The Doctor in blue, still fully clothed just to add a touch of humiliation into the mix rubs his nose along the other's throbbing cock, breathing out warm breaths against the moist skin before flattening his tongue and tracing it along the length. He rests just the tip then, in his panting mouth and sucks gently, mingled with kisses and circular licks around the crown. Rose is straddling his chest now, leaning her weight on him and slowing his breathing as he throws his head back and gasps for air. She moves her drenched folds above him and gives him a questioning look, hesitant once more but he only smiles that goofy grin and strains his neck to reach her.

Oh God he's so good with his tongue, tracing her lips and worrying them between his gums, licking long strokes from her entrance to her burgeoning clit. The other smiles around the cock, that with all this attention is weeping and purple with need and decides to let Rose have some uninterrupted pleasure, backing off to kiss and lick his way down the tensed inner thighs, behind the knees and swirling around the tender, responsive ankles as Rose's whimpers grow to fever pitch.

"You can grind down on him, he won't mind," he offers helpfully. She looks struck between shock and heated desire before mumbling, "I don't what to hurt him, or suffocate him?"

"Don't worry sweetheart. He can hold his breathe for a long time and I know he would love to be buried and crushed completely in you, your scent, your taste, Rassilon Rose, you're gorgeous."

She smiles meekly and does as instructed crying out at the intensity as the Doctor's efforts redouble and he practically chokes on her, gulped her in like air. She can feel the deep groan reverberate through her and his eyes are clenched shut as he moves constantly and greedily. She experiments with a rotation of her hips and more pressure and feels him buck wildly without the other to hold him down. She screams completely by surprise as her orgasm shudders through her like a lighted rope of wick to dynamite and abruptly she feels the scratchy texture of a suit jacket at her back, strong arms guiding her up, off and into a firm embrace. They're just sitting on top of the Doctor now, like he's a blasted rug or something but his eyes are full of affection and love for his two 'humans'.

Eventually she slides off him and sprawls out at his side touching and stroking tenderly as the other bends to kiss him and savour her own flavour on his lips. In moments like this she really believes that this can't possibly be real, that she's finally had some sort of mental break and has been lost inside her head fantasising as her body rocks back and forth in some padded cell back on Earth.

When the two men, that look so alike, pull apart there's desperation and heat in their gaze. Both at this point are so turned on it must hurt and either have yet to find release. Then, without haste but perfunctory determination, the other begins to undress, his eyes never leaving his counterpart and the honesty in that gaze is breathtaking, both surrendering, both admitting that they want one another and not just because of Rose and not just for fun but something much deeper. Oh the sex between the three of them has been fantastic but this open acceptance of one another has been a long time coming. Normally the other is just used as a prop or a handy and willing body but this is more.

Now naked, the Doctor leaves for a moment, going into the en-suite and emerging with a glass of cool water, he slugs down several gulps and then, with such sensitivity and affection, kneels beside his captive and gently pours water into his mouth with one head steadying the bound Timelord behind his head, fingers occasionally raking through sweat drenched hair. He sets the empty glass aside and cleans off the other's mouth with a damp flannel, pausing to kiss his forehead, cheeks and lips. They never show one another such intimacy. Rose is astounded and filled with such warmth and love for these two amazing men. Maybe it just needed one to break, to initiate because neither are acting awkward or embarrassed but rather just being and savouring the moment.

The free Doctor moves back down the bed and comes to rest between the other's legs. He simply strokes along the shaft and down to his balls gently, almost absently, as if he's lost in thought. The other lets out a long, slow breath and shifts in his bounds, getting more comfortable, closing his eyes and enjoying the soft sensations.

Suddenly his eyes flash open and Rose is on her knees crying out a warning, "Doctor! Stop!" Shit she thought they were getting somewhere but now he's gone and made it piety and about power and one-up-man-ship again. She can't believe her eyes. The Doctor's slicked a finger with saliva and is applying pressure well, there!

He ignores her and raises his eyes to meet those others of deep brown. There's shock in them and fear and it almost breaks her as in hundreds of remembered situations where she's felt that protective need and compassion towards this beautiful creature as events turned sour. "Doctor!" she presses again.

