Zack got to school a little late that day.

"Zack," Mr. Sheen said, "Where were you and you'd better have a good excuse this time or I swear you'll have-"

"I was talking to Dr. Spelling," Zack said.

"Mr. Belding's son's doctor?"

"Yes sir"

"Why were you talking to him," Mr. Sheen asked.

"Zack is going to donate his bone marrow to Zack," Jessie said.

Mr. Sheen stared at Zack for almost a full minute as if trying to decide if this was a prank or real.

"When are you doing the transplant," Mr. Sheen asked.

"Next week," Zack said, "There are some treatments I have to take first in order to clean my own bone marrow so that Zack gets good bone marrow because he needs clean bone marrow"

"Preppy," Slater asked, "Aren't you afraid?"

"Yeah," Zack said, "Of course I'm afraid but I'm more afraid of not doing it. I want Zack to get better. I want him to live before he dies and his time is nowhere near yet. I don't want Zack to be another Kelly"


Three weeks passed and it was time for Zack to donate his bone marrow.

"Zack," Peter said, "I'm really proud of you."

"Thank you," Zack said, "I'm kind of nervous"

"It's alright son," Peter said, "I'm nervous too. But you will be fine. You're doing a very good thing you know. You should be proud of yourself.

Zack did do a very good thing. Zack got the transplant and because of the transplant he had 92 more years to live. He died in his sleep at an old age. Zack was long since dead by that time but Zack would always remember the boy that brought him into the world and gave him life. The Heavenly Father brought Kelly back as a reward to Zack for doing such a good thing.