The hardest part of loving is to admit that you have fallen in love with someone who can't be yours.

It was a sunny bright day not a cloud in sight; It was beautiful, but it betrayed the village it shone on. The Hidden Leaf Village, was in total shambles, it had been a week since Pein had attacked the village and it still had looked as if it had just a moment ago. Everyone was in pain, lost in their own sadness, even one hyperactive ninja was depressed.

Naruto had lost control of the nine-tailed beast that was inside of him, though he had to admit he was a tad bit happy. The village that had once shun him, has now accepted him and seen him as a hero, none the less, there was still some unfinished business

'How am I supposed to tell her without hurting her?' Naruto racked his brain to give Hinata an answer to her confession and the truth was he was hating himself right now, he didn't want to hurt Hinata, no that's the one thing he never wanted to do, but he couldn't tell her he loved her too and than for her to find out it was a lie all along.

"Stupid Kit, why turn away the one person who cares for you?" Kurama sneered.

"I already told you, you stupid hair ball, I don't want to lie to her, besides I still have feelings for Sakura." Naruto said, Now don't get Naruto wrong he liked Hinata, but only as a friend, but as someone he loved he just have those kind of feelings for her.

Kurama rolled his eyes, "Look Kit, I just think you're making a mistake here, besides Pinky only cares for that damn traitors Uchiha." Kurama tried to reason with Naruto, the truth was he had a soft spot for the white eyed beauty, he could tell she was not like other females.

"Shut up you stupid fox and go back to sleep!" Naruto yelled with irritation in his voice. He was hoping Kurama would say negative things about the blueneet, so could feel a little better about his choice.

Naruto searched for Hinata everywhere, he searched the training grounds, he asked Kiba and Shino, he even asked Neji, but they just said they had not seen her since this afternoon.

"Kami, where the hell could she be?" Naruto had searched high and low for the beautiful girl and still had not found her.

That is until he came close to the Konaha main gates, there in all her glory sat the beautiful soft spoken girl, her head was down and her eyes were fixated on the floor, she looked in deep concentration.

The hyper active blond became nervous his heart raged in his chest, Hinata had always been a friend he had always helped her in need, he had always brought her spirits back up when she was sad, now he would be the cause of her sadness, but he would not lie to her.

'Ok, here I go.' Naruto thought as he took a breath of air.

He than put that mask of happiness that he had perfected as he approached the white-eyed beauty.

Hinata's POV

I woke up this morning sore just as I had been for this entire week. My recovery was slow and Lady Tsunade took me off of any missions above D. I got out of bed the strap of my night gown slide off my shoulder, I went to my closet and grabbed my ninja outfit. I soon head into my bathroom and turn on the shower head letting the steam fill the room.

I strip out of my silky white night gown and step into the shower, I let out a sigh as I feel the water beat on my back and shoulder allowing my tight, sore muscles to relax. I allow my mind to wander to the day Pein attacked, all the destruction, all the screams of panic and most of all my confession to the man that I loved for so long.

I will admit if I had known I was going to live I would have never confessed, I had confessed thinking I was going to die and I did not want to die without Naruto knowing my feelings for him. I let out a frustrated sigh and turn off the water and step out the shower allowing droplets of water to drop off my body on to the the floor, I grab a towel off the rack and dry myself off.

"Lady Hinata, your Father would like your presence in his office." A maid called from behind the door.

"H-Hai I-I'll be t-there in a m-moment." I stutter out, I hated stuttering, but it was a habit I could not break and of course that god awful blush, I shook my head to rid myself of the thoughts and put on my normal attire.

Before I got out of the bathroom I looked in the the door. I loath my outfit it was heard to move in and sometimes made it difficult to breath, but I had developed a little too early which resulted in large breast, wide hips, and a narrow waist. I remember Ino telling me I should to show off what I have when we were shopping one day.


Ino and I entered into one of the civilian shops. Ino had dragged me into the store saying, "Come on, Hinata, you have to show off that amazing figure of yours!"

Ino than proceed to drag Hinata around the store picking skirts, tank tops, and shorts that made my face heat up.

Ino pushed me into an unoccupied dressing room and threw me a dark blue skirt and a low cut white tank top.

"Try these on."

"I-I d-don't I-Ino this w-will s-show t-to m-much skin."

"Exactly! Now try them on!"

I striped out of my ninja clothes and put on the dark blue skirt and the white shirt that has a small butterfly on it. I look in the mirror, the skirt shows my long, porcelain legs and the shirt hugs my curves, showing my tight stomach and some cleavage.

I stepped out the fitting room with a blush adoring my face.

"Perfect!" Ino shouted, causing some of the patrons in the store to look our way.

I became embarrassed as men started to eye my body.

"I-Ino, I-I c-can't buy t-this it's t-to revealing." I protest.

"Nonsense, It makes you look hot, so you're buying it."

In the end Ino won and I bought the outfit.


I quickly shook the memory out of my head, I haven't worn the outfit since I bought it, I open the door that lead out to the hallway I walked down the hall and to my Father's office. I take a deep breath knowing I'm about to hear a ear full, especially if it was about my confession.

I slowly opened my Father's office door to see him sitting on the floor and a few Huyga elders as well.