They've never done this before. Oh he's taken him, her first (well second), the original Doctor has fucked his look-a-like good and proper, shorter life, he wanted to experience everything even if there was a slight chagrin at the Timelord being the only one with the necessary parts. He'd even asked Rose if she would oblige, they could easily acquire a sufficient toy but she had been reluctant, she didn't want to hurt him or for it to be a bad experience when she didn't have the necessary practice, didn't want him to associate her with that. But the Timelord's always stayed somewhat distant and aloof through their 'human' discoveries.

They're staring one another out but amazingly the Doctor's glare begins to falter, then breaks completely into something plaintive, almost pleading and this is definitely not just a game anymore. So he does want this? She'd never have guessed but supposes that yes, the other Doctor must've known on some level, sharing so much history and personality. But she doesn't think he'd ever have asked for it, ever have risked that kind of exposure around either of them, not without this provocation.

Her human Doctor smiles and it's not smug or 'I told you so', it's reassuring and humbled and so much is said in their eyes that's too soon for either to speak aloud. Both, after all, are men of action and yes, a lot of babbling but words, the kind of words that have real power are strangely bereft.

"Rose do you want to…?" and both look at her, accepting and inviting her to ride that straining cock but no, this time, it's not about her and that's well, that's fantastic. "I'd rather watch," she smiles. "Oh, but…I mean… if you'd feel more comfortable if I wasn't here. That's ok too, really. I'm…I'm absolutely fine." She smiles again, genuinely to show them that she means it because she really, really does. This is beyond progress, it's a bloody miracle and she has to laugh as yet another 'impossible' thing is proved possible.

It's her Timelord who speaks and his insecure words just continue to shock her. "Actually, I'd prefer it if you stayed. I…well…I haven't done in a long time…well…I've done this only a century or so ago but…not…THIS…when it matters…when it means something, with someone I…I love."

It's like all the air has left the room. She can see that her other Doctor is on the brink of tears or hysterics or just fainting with shock.

"I love you to, Rose. You know that? So much. I trust you, need you to help me and be with me for this?" and she is crying, silent but gushing tears that just won't seem to stop. "I love you, want you, need you, God, can't…can't imagine ever being without you. Either of you." She snuggles up on his chest and takes his hand in hers.

The other Doctor still hasn't moved. She's not sure if he's even breathed.

"Why?" he finally exhales. "I mean…thank you. And I…you have to know that I love you too?" Slight embarrassment descends so Rose, ever the quick thinker, breaks it. "You want me to untie you? Might be easier, make you more comfortable, more in control?" She reaches up to the tight knots but his voice stops her.

"No. I trust him, trust you. And I know I never actually said but, well, I kind of like this…even need it sometimes. It's so hard for me to let go." He gives her a slanted smile that belies the vulnerability he's feeling and she kisses him sweetly. "You're safe. We've got you."

With more determination now the Doctor reaches into the bedside cabinet and withdraws some super-duper 51st century lube before getting back into position. "I'll go slowly. I know you haven't, in this body and I know you're tighter than humans. Not exactly genetically evolved for this, not really a big Timelord pastime, too uncouth and primitive. I'll be gentle and if it's too much just tell me, we don't have to do this, it's ok."

"I know, thank you."

He knows the other man's scared. He slips a slicked hand around the somewhat softened cock of his twin and strokes up and down in a pleasant but not overwhelming rhythm to help him relax and hopefully feel good. He moves up to kiss him and this time it's so yielding and passionate but with a slow, mesmerising burn. His deep, expressive eyes tell him it's ok, that's he's ready, that he's surrendering. He moves back and slowly teases that beautiful, red, rosette, oiling the surrounding area, his fingers so slick, they glide like a soft massage and the Doctor's humming contentedly in the back of his throat and Rose is there, with him every step of the way, murmuring words of encouragement and love and stroking his pale, baby soft skin, occasionally rubbing at tighter knots on his strained arms and neck.

Their eyes meet to avoid surprises as he applies gentle pressure to the rim and slips in just a little, circling the tight muscle gently. They both let out a long, calming breathe neither even realised they were holding. The half human knows how much responsibility and trust his duplicate's placing in him and right now he'd die rather then betray that. He pushes a little further, "Alright?"

"Oh, yes." He gets a warm smile in return and pushes a little further, further still, further, until he's in up to the knuckles. He feels the muscles around his finger jump and tense. "Shush, it's ok. You're in control here. I'm not going to move until you're nice and relaxed and say it's ok."

