HP X-OVER Howard found another boy with potential when he found a runaway boy who had the 'eyes' of a survivor. The boy had the story of maltreatment and gross neglect, and decided to give him a purpose when the boy had none. To become the sixth.

The Sixth

Mike Howard was one of the scientists from the colonies alongside Doctor J, S, Instructor H, Professor G and Master O who were the original engineers. But unlike his peers, he did not want anything to do with Operation Meteor and resigned himself to living in peace.

He was indeed, living in peace, cheerfully buying groceries, when he found a boy struggling to just stand up. He was wearing filthy, oversized clothes too big for his skinny...and bruised frame. 'Hey kid! You OK?' he cried as he rushed to the kid's aid.

'...I-I'm fine...somehow mister.' the kid choked out while wincing.

'How did this happen anyway? Come on kiddo, I'm taking you to the hospital.' Howard offered as he flagged a taxi cab, and upon getting one, he helped the boy get inside. 'To the nearest hospital pronto! This kid's in bad shape!'

'The hell happened to him then boss?' the driver asked Howard as he drove off for the hospital.

'OK kid, how'd this happen?' Howard asked the little boy who looked meek and sad.

'...I'm always blamed for everything.' he said miserably. 'Everything that goes wrong is always blamed on me. I'm always hurt by Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. If I did better than their son and my cousin Dudley, I'll get beaten. It was always worse when the teachers sang praises about me while they get warnings about their son and they beat me up because they said it's my fault Dudley doesn't do well in school and using my freakishness to cheat. How can I when I'm in the front row? When uncle lost a business deal, he took it out on me. It always happens.' the taxi driver(through the rear mirror) and Howard stared incredulously at the downtrodden child.

'Dear god...' the driver croaked. 'You're beaten every damn day?'


'What about your parents?' Howard asked the boy, disturbed.

'Died in a car crash. The Dursleys are my only relatives left alive and Aunt Petunia is my mum's sister. They didn't want me but were forced to have me. Won't tell me by who though. When I asked those, I was thrown under the cupboard under the stairs for a week and not allowed out with no food.' the boy sighed as the driver and Howard felt cold by sheer cruelty shown to the boy. 'I wished I died in that car crash too with mum and dad when I was a baby. Living is really painful.' he said miserably.

'OK boss, we should take him to Child Services first. They got a clinic there don't they?' the driver suggested with a growl. 'These guys are nuts! Not fit to even care for a kid who became their punching bag!'

'That's a good idea now...people like them don't deserve freedom, they deserve a life behind bars.' Howard agreed, already thinking of humiliating ways to put them to justice for this child. 'By the way kid, what's your name?'

'Harry Potter. Until I was five, my name was 'freak' or 'boy'. I was only told my name when I had to start grade school.'

That, does it.

The driver and Howard were close to killing someone. Upon arriving at Child Services, they rushed little Harry to the clinic, and Howard told the people in charge how he came across Harry in the streets. The man in charge asked Harry about his life with the Dursleys with a recording, and Harry revealed his life of pain and misery. Besides getting beaten for 'everything that goes wrong' or 'being better than his cousin in school', he was also forced to do chores and always yelled at, being called 'worthless, good for nothing'.

Pictures were taken of Harry's abused body with several bruises, broken arms, legs and lower ribs, along with a pile of old and new injuries diagnosed by the doctors who were horrified and astonished as to HOW THE HELL did a malnourished boy survive it all when he should have been dead AGES AGO. Young Harry was a survivor.

The Child Services hired detectives to ask the teachers in Surrey Elementary School about Harry. They were told that on his first term, Harry was a bright student but after the grades were released to families, Harry did not come to school for a week and started performing poor. When they asked, all Harry said was, 'Being perfect is really painful.' meaning, he was beaten if the pictures taken from Harry's body was enough indication. The Harry Potter Investigation Case began. No family files, medical files, and custody files regarding the boy. The only paper trail that existed was his grade one records.

A Search Warrant over Number 4 Privet Drive in Surrey was launched. Police cars surrounded the home of Vernon and Petunia Dursley, and mostly targeted the 'cupboard under the stairs' where Harry was made to sleep in and locked up in his punishments. To their horror, the cupboard had six locks, and a cat flap. When they broke the locks, a stench permeated from within. It stunk of age-old urine and other smells. Luminol revealed bloodstains on walls and the thin cot on the floor, with vandalism on the walls written in crayons, with Harry's writings wishing he should have died with his parents, living was painful, wondering why nobody loved him a female officer broke down in tears.

Needless to say, Petunia and Vernon Dursley were arrested for Child Abuse, and their son Dudley had to be put in the Custody of his Aunt Marge. In Court, Harry could not testify as he was confined to a hospital, but plenty of people came...the cab driver, Howard, and his teachers who misunderstood his words, 'Being perfect is really painful.' The final nail in the coffin was the list of injuries and records of severe malnourishment from the doctor, photos of Harry's skin-and-bones-battered body shown through a projector and the recordings of a man asking Harry questions about his life with the Dursleys.

The Court shook from Harry's descriptions of his life while Petunia was shrieking, 'LIES! ALL LIES!' despite concrete evidences while Vernon suffered Cardiac Arrest from horror that he would be put in prison.

The Harry Potter Case became quite the Media Circus. It was on headlines in Newspapers and even the radios and said victim of abuse was sleeping peacefully in the hospital, recovering from his injuries and malnourishment by being given Parenteral Nutrition IV Drips. The outraged public screamed for Dursley blood, forcing Marjorie Dursley to flee England with her nephew Dudley as they bore the name Dursley. Marge never dreamed that her brother and sister-in-law abused their nephew and justified it by their immense dislike of Harry's parents and now the Dursley name paid for it.

