Her life would never be a fairytale.

She had read storybooks when she was young, reading about how a beautiful princess would be rescued by a handsome prince on a magnificent Rapidash. She had spent most of her time, waiting by the window, looking out eagerly, hoping that one day her prince would come.

The more she waited, the more she lost hope. It was a simple, childish girlish dream, but she still hoped that one day, a boy would come and sweep her off her feet.

One day, when she had just turned eight, she decided to visit the forest near her home.

She was happily playing on her own, making up fake fairytales, with dragons, and handsome princes to save her. Getting a little too carried away with her game, she found herself deep in the heart of the forest, lost.

Frightened, she looked around, hoping for a familiar face, but was instead greeted by a huge, blue, snake-like dragon.

Terrified, she stood rooted to the ground, unable to move as she stared into the huge sapphire eyes.

The dragon opened its mouth, ready to swallow her whole, and she screamed loudly and suddenly, she felt a strong sensation of someone hugging her close, and pushing her out of the way.

Terrified, she opened her eyes, only to see a young boy, clad in a red vest, and jeans. He offers her a grin, and she smiles back weakly.

She was in a trance, and barely realized that her fairytale had only just begun.

Two years later, she had heard from another girl, Blue, who had told her that her savior was in danger. Without thinking, the girl packed her bag, shoved on a straw hat and made her own dangerous journey to Cerise Island, gaining new companions as she went, with only one goal in mind.

She eventually saved him, and he had recognized her as the young girl he had saved years ago, and only viewed her as a friend, much to her disappointment.

Years later, she barely met up with him, as he was busy training for his gym leader's test, and making occasional trips to Mount Silver. She hardly got to speak to him, let alone see him. And when she finally did, they were in the middle of yet another serious battle, without any space for conversations. Even after the battle, he barely noticed her presence, even after Gold had dragged him away, and even after she revealed her blonde ponytail during the battle.

It was 2 years before she finally saw him again. However, this time once again, he saved her, just before she slipped into a long slumber.

Under the spell of a deep slumber, she felt someone scoop her up into his arms, and comfort her while she was sleeping, never letting go. Finally then, she could relax, knowing that he had kept his promise, and had came back safely.

When she had woken up after sleeping (and being petrified), she was delighted and embarrassed to find that she had been in his arms all this time, after Gold had tactfully pointed that out.

But she still thought it was worth it, when the first thing she saw was his scarlet eyes, gazing into her amber ones.

She knows that their story is not a fairytale; she is anything but a princess, and he is much more than a mere prince.

But a girl can dream, can she?

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