All I Needed, All This Time: Chapter 5

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Harry needed no further answer. He closed his eyes and instantly drifted into a beautiful slumber.

Harry awoke silently, keeping his eyes closed. The room around him was very cold and Draco's bed seemed especially uncomfortable. He shifted to the left and moved his hand around, feeling for Draco. His hand hit a cold, stone floor and his eyes flew open.

"Don't move, Potter. We have your wand," a voice hissed from in front of him. Looking around, Harry could see nothing in the darkness except a pair of black, pointed shoes.

"Potter, Potter, Potter, so gullible, so weak...Crucio!" Harry screamed, his entire body clenching up around him as though a thousand blades had impacted every square inch of his skin. Around him, a bright white light blinded his eyes, and for what seemed like years, he could only focus on the immense stabbing pain across his body.

Slowly, the stabbing faded, until all that was left was a dull ache across his entire body. Harry pulled his knees up to his chest, wrapping his arms around them and shuddering slightly. He was suddenly freezing, as every muscle in his body was shaking violently. Although he could barely hear, there was a prominent evil laughter in the background.

"Such a stupid, stupid boy, you are, Potter," the laughing voice murmured, suddenly closer to him. He felt the tip of a wand brush the hair out of his face, then jab him roughly on the scar. "You fall for nearly every trick in the book. Ah, Crucio!"

The second round wasn't as bad, but still left Harry shaking and whimpering, eyes squeezed tightly closed. There was more laughing, but this time, from several voices. One was high and squealish, like a pig. Another was the original voice, much louder and deeper this time. A few of the others blended together, but one stood out. It was soft and smooth, yet almost sounded forced, as though someone was laughing politely at a very bad joke.

"Want to know who all is here, Potter?" the voice asked quietly. He could feel the warm breath close to his face. It smelt like whiskey and cigarettes. Harry nearly gagged, but kept his eyes closed firmly and tried to focus on steadying his breathing.

"Answer me!" Harry cringed, preparing for another round of torture, but none came.

"Y-yes," choked Harry finally, coughing on a mouthful of his own blood. A roar of laughter came from behind him.

"Y-yes? Y-yes?" the voice mimicked him in a tone sounding much like a first-year girl, "Well, let me see here. There is the lovely Bellatrix," he felt footsteps approach him, and then a firm kick in the back, followed by a high pitch laugh, "and of course, Fenrir," another low, kick, followed by a hysterical laughter, "Dolohov, Yaxley, The Carrows," four hard kicks in the back, to which Harry let out a yelp at the last one, "me, Lucius Malfoy," another kick, much harder than the others, "and the one who brought you here. Why don't you introduce yourself?"

There was a painful silence as quiet footsteps inched near him. He felt the tip of a heel on his throbbing back and bit his lip, preparing for the impact. There was a firm kick, and then another, and then another. It only stopped when he heard Lucius say, "That's enough," quite loudly. There was another rough kick, and then the footsteps stumbled backwards.

"Draco Malfoy."

Another roar of laughter came as Harry bit his lip, tasting the blood spill into his mouth. He could feel his eyes watering even under his closed lids. I trusted him.

"Oh yes, Potter, that's correct, Draco Malfoy. My own son, and, according to him, the one you've believed to be your lover for the past...two days?" There was an even louder wave of laughing which lasted the longest. Once the laughing died down, he felt a hand on his collar, pushing him up into a sitting position. Harry yelped at the pain as his back brushed against the floor and straightened out.

"A pure blood Slytherin boy, actually loving and...making love to a Gryffindor half blood?" Lucius made a fake gagging noise and dropped Harry back down. He screamed loudly at the pain suddenly inflicted upon his back. "The sacrifices we make in the Dark Lord's name. Draco, my son, you've done wonderfully." The voice was no longer directed towards Harry, but in the opposite direction.

"Thank you, Father," he heard Draco's voice say. Harry could not tie his voice to Draco's body. Draco, the one who had shown so much carrying for him over the past two days. The one he trusted. The one he-

His thoughts were interrupted by Lucius's voice. "You are pathetic, Potter, really. We figured this assignment would take months, a year, perhaps, before Draco could lure you in to his trap. But, two days? You are weak and desperate, Potter. Weak, weak, so-"

"I-am-not-weak!" Harry screamed, leaping to his feet. He felt very dizzy and nearly stumbled over, which the Death Eaters seemed to notice in the darkness, hooting and whistling with laughter. Harry cringed, trying to feel around for something to lean on. He eventually found a wall and collapsed his body weight against it.