Howard asked for secrecy while making his intentions clear to adopt little Harry, and changed his name to Rei Sevine so the public will not recognize him as the Dursley Abuse Victim and live a normal life as soon as he leaves the Child Services Hospital upon full recovery. He really felt for poor Harry...no, Rei. No child deserved a hellish childhood like his. Ever. It took two years for now eight-year-old Harry to recover completely from Malnutrition and gained some weight through proper hospital diet and food supplements...as well as he got gifts from well-wishers such as new clothes, shoes and toys. Harry was overwhelmed as he never got anything for his birthdays or christmases and it was his first time having a mountain of gifts.

'W-wow...are they really for me?' Harry croaked as he stared at the boxes of gifts in his hospital room.

'They sure are kiddo.' said his Doctor Dr. Ferguson good-naturedly. 'Apparently everyone wants you to start over after those relatives of yours are put behind bars. 'Oh yes, you can leave hospital now as soon as your guardian gets back here. He went to buy a luggage to put your gifts in as soon as we get them out of the wrappers and boxes. The people who sent you gifts said they were new clothes and shoes so we'll definitely need a luggage bag. Your current guardian now is that grandpa who took you here with the driver.' Harry blinked as he remembered an old man in a pink hawaiian shirt.

'Ah!' he exclaimed upon remembering Howard. 'He'll really take care of me Dr?'

'He really wants to have you although his job of being a Salvage Operator...guy who picks up and sells junk, but apparently, his income is enough for him to care for a child so the higher-ups let him have you. He even gave you a new name as 'Harry Potter' is quite well-known in public now and he wanted you to live a peaceful and normal life. Your new name is Rei Sevine.' and Dr. Ferguson spelled it out for him on a notepad. 'Good luck upon leaving the hospital.'

'Yessir!' Harry, now Rei chirped with a beaming smile.


Seven years later...in the Sweeper Base at Sweden...

Harry Potter, now Rei Sevine grew up in Outer Space for him to receive his education under Howard. Howard's specialty was Mobile Suit Designing, Computer Programming and gadget usage as well as Expert Salvager and mechanic, which he taught to Rei whille educating him about the history of Romefeller Foundation, OZ and the conflicts between Earth and Space. He had one of his men train Harry in Firearms and chucked the boy to Karate workshops and gyms until he was thirteen years old. Then he would learn about Mobile Suit Piloting and driving at fourteen years old until Operation Meteor was to be initiated. Rei also read books about physics, chemistry, animals, culture, and mastered two more languages besides English: French and Spanish. Rei also took a shine to animals...particularly Owls and Snakes, the latter of whom he could understand and Owls are friendly to him for some reason. He had a white owl he named Hedwig, and owned two Black Mambas named Blanca and Noir...under the strict rule that he never allows the snakes to leave his side. Hey, they're poisonous for crying out loud.

He heard from his old friend Professor G that the Barton Family created their Brainchild, Operation Meteor. The original plan called for the dropping of a colony onto the planet Earth. Barton had intended to drop the L3 colony X-18999 in or soon after the year After Colony 195. After the colony had been dropped, five Gundams would be sent to Earth to take control. The Gundams were to be tools for a massacre. Once the planet had fallen to the Gundams, the Barton family was to assume full control of the Earth Sphere. Sensing danger in this, he prepared Rei.

'Rei.' said Howard as Rei looked at the mobile suit created just for him. 'So you're here.' he said as he found his adoptive grandson in the hangar, observing his machine.

'Yeah,' said Rei, now a fifteen year old boy. 'I wanted to see the Gundam you made for me.' Rei, from a tiny, malnourished boy grew up to be a muscular, beautiful young man who grew his wavy hair long enough to be tied up. He wore a black tanktop, leather armband and gloves, camouflage pants and combat boots. 'It's name is Templar right?'

'Yep, I made it to suit your style. Soon, 'they' will begin.' Howard sighed. 'Operation Meteor.' Rei stiffened at this. 'You know the Original Plan.'

'I know but I don't agree with it.' Rei grunted. 'Drop a colony, causing Nuclear Winter on Earth, then send the Gundams in for mass massacre for the Barton Family to rule...'

'Can't agree either which is why I raised you to counter them. On a one-on-one battle, you should be fine. However...'

'Come on, I can do well against multiple opponents in simulations!' Rei pouted indignantly while Howard shook his head.

'You did great alright but what we don't know about, is their fighting style.' said Howard. 'You'll be fighting to protect Earth from the Barton Family. You need to live.'

'Yeah...I can't let them destroy Earth.' Rei swore as he gripped the metal railings tightly. 'It's the only Planet that can support and provide life for humans. Without it all of us will have nowhere to go to.' "And I owe a whole country..." he thought as he remembered his home country England.

There, he suffered and saved by Howard, with his relatives put to Justice. And the people of England wished him well to start over with his new life. Rei swore he WILL foil Operation Meteor...by destroying the Gundams sent to Earth when Operation Meteor struck. He would protect Earth and England.

A:N-I wanna try this for a change. It's my first time writing this crossover and yes, there'll be Yaoi in it soon. It's just hard for me to write boy and girl pairings so don't be too mean to me on this one! (^.^)

Name Origin

Rei Sevine- Rei, the Japanese word for Zero and Sevine came from the Gothic word Sevene meaning Seven. In other words, Harry is 07. I intended on making him 06 but Zechs already took that number, with his name coming from the German word 'Sechs'.