Too Deep

At first I was Alice. I had fallen down a rabbit hole and was trapped in a world filled with discarded dreams, snatches of nightmares, glimmering breezes of hope. I would play amongst the furthest wild reaches of imagination, and then I would climb out of the rabbit hole; awake and perfectly fine, and it would be as if no time had passed. So at first, I was content. I thought it was only a matter of time.

But I had followed that white, time obsessed rabbit to deep; I couldn't find the rabbit hole again. Nobody pulled me up and I couldn't climb out. I heard time passing, too much time for me to be Alice. A Christmas came and went, and the white rabbit tutted and tapped his ticking watch.

"I'm late, I'm late!" he cried, rushing off into the distance until he was only a white silhouette in the edges of my dying Wonderland. I cried out for him, but he left me in the dark; off to find another Alice to entice down the rabbit hole. Maybe she would climb out, but I didn't.

So then I was Snow White. Sleeping on a bed of flowers, skin as white as snow, lips cherry red, waiting for my prince. Snow White slept for a while; dreaming in and out of the daisy fields. She slept as if dead, but she breathed, and when she woke up everyone she loved was still there; waiting for her, just like my family.

But I slept too long; too deep in my sleep. My prince was not there; he didn't come and wake me. The thorns grew up around my castle, and no one could get through them. The time for Snow White to wake passed. My family gave up and went away; they couldn't wait for Snow White any longer. They had lives to live. But not me.

Now I am Sleeping Beauty, protected in my rose bed, surrounded by thorns. But in the fairytale, her family, her friends, her servants, they all went to sleep with her, keeping the hibernating rose company in her dreams.

But my family do not sleep with me. They have moved on, leaving the preserved flower alone, trapped in a tangle of thoughts.

In the fairytale, the princess sleeps for one hundred years, hair splayed across the pillow. And then the prince wakes her with true-love's kiss. In the story, she smiles, and then she is happy.

But what about the real Sleeping Beauty? Did she really want to wake up? Do I really want to wake up? In my dreams, I am Queen. If something goes wrong, I can begin again. Nothing can hurt me. The Prince can try again and again, but because none of it is real, it doesn't matter what happens. In my dreams, I am safe in my glass garden. Nothing touches me. I can make everything perfect.

While the prince can wake the princess, there is no guarantee of the happiness afterwards. The real princess didn't want to wake up. I don't want to wake up anymore. Because in my head, life is a perfect, untainted fairytale. In my head, I am not linked up to wires and machines and tubes and drips. In my head, there is no such word as 'coma'. There is no 'forgetting'. In my head, there is no off-switch.

But in reality, all of those things are real. In reality, I am linked up to wires and machines and tubes and drips. There is such a word as 'coma. People do forget.

And in reality, when you go too deep, there is no rabbit hole to climb out of. No prince to wake you up. Just dreams.

When you go too deep, there is an off-switch. The people who forgot about you flip the switch…

and Sleeping Beauty sleeps forever, untouched in her playground of thorns…

Hey! This is just a short one-shot based on the idea that Sleeping Beauty doesn't want to wake up... more based upon the Anime movie than the manga.

Hope you enjoy, and please review! XD