"May I remind you, you are defenseless? With no wand, what are you to do, Boy-Who-Lived?" a high pitched voice hissed very close to him. He recognized it as Bellatrix immediately. Cold, sharp nails ran down the left half of his face, piercing his skin at his chin bone. Harry gasped.

Bellatrix squealed in delight and danced away, her heels tapping along the floor at a quickened pace. There was a light laughter from the opposite side of the room, and suddenly a light chorus of 'Lumos' echoed across the room.

Harry could see, but barely. He made out the face of Lucius Malfoy , standing about three feet away, balancing his wand carefully between two fingers, twirling it back and forth. Across the empty room stood a full line of Death Eaters, staring with Bellatrix, then Fenrir, with a vicious smile, showing off his yellowed fangs. He was followed by the Carrow siblings, both short with wheezy laughters. Then was Dolohov and Yaxley, both leaning back casually. And at the end of the line, who's wand was the dimmest of them, Draco Malfoy.

Harry couldn't hold back his urge. "You fucking prat!" he shouted, and made a running jump at Draco. The second his feet lifted off the ground, he heard a multitude of voices scream 'Impedimenta!', and he was suddenly gliding backwards. He came in contact with the rough, brick wall and hit the ground with a gasp of pain.

"You have no defenses Potter!" screamed a voice, sounding much too high to be Lucius's and much too low to belong to Bellatrix, "We must only wait for Him to arrive! Then He will take care of you!" A long wave of whoops and cheers followed the screaming voice, which he assumed to belong to Dolohov, judging by the long, twisted face that was suddenly inches from his own, who's wand was held beside his head.

Harry lunged forward once more, managing to knock Dolohov on his back. Harry wasn't exactly sure what was happening, who was screaming, what spells were thrown about, but seconds later he found himself backed against a wall, holding Dolohov's wand in his hand. Bellatrix stepped forward and thrust her wand towards him.

"Expelli-," she began shouting, but Harry cut her off before she could complete the spell. "Impedimenta! Impedimenta! Impedimenta!" screamed Harry, throwing the spell in multiple directions until he heard the satisfying bangs on body's against the brick wall. He turned and ran towards what appeared to be the outline of a door.

"Get back here! Get the boy! Don't let him—get off of me, Draco- get Harry, I'm fine, get Potter!" the wheezing shouts from Lucius became nearly silent as Harry ran towards the door, which seemed to be farther and farther across the empty room. When his fingers finally brushed the handle, he felt a sudden punch to his back, not one of a spell. The punching continued until he doubled over in pain, still tightly gripping the wand.

"" Draco panted, punching Harry in the ribcage between every word. Somehow, Harry gathered the strength to knock Draco off of him. "Petrificus Tot-" Harry began shouting, his wand pointed firmly at Draco, but was quickly interrupted by a hand pushing him backwards.

"Open your eyes! Harry!" shouted someone who sounded much like Draco. Harry was spun around and suddenly faced by Bellatrix, who was laughing in her usual squeaky tone, a wide, vicious smile spread across her face. Harry was unsure of how he had gotten to where he was, but reacted quickly, pointing Dolohov's wand at Bellatrix.

The wand was weak and surprisingly bendy for the thickness of the wood. It was short and dull, rough marks imprinted around the area where Harry assumed Dolohov held it. He snapped out of his observation as he heard Bellatrix screaming, "Crucio!"

"Protego!" yelled Harry. Bellatrix's smile vanished as quickly as her legs gave out from underneath her. Harry kept the wand focused on her, trying to avert his eyes as she writhed in pain, screaming and begging for mercy. After several long seconds he released the spell, backing away. "Lumos maxima!"

The room became light once more, and several of the Death Eaters seemed to have vanished. Harry frowned, spinning around. The only ones who remained were Lucius, who was sitting in the corner, holding his head firmly, Bellatrix, who had doubled over and was still shuddering in pain, Draco, and Dolohov, who was approaching him slowly.

"You have something of mine, Potter. Give."

"Only if we make a fair trade, Dolohov," hissed Harry, taking several steps back. Draco was standing off to his side, lit wand pointed at Harry. Harry moved the tip of his wand back and forth between the two men, shining equal amounts of light upon their faces.

Draco looked deathly ill, even more pale than his usual self. He was panting furiously, hands on his knees as though he had just ran several miles. Harry noticed an odd tint of green across his face, and it didn't surprise him when Draco spun around and became sick along the brick wall. Dolohov merely laughed and lunged at Harry, knocking him back down. Harry groaned in protest, his back cracking oddly and suddenly burning.

