Epilogue: Sent away

I packed in a sack every personal belonging I needed. I was being shipped to England, to have a 'better chance at a good living' as my father, Charlie, had put it. We weren't a rich family and my father thought it would be for the best if I went to England to find a job. I was being shipped at the expense of a rich man, Master Cullen. I was to become an indentured servant for the amount of years Master Cullen desired. Afterwards, I would become free. Me being a child of 18, I was to work until I became 21, or before, if Master Cullen freed me earlier.

'Bella, honey, do you have everything you need?' My mother, Renee, said coming into my room.

'Yes mom.' I nodded.

'Oh honey, I'm going to miss you so much.' She said hugging me, a tear slipping down her cheek.

I hugged her back. 'I'm going to miss you too mom. I'll try and write as often as I can.'

We may not be wealthy, but school was imposed by every government until the age of 16. You may continue your education if you desire it afterwards, but at your own expense and my parents couldn't afford it. That was one of the reasons I'm being sent to England. My father says the experience I might gain in servitude might help me later.

I never doubted any of my father's decisions, but I wasn't very sure about this one. I was terrified. I've heard thousands of tales about slaves and servitude and none of them gave me much hope. They didn't teach us about slavery in school. It had become legal once again, seeing how many poor people couldn't afford a living on their own, the government saw it rational to make it legal but not against a person's will.

'Take care of yourself there Bella.' My mom said as she let me go.

'I will mom. I will.' I reassured her, but I wasn't so sure myself. What would be awaiting me on that land, I had no idea. Charlie says Master Cullen has a good reputation around which is why he chose him and none else. I hoped that meant he wasn't violent and too harsh. He would be providing me with food, clothing and shelter but I was not to be paid wages. I didn't complain, I knew that what I was getting was enough, and it wouldn't be at my parents' expense, which made me feel less of a burden.

All I hoped for once I landed on the other side was an opportunity to a new life.