Sorry for the quality of my words (not the work LOL) I can't afford a Microsoft work and damned my luck at the Libreoffice I been trying to get these couple of months been interrupted by means of always so apoligies but i will make sure you enjoy a piece of my work.


A week has past after the great battle at Gongmen city Po is now back to his regular but AWESOME way of life training with his idols and being the legendary Dragon warrior of China who not just deafeated Shen and his army, youngest person so far to achieve inner peace but also to have a hug *twice* at the Great master Tigress. Unfortunately a saying goes that nothing last forever, nothing good anyway.

Night time goes to the valley as everyone goes to sleep dreams and imagination slips to the mind of every living person in the night, Po is dreaming the time he gotten the hugs and when he hugs her in the port he smiles in the sleep and hopes that one day he can express his feeling to her,her Master Tigress his idol,his most favorite among the five and daughter of Grand Master Shifu. Tigress on the other hand has a different thing in her sleep. Tigress body ships from on side of the bed to the other as her nightmare surrounds her mind and as it scares her to the core.

-Tigress nightmare-
Tigress body is bruised of cuts and injury from a battle she doesn't know (for now) she looked at the valley now reduced to rubble and seeing all of her comrades down beaten and almost not moving but still alive. She suddenly heard a loud roar, the roar it frightens her as her fur suddenly stands up. As she runs to her comrades she first went to Shifu, which is breathing yet knocked out. The others was the same then she realized Po was not there she felt a sudden tense of worry and fear for his friend. Then again the roar came this time louder and more terrifying. Scared but compelled on what made the roar she run to the source of it. then her feet run to the direction the source of who or WHAT is the one making it. As she came nearer she slowly took steps near the area of the beast then she saw two figure, one is a fat big black and white bear that she thought to herself it must be Po but something is wrong as she saw that Po is badly bruised, beaten of all kinds of injury ranging from sprain to wounds as Po gasped in air every moment he stands, his mouth that she knew was always full of bean buns or other food but all she saw is blood seeping out of it and the look in his eyes blood red that almost hide his emerald eyes. What ever happened to Po is not good she thought herself then as she about walk right next to him just then the figure a beast that look like it came from a child's nightmare that has a disfigured face, 4 arms two looked like a tigers and two looked like that of a monkey, it has a tail at it's back that looked like it came from a snake, it also has an antena at it's head and notisable fangs at it's mouth. Tigress stepped back at the sight of it then she heard it says "Time to end your life dragon" Then without a moment to lose the creature jerked it's body about to strike Po with it's claws. Tigress saw in fear as Po's body about to get hit of a lethal blow from the monster then before she saw Po's demise she tried all her might to woke up from the dream.

"PO!" she sceamed as she woke from her nightmare.

She began to path in air heavily to her lungs but can't shake the feeling of fear in her body, fear to lose a friend , a friend that not only saved the valley from destruction but also China, a friend that not only given her father peace but her also, a friend like Po. Tears came from her ember eyes as she think of the nightmare being true.

"No! Po I won't lose you never again" Tigress said as she took a pillow and placed it on her face trying to wipe her tears.

All the sudden she heared a blunt sound at the other side of her room. She quickly stand up and about to open the door when Po opened it.

"TIGRESS WHAT'S WRO-!" Po said words quickly came to a stop when he notice Tigress's face so close to him. He can almost feel her whisckers touch his face's fur. Po's faced turned red as Tigress and him blushed at the ackward of the event that happened but we soon stepped back and regained composure.

"You alright Tigress I heard you screamed just then" Po said as a trace of worry can be seen in his face.

Tigress took a deep breath and said "Everything is ok Po nothing to worry about"

"You sure you don't want to talked about it?" Po asked

"No" She said coldly

"Ok good night Tigress" Po replied as he walked backed to his room. But his steps came to a halt when he heard Tigress slowly saying his name in a low tone.

"Yes?" Po turned his face to Tigress once again which is now wearing a smile.

"Thank you for everything" Tigress said in a sweet voice

Po was shocked at what he heared he wasn't expecting that to her speacially from master Tigress the hard core woman but he soon smicked at her and said "You welcome my freind"

Tigress saw Po got back from his room and closed it which some how cause Tigress smile to fade she then thought back at the horrifiying dream she just have worring that it might be true but her face then looked at Po's room as her thought of him came remembering the times of when he got hit from Shen's cannon the saddness slowly came to her and as she slowly closed her door she leaned on it and said "Po I love you and I wish you will always be here"

Thought keep coming to her as the night came but one thing matters the most to her is her dream true which she wished not.

That's all for now guys hope you enjoyed it and don't worry the action will soon came to our heroes. But for now take care.