"Harry! Harry!" a voice screamed from somewhere near by. It sounded so similar to Draco's, yet he knew Draco was still getting sick along the brick wall, choking and gagging on his own vomit. Dolohov swung his large fist at Harry, who managed to avoid it by twisting his head as far left as he could, slamming it painfully into the stone floor.

Dolohov and Harry wrestled for what seemed like an eternity. Harry took numerous punches to the face, stomach, and ribcage, along with a knee into his crotch several times, something he thought only Muggles knew about. Luckily, though, after several years of wrestling and 'playful fighting' with Dudley, as the Dursleys described it to concerned neighbors, he had an upper hand when it came to physical contact.

After a couple minutes of enduring painful punches, Dolohov was sweating furiously at his brow, panting, and had weakened greatly. Harry took advantage of a slight pause to roll over on top of Dolohov and point his wand directly at the spot between the man's two eyebrows. He swung freely, a few of his punches missing, but most of them hitting Dolohov hard on the face. Once the man had gone weak, Harry repositioned his wand, pressing it down firmly and staring deeply into Dolohov's eyes, who, despite nearly being unconscious, was smiling weakly.

"The Dark Lord will be here soon enough, Potter. You can kill me, but Death waits you right around the corner, and there is nothing you can do to stop it. You will die alone, in the basement of Malfoy Manor, with no family, no friends, alone," Dolohov hissed. Harry threw another furious punch at him, but he seemed to shake it off with ease.

"Ask Draco, Potter! No one tried to stop him when he transported your drugged body to the outer edge of Hogwarts. Not even Dumbledore! They just watched!"

"Shut up!" Harry shouted, throwing another several punches without being aware of it until Dolohov's nose cracked below his hand. He yelped in pain, but did not fight back, only continued smiling and laughing maniacally.

"You will die alone, and no one will find you!" Dolohov found this thought quite amusing, as he began choking on his own blood, laughing hysterically, "The Dark Lord will take your body and hide it, and you will be known as the Boy-Who-Ran-Away-With-Draco-"

"NO! Avada Ked-"

"No! Stop! Harry, don't, Harry, look at me! Harry!" the voice screamed. Harry turned his head, stopping the spell and blinking furiously. The voice seemed all too close, yet, the only ones left were Dolohov, himself, Draco, and...Lucius? Lucius had seemed to disappear as well.

Harry was suddenly lifted by the collar and dragged backwards of Dolohov, who was nearly unconscious, his eyes fluttering every few seconds, laughing quietly and murmuring something along the lines of "So weak, so weak,". Dolohov's wand was suddenly ripped from his hand before Harry could save it. He heard it hit the ground in the darkness, and then a painful crunching noise. Harry cringed.

"Potter, Potter, Potter, what do we have here?" whispered Draco, using his own wand to trace along Harry's collarbone and shove him against a wall. Harry lashed his head away in fury and tried to push Draco off, but Draco pressed the wand further into his neck.

"Now, now, Potter, watch it. We wouldn't want a certain unforgivable curse to slip from my wand, would we? No, not Avada Kedavra. Not the Imperius Curse, no, no. And not...Crucio!" Harry screamed as a third round of torture hit him, blinding him with bright light and causing every muscle to cramp up. Draco's wand was particularly powerful, causing him worse pain than the two previous bouts of torture before.

Harry felt his knees lock and began to collapse to the ground as the pain loosened up, sending Harry into a half-conscious state of pain, chills, and misery. "Stand up! You weak, weak, ignorant, stupid, prat! Stand up and look at me! Incarcerous!"

His body went weak as ropes began wrapping painfully tight around his wrist, as controlled by Draco's wand. He felt his body straighten out and slam against the brick wall, drifting slowly between sleep and miserable consciousness. Ropes tightened around his ankles, and a final tug around his waist, before Draco released the spell from his wand and stepped back, admiring.

"Ah, beautiful, so very beautiful," he murmured, extending his hand to stroke the area under Harry's right wrist, which was thrashing against the too-tight ropes. Harry had a feeling Draco was not talking about himself.

"Just let me go, Draco, let me go," whispered Harry, closing his eyes and hanging his head in embarrassment. Draco laughed loudly.

"Let you go? After I used all this magic to tie you up? I think not, Potter!"

"No. Draco. Just let me go. Let. Me. Go," said Harry, trying to emphasize each word. His voice was nearly silent, each breath wracking his chest and taking more energy out of him. Draco remained quiet for a period, pacing back and forth in front of Harry.

