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"Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be." - Elizabeth Gilbert

Zetsu made his way up to Hinata, it took all of Hinata's strength to just to get back on her feet when she looked up she no longer saw Zetsu, Hinata glanced all around for him using her normal vision simply because she was too tired to use her Byakugan, it wasn't until she felt a fist connect with her chin that Hinata was sent flying and hit the floor with a sickening thud. Hinata wanted nothing so badly as get up and defend herself. Though she couldn't get up with all her energy gone and the pain becoming too much that it practically immobilizes her.

Hinata's POV

I couldn't get up my arms were sore, my legs were sore and I just wanted to cry. I only had one thought "Give Up." and that's what I did gave up I'm ashamed but I have no energy left. I felt blow after blow after blow. "Kami make it stop." "Please stop." I pleaded, Zetsu glowered at me I could feel his beady eyes on me, eyes that sent fear down my spine, he got down to my level and sneered, "Did you just say stop?" I whimpered, and shook my head rapidly, knowing that probably wasn't the right thing to say.

"You dumb cunt you want to become stronger than take what I give you!" The Black Zetsu hissed at me.

He grabbed me by my hair and slammed me on the floor, I could hear the 'crack' of one of my ribs breaking and I winced at the satisfied expression on his face.

"That's enough Zetsu. It's, Kakuzu's turn." I heard Itachi call out to him.

END of Hinata's POV (A/N: I'm going to skip Kakuzu pretty much it's just a beating since Hinata can't fight back so we're going to go right to Kisame.)

Hinata was bruised, bleeding, and in agony, she was sure Kakuzu had broken her wrist.

Hinata heard footsteps coming towards her; she looked over to where the footsteps were coming from and saw Kisame, and let out a gasp and a whimper of the pain to come.

Kisame merely grabbed Hinata by the hair and she just fell back down again Kisame took her by the hair and held on to it. "Fight back!" Kisame yelled as he pulled her hair harder, earning him tortuous screams.

"I can't… please stop it." Tears started to come down Hinata's eyes.

"You're in the Akatsuki now! Fend for yourself!" Kisame yelled.

Hinata tried her best to get up, until finally she got up on her feet she felt the broken ribs and the broken wrist, the pain was unnerving and unending every time she moved the she could feel it throughout her body. Though as she stood up awkwardly that's when Kisame punched her in the stomach, the blood spurted out of her mouth, she coughed getting the tangy taste out of her throat but it was to no avail.

"Stay up, that's the first step to becoming stronger never giving up even when it's hard." Kisame informed her.

Hinata listened and whenever she was knocked down she just got back up.

"That's enough Kisame." Itachi told him, Itachi walked up and turned on his Mangekyō Sharingan.

Hinata was put into a powerful Genjutsu and she saw that she was back in Konaha "I'm back! Thank you Kami!" Hinata yelled.

"Hinata!" She saw Naruto coming closer toward her, and soon Hinata felt the pain and anger rise up within her, but she was glad to see a familiar face.

"Naruto!" Hinata yelled back, when Naruto was face to face with Hinata he burst into laughter, Hinata only gave him a confused face.

"Haha! Did you really think I could ever love you!? You're so weak and pathetic!" Naruto laughed out, mockingly.

"Naruto…I-I loved you…" Hinata's heart broke.

"Why would you think I love you? I love Sakura. She's strong and beautiful, so unlike you." Naruto said smugly.

Hinata felt tears coming down her face, "Hinata…" She heard the small whisper as she sobbed quietly; she soon realized the familiarity of it, "…Hinata." She turned and saw her father.


"You stupid girl you run off with S-class nuke-nin and think you can come back!" Hiashi yelled.

Hinata just blanked out all she could hear was her father yelling and Naruto laughing at her, mocking her, all of them. She closed her eyes wishing it to go away, it finally ended, but now she was tied to a tree and Itachi was in front of her.

Itachi pulled out a sword and shoved it right through her stomach, Hinata let out a blood curdling scream and Itachi simply stabbed sword after sword into Hinata, she got weaker until finally she passed out.

Itachi looked at Hidan and nodded towards him, "Be careful… as to not hurt her too much we need her." Itachi told him, as all the members left leaving only Hidan.


Hidan just smirked and made his way towards Hinata, "Hey bitch, wake up." Hidan whispered in her ear, Hidan than slapped Hinata on her face, she slowly opened her eyes to see Hidan looking at her with lust filled eyes.

Hinata shook her head and kept repeating "No, no, no," over and over again.

Hidan laughed and cut off Hinata's fish net shirt, then tore her bra off, Hidan licked his lips with want as he looked at two large perky breasts.

Hidan grabbed her breasts and pushed them together and growled with lust.

"Damn you're pretty filled out." Hidan commented.

Hinata whimpered out, "Please, don't do this."

"…If you want me to stop than make me." Hidan smirked.

Hinata was too weak at this point to even move, Hidan lowered his head and licked Hinata left nipple, Hinata struggled against him. "Please stop."

Hidan frowned and bit her nipple, Hinata screamed out as pain washed over her body.

Hidan smirked in seeing the tears well up in the rim of her frightened eyes, after all Hidan was a sadistic man he loved seeing someone in pain, he loved seeing someone hurt.

Hidan kissed his way up to her neck; but Hinata struggled against almost throwing him off.

Hidan growled starting to become slightly annoyed with the bluenette under him.

"Stop fucking moving, you damn bitch." He growled out,

Hinata did not listen she just wanted him off; she resisted, trying to get him off of her, struggling even harder.

Hinata took her hands and clawed at Hidan's face making him come face to face with the floor.

"You fucking bitch!" Hidan had never been so furious, he had underestimated the girl and that itself made him angrier.