The Timelord's furrowed brow belies a lot. The bloody man's thinking too much. He was afraid of this. Knows the Doctor can calculate every possible scenario in a heartbeat and has probably moved on from that to all the reasons why opening up to someone is a bad idea or torturing himself over feeling good when he thinks he doesn't deserve it. He just bets that he's picturing Gods knows what or who to dampen his arousal and enjoyment and hate himself once more. This is risky but he has to try or this is going to get very uncomfortable for him, even painful, very quickly.

"Remember that old Cypress tree, on the ridge on the edge of Father's estate? Well, I say Cypress, I say Father but you know what I mean. You used to go there to get away from everything, especially whenever we were hosting some big, secretive meeting and the other's looked at you like some mongrel scum. We'd run away from the voices and conversation in the great hall and down to the cliffs. That old tree never did bloom and yet refused to die and if you sat just under it and lay back just so, it was like you were floating, couldn't see the old gothic mansion or the edge of the cliff, it just dropped away and it was like you were floating on air, the verdant valleys of the glens of silence beneath you. The looming towers of the glass domed citadel refracted rainbows at the edges of their curves and bounced the sinking, second sun over the peaks of plenitude and forest of solace, creating a line of light that just stopped suddenly turning to shadow like someone had flicked a switch. And lying there, feeling suspended, just feet from where the ground gave way, you'd dream about the stars, the planets and their peoples and just let everything else fade away and disappear." He'd relaxed completely now and that finger had become two, moving slowing in and out without a reaction from the prone man.

Slowly he came to and clenched again suddenly, before laughing meekly and visibly calming. "You're doing it?"

"Yeah." He smiled to himself and they shared a laugh. "How does it feel?" Slight concern crossed his placid features, was he doing this right?

"It feels…oh, it feels so good."

"Yeah? How about this?" Deft fingers swiftly sought out the Timelord equivalent of a prostrate and the Doctor groaned and bucked helplessly. "Oh God…that's…wow…don't stop!"

He had to chuckle at that and resumed his stroking, slowing increasing the pressure and alternating with a few scissored movements that seemed to cause a little pain but he switched repeatedly back to easy, gentle strokes until something seemed to give and the Doctor was panting and breathless for real.

"More!" he moaned and wasn't that plea just exquisite?

"Are you sure?"

"Yes…hmmm…no. Try,,,try harder, faster first…..Ohhh by all the saints…!" He plunged more forcibly into him now, hitting deeper and harder and noticed the response of the Doctor's hips gladly jigging along to the rhythm, his cock hard and full again and his body beginning to writhe and squirm in pleasure. He added another finger. God, still so tight and both men, (obviously) were well endowed. Still, as he manipulated the muscle and stretched that forbidden hole he could tell that any pain he was causing was being eclipsed by pleasure. Good, to do this, to really do this to a Timelord, it was always going to hurt like hell, for both of them but if he could get him relaxed enough and aroused enough, the pain would hopefully be an after thought.

"I know it hurts. I'm sorry. It was always going to the first time with your (he bit his lip from saying 'superior') biology. We don't have to go any further. It'll take time," he reassured.

"No. Please…oh Doctor please….fuck me?"

Well that did it, almost, which would have been embarrassing as he couldn't exactly fuck him if he'd just come from those simple words but the Doctor swearing, begging and he called him 'Doctor', he never calls him 'Doctor'! Now he's completely smitten and even beginning to start self-depreciating himself as he never expected this but he's bloody well not going to think about that now, the mighty Timelord just begged, begged him to fuck him. Oh, it's evil but he can't resist. "What? Sorry, what was that?" That earned him a glare and he had to laugh.

"You win, ok? I'm begging. Please just…I need…" Rose is helping to double-team him now, stroking his cock in time to the other Doctor's thrusts. "Rassilon…please. I know it's going to hurt…but I've been hurt a hell of a lot worse. You know that, high pain threshold, me and this time it's for a bloody good cause. I want this. No, I want this with you. Please…please just fuck me….and don't…don't hold back…I can take it. I want, I need to …feel…feel you."