"Just open your eyes, Harry! Open them! C'mon!" shouted Draco, his voice light and airy. It sounded like he was in another dimension, yet still straight across from him. Harry rolled his head to the side, much to weak to even attempt to raise his head or open his eyes. He couldn't even think up a weak insult to through at Draco about the ropes, or being a coward, or not trying to fight. Nothing came to Harry's exhausted mind, except the idea of sleep, or at least, unconsciousness.

Two firm hands hit his shoulders and pushed hard, then pulled back. "Harry! Dammit, Harry, open your eyes!" the distant voice screamed. Suddenly, though, a wand was pressed into his chin.

"Prehaps letting you go would be the best option. The Dark Lord could come to find your dead body, assume my stupid father did it..."

"HARRY!" Two hands were shaking his head, but Harry merely groaned, giving little effort to thrash away.

"Just let me go and stop playing games, Malfoy..."

"Harry! Please, Harry, just open your eyes!" Harry threw his head upward but did not open his eyes, only tipped his head back further.

"Get it over with."

"Ah, but Potter, this moment comes once in a life time. First I seduce the Boy-Who-Lived in a matter of days, I drag him to Malfoy Manor with no problems, and then I get to kill him? My plan, in action, without a flaw or hitch."

"Stop it, Harry!" the voice screamed loudly, but even so, it was still airy and distant. Harry frowned.

"Dammit, just do it."

"Well, if I must...," Draco took a pause, running his finger down Harry's chin and then gently planting a kiss on his lips, lingering for several seconds before sighing and pulling away, "This isn't easy for me, you know? You weren't half bad in bed, Potter, would love to keep you around as a shag partner...but, alas... Avada Ke-"

"OPEN YOUR EYES!" Harry suddenly heard the voice much louder and shot his eyes open, blinking several times at the blinding light in front of his eyes.

When they came to focus, he quickly recognized where he was, sprawled out and sweating madly against Draco's soft, cotton sheets. Draco was straddling on top of him, arms on either side of his head, his eyes bloodshot and cheeks oddly wet. It took Harry mere seconds to figure it out. I was dreaming. Some kind of sick, twisted dream, but I was dreaming.

"Harry! It's me! You're ok, oh god, you're awake, and you're ok!" Draco whispered, collapsing on top of Harry. He continued chanting "you're ok", which Harry figured was more of a reminder for Draco than a reassuring statement for Harry. Harry twisted out his arms, his body sweaty, cramped, and tired.

"Wha happen?" moaned Harry, his breathing laboured. Draco was panting into his left ear and he could barely understand a word the boy murmured, who kept kissing his temple.

"You were dreaming...nightmare...but you wouldn't wake up...I kept begging you to open you eyes...I got Dumbledore...he thinks...The Dark Lord...they are going to look into it...but oh wouldn't wake kept yelling at me, pushing me off...Harry...what were you...?" Draco finally stopped talking, rolling off Harry so the boy could breathe a little better. But all Harry did was pull Draco against him, hugging his lean, shuddering body close.

"It doesn't matter, Draco, well, it does. It was just a dream, and I'm sure Dumbledore will look into it closer. Draco, you were working for the Dark Lord, and about to kill me," murmured Harry, kissing the nape of Draco's hair along his neck. Draco gasped almost too dramatically and turned, facing Harry. His face was streaked with tears, and he was shaking with sobs.

"No! Harry, none of that's true! I would never—I mean—never, I mean-" Harry silenced Draco by pressing two fingers to his lips and leaning into to kiss the tip of his nose softly, as to not startle the boy with a sudden movement. Draco seemed to be more fragile than Harry

"I trust you. And I love you," whispered Harry softly with a bit of hesitation in his voice. Draco blinked a few times in surprise then smiled lightly.

"We've only know...for two days. You don't love me, Harry. You like me, and you like to shag," whispered Draco even quieter, as though someone would overhear, "but you don't love me. Don't say that."

Harry sighed and began wiping tears off the shuddering boy's face."I do. I love you, Draco. I love you so much. The way you reacted to that dream...Draco. You seem more shaken than me. I...I love you. And I think you love me."

There was a long, heavy pause. "I do. I love you so much, Harry. I love you." Draco began crying silently again, and Harry's vision became unexpectedly blurry as a few tears made their way down his own cheek. Draco laughed and sniffled.

"Look at us, crying like a bunch of little girls, we look pathetic, we should get up and see Dumbledore and-"

"Oh, shut up and kiss me."

And with that, Draco pulled Harry towards him by his collar, looking him deeply in the eyes, whispered something into his ear silently, and they drifted away in each others lips.

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