draco began to lift himself off Harry, but Harry let out a desperate cry and grabbed his hips, pulling him back. Draco smiled and let his lips brush Harry, who moaned, loudly this time.

"Tell me you want me, Potter," Draco murmured, his eyes closed and his lips barely touching Harry's. He had his hands on the back of the boy's head, running his fingers slowly though his hair. Harry firmly grabbed Draco's hips and pressed his crotch into him as hard as he could, causing Draco to gasp.

"I want you," Harry whispered against Draco, closing his own eyes and taking in the moment. He couldn't believe what was happening. He was with the guy he had been fantasizing over for nearly a year, in Snape's office, on Snape's chair, about to...he didn't even know what they were about to do. But he had a good idea.

Draco suddenly grabbed Harry's collar and stood up, pulling Harry with him. He rammed him into a wall, putting his hands on either side of Harry's head and breathing roughly. The romantic, sensual moment had suddenly turned rough. Harry could do nothing except wrap his arms around Draco's waist and pull him forward.

"Tell me, tell me you want me to fuck you," Draco whispered. They still hadn't done anything besides a little dry humping, so Harry decided to raise his thigh gently into Draco's crotch and rub it back and forth. Draco gasped and nearly collapsed.

Harry grabbed Draco's hair and pulled his head forward, but Draco turned his head away, not allowing Harry to kiss him. God, I want him so bad, Harry thought. He began kissing his neck gently, forcing Draco to let out his first real moan. Harry moaned back at the sound of him, he was so incredibly sexy.

"I want you, Draco Malfoy, to fuck me as hard as you can in this office," Harry said, his voice shaking. Draco smiled and grabbed Harry's collar, dragging him to a couch on the far left of the office and throwing him on it. Draco climbed on Harry and pressed his entire body against him, finally leaning in and kissing him, hard.

The kiss instantly turned into a hot, sweaty make out session. Harry twisted his fingers into Draco's hair, which he seemed to enjoy from his moaning. Draco did the same to him, while continuing to hump his crotch. Harry didn't know how much more of the teasing torture he could take. He gently bit Draco's lip, to which Draco pulled back, smiling, and stared at Harry, panting deeply.

"Too many clothes," he managed to breathe out, scooting down the couch and unbuttoning Harry's shirt. Harry tugged it off as soon as the button's were undone and threw it across the room. Draco stared at his chest. Harry wasn't as muscular as Draco, but still was well toned and much more tan than himself.

Draco moved down the couch even further and started to undo Harry's pants painfully slowly. Once he got the buttons done, he pulled them off harshly and threw them across the room somewhere near Harry's shirt. Harry could feel Draco's finger tips slowly running along the edge of his boxers. He nearly screamed in frustration and closed his eyes, leaning back.

"Perhaps I could just leave you like this, Potter, desperate, half nude, and aching, for Professor Snape to find..." Draco taunted, laughing a little and sliding back up the couch without taking off Harry's boxers. He groaned out of pure sexual frustration. He needed Draco in the worst way.

"You wouldn' couldn't...because'" Harry managed to get out the words between kisses from Draco on the lips. He felt Draco smirk against him and slide back down the couch, tearing off Harry's boxers and throwing them somewhere behind him. Harry didn't care, he just needed Draco's mouth on his cock, and soon.

Without further words, he felt Draco's warm mouth enclose around the head of his erections while his hands groped his arse, massaging it firmly. Harry already felt on the edge of coming, and thrust his erection into Draco's mouth. Draco slowly licked it up and down, moving one hand from Harry's ass to cup his testicles. He could no longer take it after a short minute.

"I'm going to-" Harry started, but Draco immediately removed his mouth from Harry and smirked up at him.

"No, you aren't. Not yet, you aren't. So selfish, Potter, even during sex. Haven't you thought about my needs?" Draco asked. Harry opened his eyes and looked at the end of the couch, where Draco was sitting in his boxers, an obviously bulge poking out in the front. He couldn't get to Draco fast enough. When he did, he ripped his boxers off and stared at the boy's hard erection for a few seconds.

"I need you in me," Harry gasped, pulling himself up by Draco's shoulders and looking him deeply in the eyes before kissing him hard once more. "I need you so bad Draco, I need you, I need you," he moaned, sliding down and taking his hardness in his mouth.

"Oh, Merlin, Potter, oh god, don't, don't stop," Draco moaned as Harry slowly sucked him, cupping his testicles and grinding himself against the couch. Harry wanted Draco more than anything in the world. More than good OWL grades, more than Cho Chang, who didn't matter at all to him anymore, more than air.