Hinata got up quickly and started to run, she didn't care that her body was in so much distress, she ran towards the woods, never even looking back to see if Hidan was following her. Her blue hair flowing behind her as the wind hit her red face, panting and breathing as if her life depended on it; which it did.

She finally made it to a big tree with bushes on both sides of it; Hinata crawled inside the bushes when she finally settled in she burst into tears.

"Why Kami, why did I leave?" Hinata cried as she pulled her knees close to her chest.

"Hyuga! Come out; come out, wherever you are." Hidan's deep voice called to her.

Hinata blanched as her heart beat faster and faster, "I don't like hide and seek so I'm going to give you till the count of five, if you don't come out… then… I'll just kill you." He said offhandedly, as if that was a casual thing to be said.

Hinata's eyes grew twice the normal size, 'No he wouldn't he's bluffing.' Hinata reassured herself the Leader would be upset if he killed her.

"1." Hidan began counting; if she thought he was playing with her then she would learn Hidan did not play.

"2." Hinata grew unsure perhaps he wasn't bluffing. He was an official member and she wasn't. If she didn't get stronger than they would kill her anyway.

"3." 'Dammit she really is going to make me kill her. Fuck, I wonder what Itachi will do when I tell him I killed the girl?' Hidan thought apathetically.

"4." This time Hinata was certain that he was going to kill her. She watched as Hidan shrugged his shoulders and took out a kunai. Hinata panicked not being able to come with a plan she did the first thing that came to her mind.

Hinata jumped out of the bushes, stumbling as her foot caught on a bush branch.

Hidan gave her evil smirk, "Well at least we know you're not dumb."

Hinata stepped back as she saw Hidan come closer seeing him thumb the kunai she backed up even more until her back hit the tree.

She cursed silently as she frantically tried to find a way to escape from his leering gaze.

"If you run… I'll just catch you and kill you." Hidan slowly walked over to Hinata, he watched as she dug her nails into the tree causing her hands to bleed.

He finally came face to face with her. He laughed at her desire to get away he sniffed in her scent of cinnamon and lavender, he pinned her pale arms to the tree her skin was soft with a couple of scars that were very unnoticeable.

"Stop it!" Hinata yelled out hoping someone anyone would hear.

Hidan smirked, "Make me."

Hinata became enraged at his attitude bringing her foot up; she kicked Hidan in the groin making him double over in pain. "Fuck! I'm tired of you!" Hidan's face turned red as the pain subsided.

Hinata tried to run again, but this time Hidan was prepared and angry. "I was going to take it easy on you, but fuck it!" Hidan threw the petite girl on the ground, her blue hair in disarray, her hands with dried up blood, her body covered in bruises. In all honesty she probably would have been better staying at the Hyuga Branch House with the caged bird seal then being with this group of murderers and sadists, but alas, it was too late she was stuck in this situation.

Hidan dropped to his knees pulling the petite girl by her legs to draw her closer.

The following events would have made a person throw up, would have made a person cry, would have made a person lose their minds… and that is exactly what happened to Hinata.

She just wanted the pain to stop as Hidan pumped in and out of her. Her mind finally blanked out her eyes turned dull as she subconsciously went to a time where she was happy.

Rape Scene is done!


A small Hinata giggled as a slender woman tapped her nose, "M-mommy c-can w-we g-o get i-ice cream?" Hinata asked sweetly.

The slender woman tapped her chin as she scrunched her face up, "Hmm, I've got a better idea."

Hinata looked at her mother in confusion what could possibly be better than ice cream?

The woman laughed her daughter's cute face, "I should just eat you instead, since you're so sweet!"

Hinata giggled as her mother started to playfully nibble her neck, "Yum, yum, yum! So much better then ice cream!"

Hinata shrieked playfully, "M-mommy s-stop it t-tickles!"

"No, you taste so good!" The beautiful woman told her.

Many of the Hyuga members came to see what the noise was and many made a disgusted face, They were above such games what the mother should be doing is training the girl, she was weak and needed to stop playing!

The woman stopped playing with her daughter as she saw the stares and faces of disgust from the main Hyuga members.

"May I help you?" She asked coolly.

Hinata looked at her mother, perplexed at her mother's sudden change in voice.

The other Hyugas' said nothing as they huffed and turned their backs on the two females.

Hinata watched as her mother rolled her eyes. "M-mommy w-what's wrong?" She asked worried for her mother as she seemed annoyed.

The white eyed lavender tinted eyed woman looked at her daughter marveling at how she was a spitting image of her, she smiled softly.

"Hinata…" She cooed, "You know I love you right?''

Hinata nodded and smiled brightly, "I-I l-love -y-you too m-mommy!"

The woman engulfed her small child into a hug as she kissed her on the forehead.

Tears welled up into Hinata's eyes the same eyes as her mother, the only person who had ever loved and cared for her.

Hinata heard Hidan sigh as he released on her stomach making her throw up again.

Hidan chuckled "Go clean yourself up, bitch."

The tears that she had tried so hard to keep in had spilled out as a stream of a river.

'Mother I miss you.' Hinata thought, 'I'm so sorry.' She cried and cried for what seemed to have been for hours.

Hinata was pulled from her thoughts, as she heard the sound of twigs breaking and leaves rustling.

"Hime?" Kisame came out seeing the small girl sprawled out on the ground the substance on her stomach giving off an awful stench, her body was covered in bruises and cuts.

Hinata looked over at the blue man and stared blankly at her.

"Come on, let's get you cleaned up… Okay?"

Hinata didn't answer, she had nothing to say, all she wanted was to go where her mother was, she wanted to see her smile and hear her laugh again.

Kisame sighed as he picked the girl up, "You know if you weren't so weak, this wouldn't have happened."