"Hinata, take a seat." My Father says; his eyes hold no emotion.

I sit in front of him I look around and the Huyga elders seem disgusted with the mere sight of me.

"Hinata, I have heard that you fought Pein to defend that Uzumaki boy, is this information true?"

Y-yes O-Oto-San, that is true"

"I also hear you confessed your love for him?"


"Hiashi-sama, that is unacceptable, she has disgraced the Huyga name and associating it with the demon brat." A Huyga elder says.

"N-naruto i-is n-not a d-demon b-rat, H-he is a h-hero." I couldn't let them talk about Naruto that way; Not after all that he did.

The Hyuga elder scoffs, "That boy will never be a hero in the eye of the Huyga Clan, he will always be a demon brat and do you honestly think that boy will give up his of becoming Hokage for 'you', a weak, pathetic, worthless girl, child you are foolish!" The Hyuga sneers.

"Hinata," My Father calls me before I can retort, "You have shamed the Hyuga name, you will pack your belongings and be placed in the Branch House, The Caged Bird seal will be placed on you tonight."

My eyes widen, he was kidding right, no he never kid, he probably didn't even know the definition of it.

It get up and bow to My Father and the Elders, I would not give them the satisfaction of seeing me cry.

I walk out my Fathers office and The Hyuga Mansion.

I let my feet carry me till I see a bench by the main gates of Konaha and sit on it.

'How? How could he disown me his own flesh and blood, has he no emotions.' I think all of this and more, till I hear my name being called by a very familiar voice

Normal POV

Naruto walks up to Hinata with his usual smile.

"Hey Hinata!"

"H-hi N-Naruto-k-kun."

"I can I sit next to you?"Naruto asks, Hinata nods and moves over to allow the blond to sit.

'Okay, here it goes I'm gonna tell her.' Naruto thinks to himself.

"Think about this Kit, this is a bad idea." Kurama tried to reason with Naruto one last time.

"Go back to sleep Stupid Fox!" Naruto screams at him.

Naruto took a deep breath in and let it out.

"Hinata, I have something to tell you something it's...about your confession." Naruto noticed Hinata stiffen.

'Oh Kami, please tell me this is not happening.' Hinata thinks.

"Look Hinata, I'm flattered I mean you're the first person to ever accept me, let me." Naruto whispers the last part out, but Hinata hears it.

'He's going to return my feelings, Oh thank you Kami.' Hinata blushes and looks at Naruto with a sweet smile.

Naruto looked away not able to see her smile knowing it would not last.

"Hinata, I'm sorry, but I can't return your feelings, my heart is still attached to Sakura."

Naruto turned his head back in time to watch as that beautiful smile feel off her face and that infamous blush faded away.

"I'm sorry Hinata." Naruto repeated.

"I-It's o-okay N-Naruto-k-kun." Hinata managed to say with a tremble in her voice.


"I-I m-must l-leave N-Naruto." Hinata cut him off.

"S-sure." Naruto replied, he could see her fighting back tears.

Hinata stood and walked away from the blond, that was left on the bench, Hinata walked into the forest she wanted to be left alone, to be away from civilization.

Hinata sat under a large tree and brought her knees to her chest as she buried her head into her knees and let her tears spill down her face.

Hinata replayed Naruto's words over in her head, 'The Hyuga elder was right, Naruto would never want someone as weak as me.' Hinata thought, Hinata hiccuped through her tears.

"Well, Itachi you were wrong, it wasn't hard to find the Little Hime."

Hinata's head shot up and saw a tall man with blue skin and a sword wrapped in bandages look at her with a cocky smirk, standing next to him was the notorious mass murder Itachi Uchiha.

Hinata jumped to her feet and dropped into her fighting stance, 'How did they get in the village?' Hinata pondered.

"Calm down Huyga, we are not here to fight." Itachi spoke in that alluringly calm voice of his.

"W-what a-are y-you d-doing h-here?" Hinata demanded.

"We're here for you Hime." The man with blue skin spoke, Hinata recalled Neji telling her Father of someone that looked exactly like this man, now what was his name, ah yes Kisame that was it.

"M-me?" Hinata questioned, what could they want with her.

"Yes, you Huyga, the Aktsuki would like to make a proposition with you." Itachi told her.

"I-I'm n-not i-interested." Hinata rebuked.

"You don't have a choice." Kisame grabbed the handle of his Samehada.

Hinata blanched and gulped knowing she could not retort.

Itachi started to speak, " It has come to the Aktsuki's attention that we need new members and we have heard that Bykugan of yours is exceptional, So our proposition is simple you join the Aktsuki and in return we make you stronger." Itachi eyed the white-eyed beauty's facial expression and concluded that she was taking it into consideration.

'No, I can't betray the village.' Hinata thought.

'Why not? You have no family, no true friends, and no true love, besides this is your chance to become stronger, To show everyone that you are strong, To show our clan, or team mates, to show our Father, and most of all to show Naruto what we really are made out of' Inner Hinata retorted.

Hinata knew it was true and if she went back to the Hyuga mansion they would place the Caged Bird seal on her.

"Deal?" Itachi asked breaking Hinata's thoughts.

"D-deal." Hinata confirmed.