Harry suddenly slowed down and looked up at Draco, who was biting his lip and thrashing. Here he was, sucking the cock of the boy he had been lusting after for a year. He was in complete control of him. It was the most erotic experience he could ever have imagined. At to top it all off, Draco looked perfect, as usual. The right amount of desperation and lust.

"Potter, oh god, I need to fuck you, I'm right there," Draco warned. Harry stopped sucking and Draco shoved him on his back, conjuring up a handful of lube and rubbing it carefully on his dick.

"My, Potter, you certainly have a fantastic arse..." he murmured, grabbing his ass and squeezing it firmly. Harry moaned lightly.

"Will you just fuck me? I've been waiting for this since the beginning of the year!" Harry hissed, turning his head back and looking pleadingly at Draco, who smiled, and slowly slid his erection into Harry's arse, raised high in the air.

"Po—Harry, you, oh my god, this is, I can't," Draco moaned, holding himself inside Harry for quite some time before moving. Harry was simply gasping and moaning, pressing himself into Draco as hard as he could.

"Draco, please, move," Harry begged. Draco began slowly moving in and out of him, while Harry continued to grind himself against the couch. Draco grabbed handfuls of Harry's hair and pulled lightly in time with his thrusts.

"Tell me we will do this again, Harry, I need to know I can feel this again," Draco begged. Harry grabbed a couch cushion and squeezed it hard.

"We will, we will, we have to, this is the best feeling ever," Harry sighed, and he could feel himself about to come. He couldn't last much longer. Draco moaned loudly, muttered "Oh fuck, Potter," under his breath, and exploded inside of Harry. Seconds later, Harry released himself all over his chest, groaning and moaning along with Draco. After about a minute, each of them collapsed.

They didn't move or talk for a couple minutes. Draco eventually pulled out of Harry, who grew a sharp breath, he didn't want Draco leaving him. Draco simply curled up behind him, curving his body against Harry's, and kissing the back of his sweat-drenched neck.

"That was beyond fantastic, Draco, I hope you know," Harry eventually whispered, turning over so he now faced Draco. Their foreheads were touching and they stared into each others eyes. Draco twisted his bent legs in between Harry's so they were even closer, touching more.

"You said, uh, earlier, than you've wanted to shag since the beginning of the year? Is that true, Harry?" Draco said, still adjusting to using Harry's first name instead of 'Potter'. Harry simply nodded, using one arm to rest his head on and the other to run all over Draco's body, tracing and feeling and groping.

"Harry, I've wanted you since the first time I saw you on the train Hogwarts. Well, maybe not in this way, we were a bit young, but as soon as I started having sexual feelings, they were for you. I've dated a few girls, yeah, and I mean, they've wanted to shag, but we never did, because every time things started getting hot, I started thinking of you..." Draco's voice trailed off as Harry's jaw dropped. He leaned in and kissed Draco, hard, and then slapped his ass.

"You dumb prick, why didn't you say anything Why did you always act like such a...such a git?" Harry asked, laughing a little. Draco turned bright pink.

"I didn't think you liked me, and I didn't want to admit to those feelings, y'know? I think my dad would kill me if he ever knew I liked...I liked you, in this way," Draco said quietly. Harry sighed and sat up, climbing over Draco.

"We can talk about this later. Can you meet me in the Astronomy Tower at eight?" Harry asked, finding his boxers and sliding them on. He was sweaty and probably smelt terribly of sex, but at the same time, he smelt like Draco, and he didn't mind that. Draco got up and proceeded to dress as well.

"Sure. Promise me you'll be there, ok?" Draco said, sliding on his shirt and beginning to button the buttons. Harry nodded, putting his arms into Gryffindor robes and walking over to Draco, helping him into his own Slytherin robes and adjusting the colar.

"Of course I'll be there. And we can talk about everything and..." Harry winked at Draco and headed towards the door, pausing at the knob. He remembered that they were locked in. Draco reached across and twisted the knob, and to Harry's surprise, the door opened. They both looked at each other and shrugged before walking out, where the classroom was empty and Snape was sitting at his desk.

He looked up and offered a surprised look. "That was fast. You are both dismissed. Oh, and Mr. Malfoy, your pants are on backwards. You may want to fix that," Snape remarked, giving them both a stern look, and then getting up and heading towards his office without another word.

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