He wasn't going to argue with that especially because he was currently more turned on than he can ever remember being even through nine hundred years. There's a silent pantomime between him and Rose and then his slicking his cock and rubbing it just there, posed to enter, savouring every ripple, every sensation and he knows he should be gentle but he also knows the Doctor and knows as the saying goes 'it's better to rip the band aid off quickly'! He thrusts in, all the way in, balls deep and the Doctor positively howls, first in pain and then he's grunting and bucking in pleasure as Rose, as instructed, has swallowed him whole at the same time and it's all too much. The Doctor starts a steady but deep rhythm and oh, he's so tight, but the stimulus feels so good, overpowering and he's panting now and trying desperately to regain his control. He wants to make this last and he wants to make it so good for his Doctor, HIS Doctor.

He's a bit erratic but he can't help that, this means so much to all of them. He's never seen anything so beautiful, the frozen glacials of 'Woman Wept', the untempered lightning storms of 'Corusa', the translucent pyramids of 'Hypothymediaflora', nothing compares to the sight of the Timelord writhing and flushed, every muscle strained and rippling tantalisingly under the strong skin, the sheen of sweat gathering in the dip of his hips, the keening growls and wails that he could get drunk on, his eyes either bright and so alive or clenched shut and rolling back in head. He pounds harder, faster, he's on fire and they're burning with him, so brightly in a million colours and with sun spots like a billion fireflies and suddenly he's coming and screaming, "Come, come now, come with me. Fall Doctor. I've got you" He does and he's lost and found again, broken and remade and Rose is hurrying to untie him and then hugging him so hard he thinks he might burst and there's a wonderful, solid weight trapping him at his waist and he never wants to move again. The universe be damned. He's fallen and he doesn't want to get back up again. How can he, how can he go back now? The responsibility, the guilt, the pain, the endless battle that never stops and is never won and this is why he can't love, it's just too much.

He chokes out a sob, his eyes fill and he can't stop it now. Now he's shaking all over and crying as if to rise a tide to wash him away but in a instant he's between two bodies and they're his harbour, they're firm and solid and not letting go and then he feels it, the touch of a mind seeking out his own and he tries to scuttle away to retreat but it won't let him. The mind's evading, seeing everything and wrapping it up, binding it in knots and burying it under lead and singing, singing to the sound of the universe. It's mirroring each thought and then smashing the glass and replacing it with light, billions of candles, burning for billions of lost lives and there's peace and so, so much love and he realises then that this mind is completely open, not shielding anything from him and he clings to it. It shows him every good memory from their shared brain, every time that life flourished and suffering was vanquished and then it shows him something even more personal. It shows him thoughts and feelings and desires since this mind diverged from his own. It shows him the lingering glances, the secret devotion and insecurities. It shows him that love is terrifying and that they can be terrified together.

When he opens his eyes Rose is gazing at him with such concern and he sees the loyalty there and the love. There's a vastness in her spirit that's almost as big as the universe and so unusual for such a small, fragile being and it's so selfless. He looks to his other side but the eyes there won't meet his and he realises there's guilt and self-hatred flooding from every pore of the other man's body. He leans up and kisses Rose chastely and then forces the other to look at him. "Thank you," he whispers, suddenly noticing that he's hoarse and doesn't it sound kind of sexy!

"Even when I travel with friends and companions, I'm always alone. The responsibility, the decisions, they're mine and mine alone. I'm arrogant and pretentious because if I allowed myself, even for one moment, to believe that I had an equal, that I could walk away and offload some of this burden, I'd run and never look back. I don't want to be like this. But the alternative, living, knowing so much and doing nothing, I can't… For the first time I don't feel alone anymore and it's liberating but also terrifying because it's all I've ever known for so long and getting my hopes up. I don't know if I can rebuild anymore."

The other's man nodding, fighting back tears himself. "I know. I know."

"I know you do and that's what really scares me. You understand completely which means I have to face things in you that I try so desperately to avoid."

"I'll leave…"

"NO. I don't want that."

"Then what?"

"I don't' want to be afraid anymore, of myself. And if I can love you, and I do by the way, then maybe I can love myself. Opening up to the both of you, getting used to sharing this and then having that stop, be taken away again, is an unbearable thought but I think that you both could maybe…save me…in the meantime, so when the time comes, I'll handle it. I may have lived nine hundred plus years but you and Rose, you're giving me back my life and I don't know how to ever thank you enough."

The two men, so damaged, so alone, so beautiful and so broken share a kiss that says consequences be dammed? When they finally break apart there's a teasing smile on the part human's lips, "Well you can start by eating a bunch of pears!"